What's "in style in Rome?"

Jul 17th, 1998, 10:03 AM
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What's "in style in Rome?"

Headed for Rome next june, what attire is "in style" for Rome in the summertime, i would appreciate any help.
Jul 25th, 1998, 07:47 PM
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If you, or anyone, can guess what is "in style" a year in advance, I'm sure you could make some
serious money in the fashion world!

I would suggest that you dress somewhat conservatively, comfortably, and modestly.

Visitors in sleeveless tops, shorts, or other clothing with too much "exposure" are barred from churches, some museums, etc. reguardless of age.
Jul 26th, 1998, 04:23 PM
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I would advise against wearing baggy clothing, as to the Europeans it is considered "daggy" and sloppy. Perhaps a couple of pairs of slim leg light weight chinos, desert boots and perhaps dark, tight tshirts. Of course, this all depends on your age and make allowances for personal style.
Jul 27th, 1998, 09:35 AM
Cheryl Z.
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I agree with above messages - especially be conservative, and little more dressy than other places. Last July when we were in Rome with 90 degree plus temperatures, the natives were very dressed up, including women wearing dresses and heels flying by on their Vespas!! Most men wore longsleeve buttoned up shirts, often with suit coat draped over shoulders. Local friends of ours even were more dressed up, no shorts or bare shoulders.
Jul 27th, 1998, 03:17 PM
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We rented an apt. near the Pantheon (center of Rome) for the last week in June. The heat was unusually high and very humid, but that did not deter the Romans from strutting around in...BLACK. Yes, black everything for men and women from their twenties on up. Men either wore black tight fitting pants or navy blue jeans, with a tight fitting black 'dressy' t-shirt, or a button down cotton print shirt. A high percentage walked around with cell phones and since they need at least one hand for speaking, they no longer carry the small bags they used to in the past. The solution: sleeveless twill vests with many pockets in either a dark blue, charcoal grey, or you guessed it---black. No sneakers or open (Teva type) sandals but usually a casual loafer or other comfortable leather shoe. Both men and women would wear their sunglasses on top of their heads and not ONE drop of sweat emanated from their beautifully tanned brows. Men would exit office buildings at noontime in suits but never removed the jackets completely, nor loosen their tie. They would wear their jackets over their shoulders, and maybe on the day or 2 it went over 100 degrees, did they roll up their *long sleeve* shirts by an inch or two. Wonderful people!!! Just bring darker clothes, comfortable walking shoes, and you'll be golden. So if you truly want to dress as the Romans do leave the baseball cap,shorts,and the sneakers at home! Enjoy!
Apr 14th, 2007, 03:02 PM
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taking it back to the old days when posters used their real names..kinda nice!
Funny thing is this same question has been asked so many times and the answer is still the same.
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Apr 14th, 2007, 04:30 PM
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Hmm, no sleeveless shirts such as dressy tank tops? As others have stated though, regardless of what you wear you will never look like you fit in lol.
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