Sansa Air and Luggage

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Sansa Air and Luggage


I know there is a weight limit on luggage of 25 pounds for Sansa Air. My question is: For a family of 4, do we get a total of 100 pounds and could we have two 50 pound bags OR does any single piece of luggage have to weigh no more than 25 pounds? Also, is there a size (dimensions) limitation on luggage? When we flew Tropic Air in Belize, there was no weight limitation, the luggage just had to be able to fit through the cargo hatch in the plane.

Is Nature Air any more accomodating for luggage?

Thanks in advance!
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I don't believe you can double up the baggage like that - size is a factor too - check out - not sure if they spell it all out.
Remember these are 14 pax Cessna Caravans so not a lot of extra space or weight availability so unless the flight is less than full they are very strict.

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The 25 lb limit is per piece. Nature Air has the same restrictions. These restrictions are for YOUR safety!
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We just returned from our trip and flew with Sansa. With us, they wieghed everything, totalled it, then they charged us for the overage. It cost us $6.00. We were good on the trip down to Drake Bay but coming home had gained something, probably wet baiting suits, cloths and wet shoes. Going down we saw some people with a lot of luggage, and one person I talked to had been charged $20.00 for the overage. The place that they put the luggage isn't very big but they do get surf boards in there. We saw some surfers returning from Tamarindo. One guy had his cloths in a box, (carry on?) and his surf board in a very nice case. My advice, do what you can and don't worry about it. It took me several tries to get to the bare minimum and I still had a cotton shirt and a sweater that I didn't wear. You won't want or need too much.
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Flying in Belize is different because there are so many flights between destinations. When a plane is full, you may have to wait for the next one to get your luggage. At the more popular vacation spots, that's usually just 15 minutes later. When flying to the Osa in Costa Rica, there may just be one flight a day so they have to be more careful about figuring out the weight. For what it's worth, Sansa weighed our carry on along with our luggage.
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Hi, Just got back from CR. We flew Sansa from Torteguero, no luggage and nobody got weighed. They did not even have scales at the strip. That being said,weight is a safety issue and Sansa spells out there policy quite clearly on their website.As was pointed out earlier many locations only offer one flight a day.So if you or your luggage are left behind, it could really cause you a problem.This is not some scam to get more money out of the tourists , it is simple physics.The Sansa flight was great and I will use them again. Pura Vida, Phil
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"no luggage and nobody got weighed. They did not even have scales at the strip"

The method of weighing and the size of your plane varies between different flights, airstrips and airlines.

Sometimes they will pull out a hand weight, attach it to a fence and hang your luggage on it to get the weight. Sometimes they have scales to stand on. Sometimes they simply eyeball your luggage. Sometimes they pick it up and guesstimate.

Recently we were leaving PJ on Nature Air. We each had 1 duffle bag and 1 backpack. We were asked which were our bags, they picked up each and said you can board. The couple behind us, pointed to theirs and were asked "ALL FIVE of those bags?" "Go to the back of the line!" Fortunately the plane was not full and everyone else had 1 duffle. I saw the man shelling out dollars, but have no idea how they figured how much to charge (other than lots of experience).

So bottom line, use duffle bags, they are much lighter, have 1 duffle per passenger and keep each under the 25 lbs.
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