Buenos Airies accomodation recommendations?

Dec 10th, 2009, 02:01 PM
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Buenos Airies accomodation recommendations?

I will be traveling to B. A in early January for one month and am just starting the planning process. Any idea of great apartments to rent and which neighbourhoods are best ? We will probably only rent a car as necessary. Also, any recommendations for what to see and do while there, good restaurants, markets etc. The budget is limited but we like good quality food. I have a love of architecture, art, dance etc. We are both healthy and fit and in our 50's so any other activities that are a must please advise. Would anyone recommend tango lessons? Where/Who? Thanks.
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Dec 10th, 2009, 02:55 PM
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If you are staying in town, you won't need a car at all.
Actually, you won't need one if you leave town either.
It is not necessary to have a car in Buenos Aires.. as a visitor.

Since you will be here in about a month, have you not done any research ?
What made you want to visit here for a month?
Do you have any guide books?

If you are renting an apartment, you will probably cook in a few times, which is nice , the markets here are good and you can give yourselves a break from eating out 3 meals a day.

It is a huge city and it will be hot when you are here, keep that in mind while making plans.

Here are two good websites for good apartments..


You will have to do some reading and see which neighborhood appeals to you, so you will know where the apt should be located.
Recoleta, and Palermo Botanico are a couple of favorite neighorhoods for visitors ( and locals) .. while doing your research you will maybe see something else that appeals to you more.

This city is full of amazing architecture, again, read up on Buenos Aires, Rough Guides and Fodors are good places to start.

You can take a Tango lesson at Confiteria Ideal, and watch a milonga after.. you will not be ready to dance but it can be fun and it is always fun to watch the dancers.

Another good source of information is TripAdvisor

Have fun with the research !
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Dec 11th, 2009, 04:39 AM
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Thanks Scarlett for giving me a good start. First I must apologize for misspelling Buenos Aires in the topic heading.

You asked why B A for a month? I had looked at going last year and did some research then but plans failed. I have been taking Spanish lessons, have been to Central America several times and wanted to go to a warm destination (it is sooooo cold where I live in Canada)and I have a bucket list of world class cities to visit. Usually when I travel I move around alot and only see the cities for a few days but my partner wishes to have one central place this time to really get to know a place and get into the culture and practice the language, so I thought this would make a good choice. Many European destinations are still quite cool in January.

I take a lot of dancing lessons, sometimes three and four times a week including Scottish Country Dancing and Swing but so far have not taken Latin dancing so I am excited about that.

Thanks again and please continue to give advice, everyone, if you wish and I will keep checking in.
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Dec 11th, 2009, 12:29 PM
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The reason for the question was mostly, if you plan on spending a month here, you would have probably done a ton of research already .. something made you want to come here.. so I was wondering why you were "just beginning the planning process" a month before you will be here.. But you really have been researching longer : - )

Visitors are welcome at some milongas where you will see the locals dancing. You can take a lesson or more at a few places but you will not be welcome to dance as a newbie. You have to be a really good Tango dancer and that does not happen that fast. We go to milongas with friends who are very active in the Tango world and we enjoy watching but we don't go that often, because those seats at those tables are really for the people who come to dance... not watch.
This is why an early afternoon at Confiteria Ideal is good. You can take a lesson and watch the locals dance, until the place starts getting crowded, then you will be expected to leave.

Definitely go to Cafe Tortoni to see a show one night.. it is a show, but not one of those Las Vegas productions that they have here also.

It is good that you will know some Spanish .. ( Castellano ) .. it will make things easier for you ..

While here maybe you can go to an estancia or at least take the train to Tigre and see the Delta. Maybe take a flight to Iguazu and see the Falls and stay overnight.
You can take a ferry to Colonia Uruguay and wander around, enjoy the quiet in a World Heritage site that is charming and on the water .. all water being the River not the ocean.

In January it will be quite hot. Bring clothes for hot/probably humid weather.

There are over 100 museums here, on a hot day, it is a pleasure to wander the Belle Artes in Recoleta and the Malba in Palermo Chico and the Evita Peron museum in Palermo Botanico, and then go have a nice lunch somewhere, rest and cool off in the apt and then go out for a nice dinner around 9 pm or later.
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Dec 12th, 2009, 03:49 AM
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I think that Scarlet is a wonderful Ambassador representing the city of Buenos Aires. Nothing to add. I only wish to say that personally I love January in Buenos Aires when most "porteños:
are out on holidays. The city gets into a special mood, less cars in the usually bumper to bumper streets, cafes display free tables outside and it is easy to choose the one you really want probably protected from the sun, a new pace seems to take over. Hot? Yes, but ok,
and the honey dews are in season ¡¡¡ Many wonderful fruits become just right.
Hope you have a great time Lissy, only be careful, do not leave your bag unattended on a cafe chair and take the right taxis. Good luck.
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Dec 12th, 2009, 11:06 AM
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Oh, muchas gracias, ! Graziella! You are too kind...you know I love my new hometown :- )
I was just talking about loving Sundays and summer today, when some of the people are gone and we have things more to ourselves :- )
The honeydews are ripe now ! We eat one every day .. I have never had such sweet melons!
And the cherries are just starting and blueberries, everywhere, blueberries ..

Yes, the best advice, keep your hands on your bag or your bag on you at all times.
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Dec 12th, 2009, 04:30 PM
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We recently had great blue berries and cherries in Bs As. I did not try the honeydews because in my mind they belong in January. Peaches should be tried in Uruguay, The best peaches ever.
Have you tried the Pavlova ?
Simply delicious , and easy to prepare at home too, hard merengue disks that can be bought
at any decent confiteria , chantilly, and lots of lots of fresh fruit. I used to think that only strawberries were ok, but in a restaurant in Buenos Aires the other day, they surprised me with all kinds of fruits....
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Dec 13th, 2009, 06:08 AM
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You two are making me drool.....I'm a bit of a foodie myself. I will try all while I'm there.

Now can I get back to the topic. I just booked our flights and so know i will be in BA from Jan 9 to Feb 6. I am looking at location and have a 2 options already. Here are the addresses. Any opinions would be grateful.

Palermo, Las Cañitas: Soldado de la Indep. St. & Ortega y Gasset

Recoleta, Arenales St. bet. Uriburu and Junin

Do you know the streets indicated? My own taste goes to a neighbourhood that where I could step out of the door and within a block or so find a street with character, charm, architecture, cafe's, restaurants, shops, people watching, quite central but not high rises with all modern buildings or too noisy bars.

I'm thinking this might be Recoleta?

BTW what is your Christmas tradition there. Here in Canada it doesn't feel like Christmas until the snow starts to fall. We now have about 6 inches on the ground and it is beautiful. I'll be getting the snowshoes out in a little while and go for a walk (I live in the countryside)
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Dec 13th, 2009, 09:43 AM
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I like Arenales bet Uriburu and Junin the best ..

It meets your requirements. Yes, it is in Recoleta.. just a short walk from the Cemetery and Parks and shops on Alvear :- )

Christmas Eve, everything closes and Christmas Day it is like a ghost town. Everything is closed.. some restaurants are open, some open in the evening on Christmas Day..
The day after everything is back to normal.
It is hot and sunny.. evenings are beautiful.. cooler, easy to stay out late.
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Dec 14th, 2009, 05:14 AM
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What fruits & veggies will be in season Jan/Feb besides the melons?
Is Pavlova served with whipped cream?
Ultra Foodie, Condu
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