Maybe We Shouldn't go to Mexico?

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Maybe We Shouldn't go to Mexico?

For our 20th anniversary in mid September and a 3-4 day getaway, I was considering Mexico--Cabo,Cancun or even a cruise to Ensenada, but after reading about so many terrible experiences and hurricane season, I'm having second thoughts. If it's so bad, why do so many people go? Anyone care to convince me otherwise?
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knows Mexico
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Lots of people go BUT not so much in August/September because of the heat, humidity, rain and on the Caribbean side possibility of hurricanes.

I LOVE various parts of Mexico, but for an anniversary celebration, and especially if it's your first trip to Mexico, nope, I would most definitely not try to convince you to go.
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I don't think a cruise for 3-4 nights is out of order! You don't say from where you're departing, but I'd guess San Diego or San Pedro: so I'd think you should be just fine.
Although I'm going to Puerto Vallarta for the month of October, I'm used to the "Palm Springs" type of weather.
Happy 20th. And if you take the cruise and it rains, EAT WELL, do "FUN" things
in your room and most of all, HAVE A BALL!
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20th Anniversary
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I'd recommend the Pacific coast over the Caribbean side that time of year. I rode out one hurricane in Cancun that was NOT expected (they rarely are) and it put a big damper on the trip, having to stay inside so much, with heavy metal hurricane doors across the patio doors so they wouldn't blow out. It will be hot on the Pacific side and you may get some rain each day or in the night, but it doesn't usually...the operative word being usually...last all day. I haven't been to Cabo, but from what I've read on the boards, I doubt I'll be going there anyway.
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I'll try to convince you. I have been to Mexico over 100 times- all over the country. I have never had a bad experience. Everyone has always been polite, friendly, and generous. In all my trips I have only gotten ill once and that was due to being dumb and using dishes that still had tapwater all over them. If you are worried about hurricane season, how about a deluxe hotel in a colonial city, San Miguel, Oaxaca, where ever. Maybe myself, my family, and the groups I have taken to Mexico have just been lucky (when you read all these posts) but I wold expect you would have a great experience. Use common sense, realize you are in another country and have a great time. I am heading back in a few weeks.
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Re: go or not go? I'll be travelling to Ensenada for a week, but at some point I'd like to go to MX city. I've been assured that Ensenada is ok for a woman fortyish travelling alone, but that Mex. City is NOT. Anyone care to weigh in re: what's it like for a woman to travel in Mex. in general (not in the resort areas, but in the "real" cities?)
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I've been to Mexico many times, sometimes by myself, but for the last few years, I've gone with my husband. I admit I've never been to Mexico City by myself, but I honestly think I could go there on my own without problems. I would probably worry more about my husband if he were on his own! He's as bad as they come with directions so I know he'd get lost. Plus he's not nearly as aware of his surroundings as I am. Mexico City is a fascinating place - I will definitely go again.
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Jennifer Rodriguez
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I go to Mexico one to two times a year with my husband who's family lives there. We have spent no more than one night in Mexico city...although there are some parts that are nice and have alot of history Mexico city over all is dirty and very dangerous!! My husband who lived there for a few years when he was younger still gets lost and does not feel safe there! I would not go alone if someone paid me a million dollars...if you do you are asking for big trouble!!
try cuernavaca is about 1 hour south od mexico city and unbelievably beautiful!! You would not be dissapointed.
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Don't let some of these posters scare you. Mexico City is fantastic. There are amazing ruins, beautiful colonial buildings, world class museums, lovely parks and an ambiance that you only get in a very large city.
We have been there many times, and never had a problem. The key is to use common sense, as you would any where in the world, including large US cities.
During the day you can ride the metro all over the city. At night use sitio (radio dispatched) cabs. There are many very nice hotels and excellent restaurants.
I prefer El DF to most of the European cities that I have visited. Don't be frightened.
By the way, the ruins at Xochicalco, near Cuernavaca, are magnificent. So are the ruins in Tlaxcala, Cacaxtla and Xochitecatl, an easy day trip from Mexico City.
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How did we get to Mexico City... the OP asked about Cabo or Cancun or a cruise???
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well i dont personally recommend mexico city for a fortish woman but also i dont recommend mexico city for anyone its a dangerous place, specially for going alone ... its not all bad but seriously i dont recommend going alone there specially if this will be your first visit there
there are too many con man and con women out to get anyone that doesnt seem to be from there
there are good things but i wouldnt recommend it
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Mexico city alone. I am 32 and female. I am in Mexico city now. leaving tomorrow. I am here on business with 3 men. it is a long time in each others company so we have each been doing things on our own. It is fine. last evening I walked all along Chaputalec park, then a few more blocks. I found a fancy seafood restaurant, dined there and then headed back. There are cops all over, security cops, mexico city cops and federales. I have taken a cab by myself (called from the hotel) and explored the zona rosa by myself (daylight only recommended) I am staying at the camino real (very very safe and nice). Or try the sheraton (location better, walk across street to zona rosa). In the airport go to the taxi booth and buy a ticket. NEVER take a green and white cab. You can email me if you wish with any other questions
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I'm a 58 year old woman who traveled alone to Mex City last summer and totally fell in love with the city. I did everything--rode the metro and the buses, walked around the city, climbed to the top of the national cathedral and went to all the museums,mercados etc. I am only sorry that I can't return next year.
Go and have a ball!
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