Literature for Mexico?

Old Oct 1st, 2002, 12:21 PM
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Literature for Mexico?

For me, anticipation/preparation for travel is half of the fun. I like to read books/watch movies set in the region/country I'll be visiting. Any suggestions for books (novels, historical fiction, etc.) for me to read before trip to Mexico? How about movies, old or new? Thanks.
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I agree, Darlene, the anticipation and preparation for travel is half the fun. I've got a terrible memory, so I'm struggling to come up with some titles for you. One book that had a lot of scenes in Mexico City is David Lindsey's "In the Lake of the Moon". (It's a suspense novel.) I've also seen a couple of movies lately that took place in Mexico. One was actually called "Mexico City". If I hadn't already been to Mexico City, I might not go after seeing the movie! It was a pretty scary movie, but it was still fun for us to see some of the scenes of areas we've visited, even recognized a hotel where we had lunch. It's fairly recent. There was another one I saw just recently as well, but for the life of me, I can't remember of it. It was in both English and Spanish, and the plot line concerned people trying to get across the border into the U.S. We've also taped Amores Perros, but haven't watched it yet.

Another older movie, of course, is Against All Odds, with Jeff Bridges and Rachel Ward. It was filmed in the early 80's and features scenes from Cozumel, Isla Mujeres (doubling as Cozumel) and Chichen Itza. The movie was being filmed in Cozumel the first time I ever visited Mexico. The cast were actually staying in the same hotel as me - really made it fun! Jeff Bridges was very attractive!
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Like Water for Chocolate - great movie, great book! Actually any book by Laura Escaville (sp)

Night of the Iguana - Set in Puerto Vallarta w/ Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

On the Road by Jack Kerouac - Has some great Mexico scenes

Mexico by James Michner (haven't read it)

I love this idea. Anyone else with suggestions?
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book club
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"On Mexican Time" and "Consider This Senora" both novels about Americans who move to/live in Mexico.

Night of the Iguana (movie) if you happen to be going to Puerto Vallarta.
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Thanks-- this will get me started!
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Hi Darlene,
I know what you mean about the anticipation ONLY 198 days till Mexico!!For a really great,entertaing and funny book try Herman Wourks sp? "don't stop the carnival" not actually mexico but a great caribbean read.
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"Aztec" its an historical novel. Highly entertaining and will make you think a lot about the Spanish conquest that led to the Mexico of today. I think the author's last name is Jennings.
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Two suggestions:

La Capital by Jonathan Candell is a fascinating history of Mexico City -- a really good read.

Travellers' Tales Mexico has bits by many different authors and will not only give you the atmosphere you are looking for but will also lead you to a large list of additional books.
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"Puerto Vallarta on 49 Brain Cells a Day" by Gil Gevins, is a hilarious book about living in Mexico. See
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Steve-- Herman Wouk is one of my favorites; I''ve read "Don't Stop the Carnival" at least half a dozen times! Thanks to all for great suggestions. Any more great Latin American works (fiction preferred) I'm missing out on? Loved books like "How the Garcia Girls lost their Accent" (can't remember writer, 'though I've got several other novels by her...)
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On a serious, historical note, there's a book a read years ago titled "Broken Spears" about the struggle between the Incas and the Spanish conquistadores, and how the native Mexican culture was literally raped by the Spanish. I was schooled in Spain, and studied history from a totally different perspective. This book was really enlightening, and the storyline itself was truly gripping--it had me turning page after page. I am sorry I cannot remember the name of the author, but if you are interested in this book you can do a search on and I'm sure you'll find it easily.

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