Zip Line for people in late 60's and a wimps?

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Zip Line for people in late 60's and a wimps?

My daughter and husband are very excited about a canopy tour in Costa Rica. We're travelling with grandparents. How safe are these and how scary? Is it feasible for healthy but not physically active people to do this? What about for someone who doesnt even like roller coasters (me, the wimp?)
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I did the zip line thing in South Africa (their system was engineered by the same outfit that did Costa Rica's).Piece of cake and a lot of fun (then again, I'm kind of a studly guy)If you follow the directions of the guide you won't have a problem. At least check it out.....if it looks to scary just sit that one out and let the rest of the family enjoy. But, you only live once.
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The zip lines are safe.

The cable has a tension capacity of 8000 pounds.!!

People older than sixty have done the zip line.

After the first one your Grandparents will wonder what they were apprehensive about !!!

Of course there are "easy "zip lines and more "adrenalin " type zip lines.

Have fun
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Maybe their apprehension will erode on the tree-to-tree or tower-to-tower zip lines, but not on the mtn-to-mtn zip lines of Sky Trek Arenal. 900 feet in the air? If a person does not like roller coasters, they won't like zip lines.

I'm all for new experiences - but I would have to draw the line at scaring the pants off of my relatives. This might become the overriding conversation topic for the remainder of your travels.

There is nearly zero physical exertion required while in the harness and zipping along. Who knows? They might want to watch you do it and decide for themselves after.
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Show the grandparents several trip reports on the canopy zip-line tours and let them decide what's best for them. Try to print out a range of trip reports, showing a range of responses. (I've seen repeorts that they are totally safe, not scary, and others that say they are terrifying, and a few where people didn't stop right and had some minor injuries.) Some photos would also be helpful. Also, what kind of shape are they in to start with? (For example my Dad has a bad back and sitting in the wrong chair sets it off, but I know some grandparents who are in better shape than I am!)
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I love this question misha2, and must reply in my stuper to seek sleep, as I was not only a wimp but admitted to the Canopy Head Dude, that, Soy Un Pollo Grande.

I said this on every platform I landed on and got a laugh. You can, too. It made me feel vulnerable and honest. A big chicken, that's me. And so, it was that I said to my head, "look, nobody has died that I know of, and nobody has lost any fingers or nobody has fallen into the abyss below... so what AM I SO AFRAID OF?!"

And the answer came back loud and clear: "I am afraid of not being in control." So, once I understood that and my natural fear of heights, amusement park rides from Hell, I decided to get past this fear and do it anyway.

I was excited and nervous and here's the real deal: Once you take off, like in the first five seconds, all your fears disapper because....

It's NO BIG DEAL = IT'S EASY. IT'S SMOOTH. IT'S ALMOST BORING IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW. Well, not boring as in ho-hum, what's next? Boring as in there was no more fear and so I relaxed and just enjoyed my rides from platform to platform.

Now, my wife and my son were never seen again. (Are you still reading this?). Just checking. They managed just fine, and you will, too. 60---please! I saw people in their 70's and that's because they were past the issue of being afraid. They wanted to live a little.

Being the control freak I am, I asked my wife, the other height wimp in the family, how she did it. She said confidently, "I just concentrated on technique––my technique and not anything else and was fine." She had lovely technique from what I could see of her flying along and smiling. (I have photos of her to proove it). She liked it, but it was not big fear thing for her after the first five feet. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So, you are 60-something. Age is on your side. You know yourself. You know you will be nervous. You know you will do this and be okay and that's because I told you so. Seriously, it will be fine. Now, forget about all this fear you have and concentrate on other parts of preparation for your trip. Live life. Leave no stone unturned, be brave, smart and concentrate on your technique....... FF
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I hate roller coasters and didn't think I could do this. Had lymph nodes in left arm removed 5 yrs. ago so thought I wouldn't have the strength to hold on. Thank goodness I am somewhat adventurous at 51 yrs. old cuz we "zipped" at Buena Vista Lodge at Rincon de la Viega and it was really neat. If anyone was in the area on May 27th, we were the noisy family with a 21 yr. old and 18 yr. old and Tarzan (my husband)flying down the mt. Enjoy!
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I was very nervous the first time I did a zip line in Costa rica. I wanted to back out but I was the one who convinced my friends to try it. The guide had to attach his harness to mine for the first two trees then I did it on my own. When I went back to Costa rica five years later, I was able to do a zip line without any fear!!! I thank my friends for not letting me back out the first time!
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