mexico for a few weeks

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mexico for a few weeks

can anyone offer advice on where to go/ what to do for a few weeks in mexico. should we stay in mex city? any must see things?
travelling on a fairly tight budget.
any ideas greatly appreciated
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Try the Costa Alegre of southwestern Pacific Mexico (

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Please give us a little more information.
What do you like to do/see? Do you want east or west or cities? Beach person, ruins person?
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Scott, That's truly a huge question!! Nearly like asking "what to see in the U.S. for a few weeks". Do you like urban areas? Do you want to visit particular museums, sites, etc. in DF?

Any interest in "beach time"? Or seeing ruins? Mountain villages, or small coastal towns? Where are you coming from (regarding which coast might be more convenient and less expensive to fly into)?

As far as tight budget, you can save some $ by visiting/staying in only 1-2 places rather than moving around alot.

Most kindly...
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I love Mexico. I agree with the previous post - asking where to go is like asking where to go in Canada or the US. It's a huge country.

I've been to Mexico many times and usually like to divide my time between a beach and a place in the interior. Each area is very different, so if you give us a few ideas on what you're interested in (as well as time of year), I'm sure people will have lots of ideas.
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will be there early october, after a tour of peru/ecuador. im not a huge beach person, more interested in lively cities, and mabee a trip to a village. i was not planning on moving about too much due to costs.i really have no idea of what to expect, am coming from australia, so mexico is very foriegn to me. have only really travelled asian countries b4.
visiting U.S. afterwards.
also, am a little concerned about safety, is this well founded?
is it possible to stay in mexico 'on the cheap' or is it a fairly costly place.
excuse my 'dumb' questions, but have been putting all my effort into the peru stage of the tour and now that is coming close i am realising i know nothing about mexico...
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Scott, read some of the other posts on mexico to narrow down your request. Not sure where you would fly into but you may want to make part of your decision around that. There is an excellent bus system in mexico and I have been told that the "luxury" buses are not that much more expensive and are very reliable. So depending on where you fly into you will have many choices. I have been to puerto vallarta and like the fact that although it is a beach resort it is a real city as opposed to cancun. it is also a fairly easy trip to the rain forest area and some ruins. We went on horseback through the city and into the hills. Have also been to cancun for total relaxation and loved the water and the snorkling. A lot of people have been talking about oxacca (spelling? sorry). I have been told that some are very taken with mexico city but can be very dangerous and have to be careful about cabs you just flag down on the street. it is close to ruins, has wonderful museums. sorry not helpful about the price stuff. good luck.
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Scott, Based on what you said, I would suggest starting in Mexico City and traveling around to some of the interior colonial cities _ Cuernevaca, Puebla, Quereteraro, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Zacatecas and Oaxaca are all interesting, have plenty to see as far as culture, arts, food, history. (Oaxaca is my personal favorite but it's the farthest one away I think. But there are lots of little villages outside Oaxaca that are interesting for a visit, with markets and such)
As far as budget, it's not nearly as cheap as southeast Asia, but you can do it on a budget. Food can be quite cheap _ $2-3 a meal _ if you eat at markets, taquerias, and comida corridas, the local little restaurants. And we've had very good luck with those.
Hotels will cost more _ the least we've paid recently was $25 a night in Oaxaca, but we don't stay at the true budget places either. Transport is good _ the first class buses don't cost much more than the second class ones, and are very comfortable.

As far as safety, I think Mexico is very safe as long as you use common sense (don't get into unlicensed cabs, don't walk around intoxicated, don't flash huge sums of money). I have walked around cities (OK not mexico city) by myself in the evening and always felt OK, especially because there are always people around. I love mexico _ hope you will too....
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Fly into Mexico City it makes a great base of operation. It is somewhat safe because there are so many armed cops around. There are many many museums, statues churches to see in the city. There are ruins within a short drive as there are also pyramids. Go to Taxco the silver capital of the world. And go to the other places previously mentioned. Is it cheap, got me stayed in the best hotels on the company amex
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