Best places to start...

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Best places to start...


I'm an aspiring traveller and have been wanting to do it since I was 12, but now that I'm finally older, I'm ready to start.

Where is the best place(s) to start?

I'm from Scotland and have seen most sights here so no need for suggestions on the home front.

Apologies for not giving much information, but I don't have much to give because I'm interested in all things travel and sightseeing.

But, I'm interested in just about everything so all ideas and suggestions are very welcome.

I'm not worried about languages or anything like that, I want to learn culture as much as possible. I want to see everything and anything worth seeing.

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Where do you want to go? Seriously what most draws your interest and makes you most excited to think about?

Certainly any of the major cities in Europe would make a great first trip... Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Barcelona.

But if you have the time and the money a longer distance trip could be do-able. New Zealand? Australia? Mexico?

Places like Asia, South America, India, Indonesia, are all fascinating but I would probably save those until you have a bit more experience under your belt.
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I agree with suze -- the best place to go is the place that most intrigues / draws / appeals to YOU. And while it will probably easier for you to go to a place in Europe or to an English-speaking country, I wouldn't necessarily rule out other parts of the world if that's what draws you most strongly.

If you are having trouble deciding, head to your nearest library and consult a stack of travel guidebooks, perhaps the ones with lots of high quality photos (Eyewitness, Insight Guides, the National Geographic Traveler) to inspire you. Once you narrow your list of places to go, move on to other travel guidebooks to help you prioritize and plan your time.

It sounds like you have an attitude that will serve you well no matter where you end up going first.
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You have an amazing wealth close at hand. Use the European train system to see the capitals and villages of Europe. Stay long enough in one place to get to know the people, the customs, the food, the terrain. It's a beautiful world! Enjoy!
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Since you are "an aspiring traveler" and have seen most of the sights in Scotland it's easy to see why you might feel a bit overwhelmed - the rest of the world is a big place. The regular contributors on this forum have all been in the same position as you.

Traveling the world is not much different than the travel you did in your home country - it's just means going further distances and probably taking more time to do it. And, there's no one best place to start - there's just different places to start. Where you begin depends many factors unique to YOU.

So, first establish some perimeters for YOUR travel such as how long you can set aside for each trip and how much of a budget you have for that trip, what time of year you'll be traveling, what you want to do & see on that particular trip, what mode of travel best suits the destination you choose such as cruising around the Greek isles, flying to Asia, a driving tour of Ireland, etc.

Remember you don't have to limit yourself to the same things on every trip. For instance you might enjoy visiting the museums in Paris on one trip, then take a beach vacation to the Seychelles on your second trip and then visit the Amazon rain forests on your third trip and so on.

Also, you don't have to work up some great "master plan" for your travels. Start by choosing one destination that interests you. Use the internet to research what there is to see & do in that destination. Then plan your trip accordingly. When that trip is done begin planning your next trip. In a few years you'll have visited enough places you'll be one of the regular contributors on this and other travel forums.

Happy travels.
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You must start in Paris, of course !
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You can learn a lot even before your first trip. Read travel websites and forums (like you are already doing here!), take books out from the library, read travel magazines, essays, short stories, novels. Study maps. Look at photographs.

I agree with the idea not to overplan or set grandiose goals. A first trip could be as simple as getting yourself to Paris for a week.
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Just do it.
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I overplan deliberately, because I would not want to miss seeing something we would want to see just down the road from what I picked as our main objectiveo

So my suggestion to the OP would be to pick something you really want to see or do, then do extensive research on what else you would want to see is in the neighbourhood. Decide if you want to stay in one place and venture out, or in three or four places. Only you can answer that question for yourself, and there is no wrong answer.

Once you have your list of what you want to see, prioritize it and estimate how long your trip will be. Note closings (It is common in Europe for art museums, for example, to close on Mondays. When I make my lists, I always include more than we can possibly see, because some places may turn out to be unavailable. I also intentionally leave one or two days per week unscheduled, as we often find a place we want to see twice, or a place we didn't know about, and it is nice to have some time where you can, so to speak, kick back.

And look at a lot of travel forum sites; each of them seems to speak to a certain demographic. A backpacker may find more relevant information is some sites; while an older traveler would pick up more in other sites.
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I think you can start with Bangladesh. I believe if you are the first time visitor of Bangladesh, you will definitely enjoy the most scenic moments of your life by being in the lap of nature where you get to hear the chirping of love birds, lapping sound of the river stream, dense woods and the majestic mountains in the backdrop which is bound to make your holiday the most memorable event of your entire life.
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Dear Friend, good to know that you are looking to travel. India, Australia, Canada are beautiful country to explore.
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Hello ryanmclean97! I bet you're pretty much excited with your travels. Well, I would agree with our fellow forum members here, starting in major cities "near" you is a good point. However, if you wish something new (rich cultures, cuisine, customs, etc.) Asia & America are great places too. I wish you can provide us with further details. Good luck to you!
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Visit Albany Ga.Events happen all the time in Albany,From a bike race to an art exhibit to a comedy show and Enjoy Exciting Things To Do in Albany GA.
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I started with what I was fascinated with as a child. Do you have any children's books you remember or any movies that you were attached to.

In the States, Misty of Chincoteague was a very popular children's book about the horse round-up on an island in Maryland/Virginia area. So I traveled there to check it out.

Also, continuing the fascination with horses, I had always been interesting in Mongolia because there culture is centered around horses.

Both trips turned out enjoyable and interesting. I think a lot of travel is about changing your idea of a place and finding out exactly what a place is like.

You may want to pick "easier" places first, because with time you will get better at making plans, making reservations, packing, etc.

Happy Travels!
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The OP registered back in Oct., posted this, and never returned.

(for some reason this thread has attracted a WHOLE lot of spammers - see all the deleted posts - very weird)
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