help! where to go in november??

Sep 6th, 2010, 09:56 AM
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help! where to go in november??

I originally posted this in the Europe forum but I don't want to limit suggestions to just Europe.
I plan a "girl trip" every Oct/Nov as the hubbies are on their yearly golf trip to Myrtle Beach. Every year, the number of women going varies (from 8 to 2), and this year it looks like it may just be 2 of us (at most 4 but doubtful).
We have been to New Orleans, San Diego/Temecula, Scottsdale and surrounding area, Napa/Sonoma wine trip, Ireland twice (drove everywhere), Italy (florence, rome, sienna), Paris/Munich, Key West, Barbados....I have also been to parts of Spain/portugal/gibraltar/morocco, several islands in the caribbean, venice, vancouver, costa rica 5 times, ecuador/galapagos, vienna, and several areas in the US.
We will be leaving the last weekend in Oct thru first week of Nov. which is somewhat difficult due to weather in certain areas. We've always had great luck with the weather in Europe (ok, except for parts of the Ireland trip....expected) and we are not adverse to cooler temps as our summer was brutal. We can swing 10 days maximum. Here is the dilemma - I like to be fairly active on vacations, my friend does not. She has no problem walking as long as there is something to interest her (sites, shopping, etc). She is open, however, to travel just about anywhere. I have no problem repeating an area we have been to (she missed the paris/munich trip).
I've tossed around the idea of Argentina (maybe BA and then wine country), Guatemala (although I think la nina is giving central america a very rainy season), or somewhere in Europe as the Euro is still a bit better than usual. As far as Europe, had even considered a last minute river cruise if i could find one since she likes to cruise? If i did Paris again, not sure what to add on (Loire ?, amsterdam?, london?). I did love munich/garmisch area...saw very little of spain, would like to see more of eastern europe but too cold?? croatia? and of course who doesn't love italy! oh...and did consider Oaxaca because would be there for Day of the Dead but probably no availability and a little nervous about that area politically?
If anyone normally travels during this time of year, I am open to all suggestions - your advice and helping me narrow this down would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
Thank you!
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Sep 6th, 2010, 07:21 PM
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I think Mexico is a great idea. I most often go to Puerto Vallarta. The weather is good in November, but it's early enough it's still considered off-season for lower prices.

I thought things were stable in Oaxaca these days? Wasn't that quite a few years ago there was unrest in the area?
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Sep 6th, 2010, 07:22 PM
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Also Hawaii. I've been on Oahu in November and it was very nice. Definitely plenty (or nothing) to do available there.
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Sep 6th, 2010, 07:43 PM
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Wonder if Prince Edward Island is too cool that time of year?

Hawaii definitely pleasant at that time.

Amalfi coast?

Panama canal cruise?

Actually anywhere in France (Paris and south) or Italy would work for me! Spain?
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Sep 8th, 2010, 09:46 AM
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annw - you sound like me...that's my problem...i really could go anywhere lol. my friend has done the panama canal cruise and the hubbies want to go to amalfi, not that it is stopping us. i considered amalfi but read a lot of stuff closes in november?

suze - hey! i think you've responded to my stuff before in the central america forums/costa rica? anyway, i did cancun my first yr in college from what i remember..haha and i've been to cabo. got sick both times - not as careful 1st trip, extremely careful 2nd trip...i've heard oaxaca is friend is more nervous about mexico than me b/c she read something about the President being from that area in mexico so some of the drug retaliation/activity has been around there? info may be wrong...and i don't usually pay attention to that stuff...also just saw one of their major airlines shut down too. hawaii is a long trip from east coast/philly area although argentina isn't a bargain either....hmm..
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Sep 8th, 2010, 10:31 AM
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Everyone has to make up their own mind about Mexico I guess. But I've been 21 times (and never been seriously ill from it yet) and would not hesitate to go get on a plane today to any of the mainstream tourist resort destinations or inland colonial cities. I would never try to talk anyone into it if they are uncomfortable but yes I think your friends "facts" aren't quite correct or current. The only place I for sure would not be hanging around these days is the US border towns.
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Sep 9th, 2010, 06:27 AM
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If you can swing it to 2 weeks, the South Island of New Zealand might actually be worth visiting, with reasonably good weather and low prices, and stunning, stunning scenery.. with loads of adventure thrown in, if you are so inclined.. not too sure abt the shopping bit, though..
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Sep 9th, 2010, 06:33 AM
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We were in Hawaii that time frame last year & it was really nice! My sister was on Kauai last week of Oct/1st week of Nov & my husband & I were on Oahu/Maui/Lanai. We all live on the east coast (NJ & SC).

Also, we loved Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur; might be an option.
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Sep 9th, 2010, 07:04 AM
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Peru is great, lots to see, hiking, shopping, sightseeing. Plus it is really cheap! Machu Pichau is will really enjoy it. People are friendly, helpful and grateful for the tourist trade.
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Sep 9th, 2010, 11:27 AM
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Have you considered a trip to Nepal? It is a wonderful country that is getting back from several years of political difficulty. The Himalayan heights down to "sea-level" jungles with rhino and tiger - Nepal has it all. Charming people of diverse ethnic groups and a rich architectural culture in the Kathmandu Valley.

Consider looking at for ideas.

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Sep 9th, 2010, 04:38 PM
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Tokyo, with a side trip to the North to see autumn leaves/colors. It's Off-season. Fall temps in 60's. Horrid humidity of summer long gone. Really no other choice and in your varied travels, Asia seems very notably missing, which is a shame.

I also agree with the earlier post that New Zealand...or Sydney...would be lovely in their Spring season November.
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Sep 10th, 2010, 03:23 AM
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Sep 10th, 2010, 05:56 PM
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I wouldn't try the South Island of New Zealand at the moment- they've just had a huge earthquake in Christchurch (largest city in the South Island) and are still getting strong aftershocks.
I'm actually heading to Spain/ London/ Paris for the last week Oct - through to mid Nov, so I'd recommend there
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Sep 12th, 2010, 07:57 AM
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mrs_pinchy - you've pretty much listed where i think i've narrowed it down too...i just can't swing all 3 places in 10 days so it's probably either paris and somewhere else in france, paris/london, paris/amsterdam, or girlfriend was just in australia last year and i don't think 10 days is enough time for that....i won't to do new zealand when i have more time as well.

as much as i want to go to asia, i feel like i would need a lot more time to do research??? because i have no familiarity??

jedmo68631 - peru is also on the short list w/ my husband..possibly our next trip...would it be worth it to go twice to machu picchu? that was my draw back b/c i did consider it...
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Sep 19th, 2010, 11:54 PM
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south africa is one of the most phenomenal places ive been...

have you been to greece or seen the pyramids in egypt?
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Sep 20th, 2010, 06:04 PM
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I, personally, am always up for trips to the UK. The last time we went in Oct & while it was a bit damp some days, we had umbrellas, hooded coats, & just enjoyed the cooler temps. The weather did very little to change our plans!
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Sep 27th, 2010, 05:43 PM
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So I narrowed it down to either a Guatemala itinerary or a Paris/London/Amsterdam combo (2 of the 3 cities letting her decide which 2) and she chose Guatemala for this year and wants to do the other next year...thanks for all the input and advice...greatly appreciated! I always love to hear where people have been or want to now I'm going to head over to the Central America forums!
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