Why can't I look American in Paris??

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You are right, Hand Solo, it has been a while since I have been to France, and hence forgot about the euro. But, I have been travelling to places like Cambodia and Sri Lanka, riding elephants in Nepal. Places where people like you are too intimidated to visit. You know, places that don't have an Olive Garden. But, it is nice to know that little people like yourself take time to notice my posts. Cheers.
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Yes, eric, I imagine you would feel that way. Just think how it felt to be the only other American in a room with this loud obnoxious woman. I wanted to tell the waiter that we (Americans) aren't all so badly behaved.
Perhaps my post was not so well worded. I am not ashamed of being American, only embarrassed when in the company of boorish Americans.
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Enjoyed your humor! Thanks for a good laugh! We shouldn't take ourselves too seriously! LOL!

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Nothing wrong at all in looking American but if you want to turn heads, the hot look this fall in Paris is Azerbaijani.
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This one sure got a lot of attention and not all was flatering to us as a group. Let's rehash the basics and close it off before the Paris group reads it and is embarassed for us. You have no reason to be embarassed or ashamed to be an Americal (ie Citizen of the USA) -- Remember we have friends to the north and some to the south who are also Americans). Your government is our responsibility collectively but not individually and you are no more responsible for what the US Government does that the average Frenchman is for what the Vichey Government did in suppport of the Nazis in WWII.
Be proud of who you are (individual) feel badly for the "Ugly American" in Europe but do not take responsibility for them. Act like a gentleman or lady, be gracious to your host and for goodness sake learn a few words like, "Please, thank you, yes, no, Do you speak English" and have a phrase book in you pocket. If they say they do not speak English bring out your phrase book will scare most of them into speaking what English they do know. They would much rather use a little "incorrect" English than have you butcher their language.
The first and formost thing is to go with a positive attitude, with no apologies, and have fun. France is beautiful and the people, contrary to what you have been told or read, are for the most part wonderful, gracious and well intended. The ones that are not get the same treatment as you would give an ingrate in any city or town in the US. Ignore them and walk away - but say thank you just in case you misunderstod their intention.
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