Why is airfare to Mexico so expensive?

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Why is airfare to Mexico so expensive?

I've never been to Mexico, but we are considering a trip in June. I just checked expedia and travelocity and the cheapest from Austin Texas is $875. Is this about right? Should I look for a pacakge deal? I read that Sun Country is out of business so maybe this has something to do with it. Any ideas? Thanx....
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Sorry, forgot to add, that is Austin to Cancun. $875.
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My guess is that airlines increase prices for prime time summer travel -- getting most out of travelers who are traveling when most schools are out of session.
Also, you Austin airport is a major city from which to leave. Check the prices from Dallas and see what you get.
Also, if you can be flexible on the days you travel, weekdays instead of weekends, that might also make a difference. So many people have just 1 or 2 weeks and they insist of leaving Saturday morning and returning the last Sunday...the airlines often have higher prices for prime days, times, etc.
You don't specify your destination city; that can also make a difference. If you can target major destination cities such as Mexico City, Cancun, Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, and Puerto Vallarta often the prices are less because of so many passengers.
Yeah, you can look for a package deal; sometimes they can have really good specials. It's not my preference as I like to choose MY hotel but it's worth a try.
Lastly, you can go to:


and choose more than one departure airport and more than one destination and they will send you e-mails every week; on Wednesdays, I believe.

One more 'lastly' -- you can try


another air fare search engine. Sometimes you can get the cheapest fares by going directly to the website of each aireline and seeing if they're running a special sale.

Keep in mind there are hundreds of air fare changes each and every day.

Good luck!
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I apologize, I forget you DID say you were headed for Cancun.
It's pretty hot and humid there in June, but I guess you're used to that in Austin.
You might be interested in visiting the weather website below. I've already cued it for the various cities in Mexico. Click on Cancun, you'll get a detailed current weather report. Scroll below the actuals and you will see the opportunity to get historical temps - high and low - for specific dates you request and you choose the year.


The best time to visit coastal Mexico is our USA cold winter months.
Truly, before you settle on Cancun in June, do some thorough investigating of actual weather temps (try to get humidity, too) -- not just puffery by Mexican tourist bureaus and travel USA and Mexico travel agents who have a product to sell.
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Thanks EG. I'll do some more checking. June is not really our preference, but the only time we can get away (kid away at camp, etc.) We plan on going Tues. - Sat. But I may try the Monday - Friday time frame and see what happens.

And you are right about the Austin Weather. It actually might be cooler in Mexico....
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I found myself in the same boat as you for a March trip to Playa Del Carmen. I could not find Airfare alone for less than $600, so I ended up getting a 'package' with Airfare and 4 nights hotel at an All-Inclusive for $675 that also includes airport transfer from Cancun to the resort in Playa Del Carmen and back. I don't usually like to travel this way and I'm not fond of all-inclusives, but sometimes it's worth it! I can always go out to eat in town if I want to. If you feel you can do something like that, check Funjet Vacations and Travel Zoo. They usually can get good package deals.
Just for grins I checked the airfare prices on Orbitz from various cities and found rates of $800+ from Austin, $669 from San Antonio, $634 from Houston and $748 from Dallas. These rates were for the same dates, just different cities. I don't know why in this instance it was so much more to depart from Dallas, but as you can see there are better rates if you leave from a different airport. My package deal is from San Antonio. I figured I can stand the 1 1/2 hour drive from Austin, as the price was right. Good luck!
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Lisa, yes, for some reason the Mexico flights from Texas have been outrageous the last few years (especially when you consider how close cancun is _ only two hours from dfw)
We have had better luck flying charter _ try to get an air only package from Funjet, MLT or adventure tours. Last year we lucked out and paid $180 for three nights _ thursday-Saturday _ from dfw to Cancun. Normally the best price on these charters is $250-400 for trips from three toseven nights. The planes are a little old (I think the company that is still flying is called Champion Air) and usually completely full, but it's a quick flight so it doesn't seem too bad.
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Yes, airfares from Texas to Mexico are expensive but should be going down for summer season since that is not the peak season.
I often found best fares on Mexicana from San Antonio to Cancun with a change in Mexico City.(normally I prefer them to U.S. carriers--free bar service and good hot meal service) They are currently showing fares in $600 range but believe these will go down. Keep checking their website at www.mexicana.com They also offer excellent Mex-saver fares at this site from time to time.
I wouldnt worry about the June weather--
I went at this time for years and never a problem.
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We have been going to Playa for 13 years and have left from Florida, Illinois, Georgia and North Carolina. Up until about 3 years ago, we could always find we would consider decent prices. Then they started going up and have continued that way until this day. We also are going in June and right now the price for leaving out of Atlanta is over $900. Ironically there are deals if we should go now which is high season. One of the biggest reason for all this, is that the all-inclusives are buying up all the cheap seats and offering these great packages-hence the previous message regarding this. My advice to you, is be patient and check everyday on the internet-hopefully a good price will appear
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I read in a local rag that it is because Mexico gets to set the air fare costs for all Airline flights to Mexico and thus Protect their own Airlines from price competition from the Big American Airlines.
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dan woodliefu
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I don't know anything about the Mexican government having something to do with the fares, but if so, that could also hurt them. I know I have thought about returning to Mexico over the past few years, but not at these rates. For $500-$600+ - I am going to Europe. We paid something around $300 from North Carolina via Dallas in 1998, but I also noticed how the rates took off after that.
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Someone said prices might be high due to it being high season. I've been looking at going first week in Nov., when its low season, and airline prices right now are still apx. 800.00 from Austin. Yikes!

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