Bosque De Cabo?

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dfarmer, wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing. When we were there, some friends went fishing, and they served the catch to all of us at dinner - so fresh and good. You know it looks like you had such a different experience than we had, we never saw any of those yellow trees that you had pictures of - maybe they are seasonal? Also took us 3 or 4 days to see a toucan; we finally did early morning birding with Carlos, and he searched for over an hour to find one for us; we were so thrilled when we finally saw it! We did see loads of macaws - that was so amazing, and as we were leaving on the last day, we saw an anteater on the driveway. On our favorite day, we were just relaxing on the front porch, and an entire troop of howlers, then capuchins, then spider monkeys went swinging right by our cabin.
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Thanks for the pics, Donna. What a lovely way to end my day (it is almost midnight!!). Pura Vida
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Thanks Dyer and Volcanogirl. I simply never tire of looking at pictures from BdC.

That Toucan was in a tree right in front of Gecko, our cabin. It was there everyday. A troup of monkeys came by every afternoon. The Macaws flew over daily. The howlers, love that sound.

As for bringing in the dinner, I have to say that was a rush! I was so pumped. The staff was eagerly waiting to cook up my catch. The guests were excited to enjoy it. And enjoy we did, it was delicious!

I too read others reports, and look at their pictures. It is amazing how many different experiences people have at the same place.

You know, several years ago my husband asked me "tell me again why we are paying X dollars to stay at a place that has no AC, no hot water, no TV, no telephone...." Well after that particular trip, he has never asked me again. He just says "where are we staying?" and leaves it up to me.

Being without all those little things that annoy - such as TV making noise, telephone ringing, AC drowning out the sounds of nature - well that is being pampered to me. Just being allowed the opportunity to experience - truly priceless.

Well enough, Sixshots will find his/her piece of Paradise.
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Hi Dyer! And Donna. . .good to see you again on "the board"!

You hit the nail on the head when you said sixshots has stumbled onto a forum full of BdC lovers! LOL!

Me, too!

During the past 2-3 months, I've seen Lapa Rios mentioned as "THE place" on the Osa--different travel mags. It was the place we first heard about 4-5 years ago when we were thinking of visiting down there--and the first place we researched. It has been there longer, maybe? Or achieved "notoriety" sooner? Not sure. .

At any rate, through our investigation, we became aware of Bosque del Cabo, and that was our choice. We were amazed from the get-go and that accounts for a couple of return trips. Many people on this board have returned there way more than us--speaks pretty well of the place, doesn't it?

We would characterize it as "rustic elegance". If it didn't have that "rustic" feel, it wouldn't belong on the Osa Peninsula. All of us who are regular visitors to the Osa would prefer than it forever remain a bit rustic and undeveloped. BdC has that feel. . .

Several who have stayed at Lapa Rios have mentioned the many steps being a nuisance. I don't remember steps to where. . .maybe to the dining area? But just having to climb steps all the time in order to navigate the property doesn't appeal so much to me.

BdC and Lapa Rios have a good hotel-hotel relationship with one another despite offering a similar experience in very close proximity to one another. Both appeal to the same traveler types, so it has always been interesting to me that they are right there side by side.

I can't think you would go wrong with either one, sixshots, but I can't imagine a better experience that what Bosque del Cabo offers.

By the way, one of the highlights at BdC is the Pacific Trail which taken you down to the "wild" side and a nice hike to a gorgeous waterfall. Reason enough for me. . .! The hiking at BdC is just phenomenal. And the horseback riding with Miguel--what a fabulous experience!
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Hello - sixshots117.

I have stayed at Lapa Rios once and Bosque del Cabo twice (and will be there a third time this coming summer).

We went to Lapa Rios first. It was everything we expected it to be and TONS more. Both places have no A/C but wonderful breezes, no blow dryers are allowed either place because of solar power, and both have hot water. The steps at Lapa Rios did not bother us as we were in the first set of bungalows (although we were in the last of one of the first set). We still had steps everytime but not a big deal. However, I would not have wanted to be in the lower bungalows as they had way to many steps to go back and forth to the restaurant, etc. (and I don't mean physically handicapped but just don't want to do that many steps everytime I went to meals).

The only reason we switched to going to BDC is because our kids were getting older and we wanted a room that had more than 2 queen beds so that everyone would rest better since we do so much during the day.

However, we now think of returning to BDC whenever we take a trip. It tugs at our hearts. It is hard to explain to someone that has not been. It is THE most relaxing vacation we take. Probably because we have been to the Osa 3 times now, we don't have the drive to cram pack in tons of daily activities. That's not to say that we don't do major hiking everyday or kids surfing, etc.

As far as meals, both are excellent. However, Lapa Rios is more 5 star in the presentation and I think quality. However, you do pay more to have that. When we went, the kids were both child rates so that made a big difference in the cost.

We are now spoiled in that we book the Casa Blanca house at BDC way ahead. It is almost 2000 sqft. with two bedrooms and 2 full baths perched on the side of a cliff overlooking the gulf.

All that being said, you can't go wrong with either place. We have met honeymoners at both places. If money is not an issue, I think Lapa Rios may be the choice. It is more upscale. However, I think hiking and seeing more wildlife is a BDC. Depends on what you want.

About going in July - we have always been there late July to early Aug. Rain has never been a problem at all. That is during a mini-dry season that the Osa has. You can read about it under the FAQ on Lapa Rios website.

Also, I did a detailed trip report after we went to Lapa Rios in 2001 and then a comparison after we went to BDC for the first time in 2004. You might want to do a search back. It will give you good info.
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I stayed in Drake Bay three years ago and was alway H O T becuase of its location. I just returned from a stay at El Remanso and highly recommend it. It is right next to Bosque del Cabo. The people are magnificient and the views and wildlife are plentiful. Definitely a long drive if you go on your own. Be prepared to be picked up in Puerta Jimenez to avoid the huge bolders and awful road to the resort. It was fantastic!!!
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I'd also take into consideration your ability to hike and wander about on your own at both lodges. Bosque has tons of well-kept trails you are free to walk about on your own; from what I understand (and maybe someone can clarify) is that Lapa Rios does not have as many trails and that you have to pay for a guide to go out on one each time.

fae - I can relate (sure we all can) that something about Bosque tugs at our hearts.
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When we were at Lapa Rios all the trails were open like at Bosque to go with a guide or go on your own. However, that was a while back so it might have changed but I doubt it.
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