WHAT is Premium Economy on British Air?

Old Jan 17th, 2003, 02:34 PM
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WHAT is Premium Economy on British Air?

Just got an email for a special to London from US on British Air== If you upgrade to Premium Economy ,it's only $200 more-

My question- What is Premium Economy? Is it like first class in the US or what?
Are there larger seats with 2 seats on each side--do they have the little footrests on each seat--

Can someone please explain>

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I'm not sure about BA, but premium economy on any US carrier I've used is just more legroom. Things are spaced out a little more, and the seats are the first section behind first/business class.
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If you take a look at British Aiways website, it will answer your questions. Premium Economy is called "World Traveller Plus"; there is also First Class.

http://www.britishairways.com/regional/usa/experience (or click on "Guide to our products and services" from main page)
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Premium economy has its own cabin. More room and other amenities - but usually the same menu as in coach. It usually is priced substantially above coach (but a LOT less than business class)
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We were upgraded to economy premium last year. There is more leg room making the flight a little more comfortable but the menu was the same. I'm not sure I'd pay an extra 200 for it.
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Premium Economy on BA is worth it when it's on sale. You get at least 38" of leg room, plus about an extra 3" in seat width (and better seats, with footrests etc). I've flown Club World and Premium Economy on BA, and Premium Economy is more than enough room (especially for day flights). In some respects Premium Economy is more comfortable than Club if you're planning stay awake for the flight.

The separate cabin for Premium Economy is usually very quiet and service is usually very good (because an attendant is assigned to this cabin exclusively - and there are only about 20 people in it.)

Note that Virgin has the same concept. However, Virgin tends to treat you like "Club" in a smaller seat (better check in privileges, better food etc), while BA tends to treat you like Economy in a bigger seat. You don't get lounge access or better check-in privileges.

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Thanks all for the clarification....
It seems to be the same as Virgin Atlantics business class as far as width of seats--

Was not able to see a seat map--so I don't know if the seats are 2-4-2 or what??

Does anyone know? If it is 2-4-2 across ,then it is like Virgin Atlantic Business ( which they also call Premium class)..
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Old Jan 17th, 2003, 11:39 PM
Nigel Doran
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Premium Economy is, in my opinion, worth the extra £150 or so (which works out at considerably more than $200) they charge if the journey is more than the usual 6.5 hours from Europe to the east coast of the US.
I have flown PE back from Hong Kong and it was a godsend. At 6'4.5'' and with extra long legs to boot, sitting in even an emergency exit seat would have been uncomfortable. I paid an extra £125 through a consolidator, but would have had to pay a lot more if I booked directly with BA. Apparently, the extra is a flat fare, regardless of your destination. For my HK-Heathrow flight, it worked out at less than £10 per hour. The food was the same as economy, but we got served first and had plenty of attention from the stewards and stewardesses.
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As most people have already said, Premium Econ is worth it. I flew from Newark to Heathrow with BA in this class, on a Boeing 777. The seating was 2-4-2.

But I guess it all depends on the aircraft you will be flying on.
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P Edant
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For the record, its "World Traveller Plus" on "British Airways".

Never heard of an airline called "British Air" with a "Premium Economy" cabin.
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For your information P Edant this is part of an e-mail I received from BA.
One-way based on round-trip purchase to London from New York. Fares are non-refundable, are subject to availability and government approval, and do not include government fees and taxes of approximately USD93 for economy class, and USD123 for premier economy class, plus a USD2.50 September 11th Security Fee. Additional taxes apply for each stopover. Higher fares apply for travel from March 3 through April 14, 2003. 7-day advance purchase required. Travel agent bookings: 2 free stopovers, one in each direction, permitted in London only. Online bookings: 1 free stopover eastbound direction only, in London only. Other significant restrictions may apply.

As you will notice it mentions premier economy class.
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I for one am so thankful for people like P Edant. Otherwise I would be going through life blindly saying things like British Air and people would look at me blankly not knowing what I was referring to.
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