Anyone have Argentina sightseeing tips?

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Anyone have Argentina sightseeing tips?

We are thinking of going to Argentina the first week of Dec 2005 and are thinkning of staying only 10 days. We know we want to see Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls but are not sure what else to see. Any suggestions? We love the hustle and bustle of big cities such as BA, but also love walking thru small, quaint towns. We love to do day hikes and most enjoy mountainous scenery! What places would be doable with only 10 days and what is the best way to get around the country...I'm guessing you fly to Iguazu from BA. Help!
Thanks for any info!
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I just returned Sunday from a trip to Argentina and Iguazu specifically. It is wonderful! The only response you can have is either "WOW" or complete silence. Truly one of the most spectacular places I've been and lived up to the hype it receives! We stayed at the Sheraton, which you will read a lot about on this board. It is worth it. It is the only hotel with rooms with a view of the falls. The hotel on the Brazilian side does not. Though we spent very little time in our rooms anyway! We walked the trails, took the boat ride (don't believe that you get "lightly misted" - you will get WET. WET!) and a helicopter tour. I highly suggest all three. I did not read much on the helicopter tours on the boards, but it is a must-do! We did not go to the dam b/c my boyfriend had been before and with 2 1/2 days, it was not on the top of our list. You do have to fly to Iguazu from BA. I don't remember flight times since we traveled to a few places, but I believe it was around 1 - 1 1/2 hours. It was very hot & humid and being from South Louisiana, we thought we were prepared. I guess we just don't spend much time walking trails in August down here! ;o) Don't forget your sunscreen! Other than that, we went to Santiago and cruised down to Ushuaia so I can't be too much help. We only spent one night in BA since we'd been in May 2003. It is a wonderful city - great for leather shopping. If you need any other info on Iguazu, please feel free to email me.
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neworleanslady- I don't know if you're still around, but I had a question about the helicopter ride at Iguazu. From where did it take off? How long was the entire ride? How much was it? Do you have to reserve in advance?

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The ride goes from Brazil and is a huge irritation to the Argentinians and tourists on the ground trying to enjoy the peace & serenity of this park. It is constantly interuppted with the helicopter drone overhead that makes you feel like you're in a war zone.

I was informed that Argentinians have been trying to get Brazil to end these flights for a long time, but with no success. I would recommend that no one take this ride. Visitors to an area should respect the quality of life in an area - the Argentinians have worked very hard to create a wonderful, ecollogically sound park. It is a shame to see it's balance disturbanced by this terrible noise pollution that affects people and animals!
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If you like smaller, interesting towns and beautiful mountain scenery, you might want to consider Bariloche. We spent two days there in March on our way to BA and truly enjoyed it.
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I stayed a long period of time in Argentina and tried to follow all of these proposals, however, I will need more trips to check them all. 10 days it`s not enough for that country, but try to do 2 or 3 of them
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williams44- I tried to find my email about how much the helicopter ride was, but I can't find it. I found someone to email b/c I could not find a price online. I belive it was around $30 (US), but don't hold me to it. Whatever it was, it was worth it!

As Aunt A mentioned, you take this from the Brazilian side. I can understand the issues she brings up, but it was spectacular. I would suggest going. You do not need to set it up in advance. We did not wait long either. The ride was maybe 10-20 minutes. You pass over the falls a few times.

Also, be SURE to do the boat ride that goes under the falls. We thought my boyfriends dad & girlfriend would hate it, but everyone loved it. You will get SOAKED. Great for cooling off after those hot walks!
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If you are going to go down to Bariloche, I recommend that you hit Villa la Angostura. I enjoyed it more than Bariloche. The town is really beautiful. I stayed at an amazing hosteria -

You will really love it. The town had great restaurants, a national park that was gorgeous and the people were great.

Good luck.
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Luv2globetrot - You don't have to take a plane to Iguazu from BA. If you do i hear prices can be from $150 and up, easy. You can take a coach bus, which in Argentina, are vastly different than the ones here in the states. They have enormous buses, very comfy, and you can get a RT tix for about $60. If you are pressed for time, then sure take a plane, but the ride across the country of Argentina is something else. Small towns in the middle of nowhere, seeing the hills when the sun rose, watching the mist amongst the treetops. It's quite amazing.

The buses have meal service included, a steward there to help you (much like a flight attendant), movies, air ocnditioning - i mean, these are huge and well worth the $$. Take an overnight bus, it's about 16hr one way. Initially i thought it was a crazy idea, and I was wrong. It was the most memorable part of my trip. plus, with all the $$ i saved, I got to spend it on amazing meals and plenty of wine to bring home!
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Helly tours from Brazil have been disturbing eco-system in Iguazu falls for long time.

Regarding bird species , ask any guard from the Iguazu park what has happened ....
The NOISE of the Helli disturbes tourists ....

Our grandsons will find exotic birds only in the Zoo if this continues...
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