Question about Peace Lodge

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Question about Peace Lodge

Hi! I am staying at Peace Lodge for 3 nights...getting there in the afternoon and leaving for San Jose airport 3 days late. Is this too much time? I'm concerned about the Dinner situation- where do you usually eat? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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We LOVED the Peace Lodge, and one night was not enough. We met a honeymoon couple that was moving their flight back a day to add a second night there. If you're like my husband and need high adventure all the time, 3 nights might be a tad long, but I would gladly stay that long.

As for dinner, we were going to seek out the French place about 5K away, but couldn't face getting in the car again. We were very happy with the on-site restaurant. Yes, at $28 per person is was expensive (I did a la carte because I didn't need a lot of food, so saved some money there) but it was delicious.
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For us, 3 nights would be too much. You could make do with one night, provided you arrived early afternoon and left mid-day 2 days later. That would give you quite a bit of time to relax as well as enjoy the property.

The French restaurant is called Colbert's. By the time you order the courses (of which you will want to try many!) and a good bottle of wine, it will compare with the prices at Peace Lodge. Nice for a change, though; and only 10-15 min. away.
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thanks so much for your help. I figure we;ll get there late afternoon the first day so will only really have 2 full days there which will be great. any other suggestions are must appreciated.
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Peace Lodge is a good location to also visit Poas Volcano (needs to be done early morning). You can also drive down to Doka Coffee Plantation and enjoy their wonderful coffee and a tour, plus a nice little gift shop. There are other tours also available.

So really 2 full days can easily be spent quickly between the La Paz grounds and falls and Poas and Doka.

We ate our meals at Peace Lodge, however if I were to return I would definately try Colberts - gets consistently excellent reviews.
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Another vote for Colbert's. The food was excellent and the Chef comes out to make sure you like it, etc. Was also a nice change from the constant rice and beans at every meal.

Grecia and Sarchi are about an hours drive from Peace Lodge. Sarchi is the town that has the beautiful oxcarts on exhibit. You can do that after going to Poas. Oh one word of advice, if you have pants that zip off to shorts, wear them to Poas. It was quite chilly when we were there and a sweatshirt or light jacket was also necessary.
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Ditto on wearing something warm to Poas. A German couple took pity on me and gave me a jacket as I was freezing in shorts, wasn't expecting the coolness.

I have a question, actually two. Does Colbert's merit arranging a taxi to? I won't have a car and don't know how readily available they are. Also, all the other places I'm going to will be hot & humid with the exception of 2 nights at Peace Lodge. Should I alter my packing a little? I hate to add to my duffle bag weight (sansa later) but on the other hand I'm a wussy Floridian who thinks anything below 78 is nippy. Any thoughts?
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Hi Tully,

I live in Florida as well and am similarly wussy in frigid arctic temperatures (anything below 70 degrees...)! ;-)

The night we arrived at the Peace Lodge last December was rainy and foggy. I remember feeling a bit chilled as I sat in the main lobby for check in (the lobby doors were open wide and a cool breeze was drifting around the room). We ate onsite that night and were grateful to be seated next to the fireplace which was crackling merrily away. The hot tub that night was heavenly!

The next morning was rainy as well so I wore lightweight capri-length cargo pants and threw a light fleece jacket on over my t-shirt for our day in the La Paz gardens. I don't remember feeling cold at all that day.
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"Colbert" French restaurant is a great choice.We paid $40 for roundtrip van at Peace Lodge front desk and $20 pp incuding wine, service charge , tips at Colbert.
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Thanks for everyone's info. I will definitely check out Colberts when we are there. Any other reccos when we are staying at Peace Lodge for 3 nights would be great. I leave in exactly 2 months- i cannt wait!
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Tully, I would definitely take a taxi over to Colbert's for dinner one day. We went for an early Sunday dinner (more like brunch) and were glad we did.

If 78 is chilly for you, you better bring something warm to wear for early morning or evenings. We found the weather at Poas to be the same as LaPaz/Peace Lodge -- chilly and rainy.

I like to pack a hooded, zip-up sweatshirt. I bought one at Old Navy about two hours before I left for the airport and I was glad I did. Too bad I had left it in the hotel the day we went to Poas.
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It's worth it, Tully, but I don't think $40 for one person over there and back is worth it! My gosh, it's only about 10 min. away! Do you think you can get a taxi? Or perhaps you could wink at one of the guys (there are a couple of cousins who work in reception and gift shop) and get a ride!
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I think I'll be trying the winking
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I would hope it's not $40! Maybe that was because they were a couple (a few?) people in their group? I guess I'll just wait & see and keep that option open. I will try the winking too, see if that gets me anywhere

Thanks for the info all on the weather. I have a ll bean rainjacket that I wear on the plane to fight the cold so that is definitely going with me, it also folds up to about the size of a dessert plate and is lightweight. I'll have to figure out once I start packing whether to bring a warmer hoodie, maybe wear that instead & pack the rainjacket.

Btw, at Peace Lodge, know cash is always fine, but what about either TC's or credit card (is there a surcharge?).
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ttt (for me ) Have e-mailed PL about payment options but haven't heard back. Would prefer to use credit card but don't want to get hit with a surcharge, anyone know?
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Tully-We used a CC to pay for the Peace Lodge and did not have a surcharge.

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We were pretty darned chilly at La Paz last month. Some of us were wishing for a fleece type jacket. Same with Poas, of course. I'm the same as you,
Tully, I try to wear something on the plane that is going to suffice in cooler temps as well.

Just bought a lightweight jacket at Eddie Bauer that I think I will enjoy for both rain and an extra layer.
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We stayed at the Peace Lodge for 2 nights during the rainy season We took along our raincoats and thoroughly enjoyed all of the Costa Rican fauna and flora-it was absolutely amazing in June! Honestly, our friends thought we were absolutely nuts for taking a vacation with a forecast that called for heavy thunderstorms/rain everyday! We could not have been more delighted!
The Peace Lodge was our last stop on an incredible (and short!) 8 day vacation to CR. Simply put, it was a restful, and "peace"ful way to end our amazing CR vacation...oh, and did I mention the amazing fish dinner we had at the Peace Lodge? We caught fish from one of their stocked ponds and they cooked it to order for dinner! Simply delightful and delicious!!!
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