What airline to Italy?

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What airline to Italy?

What airline is good to Italy???? Alitalia seems to be more expensive than Continental.
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I recommend a decision based 80% on price, 15% on convenience (does it leave and arrive about the times you want), and 5% on a good city to connect through (and the best is NO city to connect through).

No such thing as a "best" airline. On a good day, they are all acceptable, and on a bad day, any one of them can be deplorable.

Best wishes,

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Would not recommend Alitalia to my worst enemy. Anything but.
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Delta has flights from JFK and Atlanta to both Rome and Milan, JFK to Venice, and I think that they will be adding summertime-only service from Cincinnati to Rome.

It basically is this: if you choose an American airline, you'll have to connect in that carrier's eastern-US hus), like JFK, Newark, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. The return flight will leave Europe usually in the late morning, like 10:00 or 11:00. Taking a foreign carrier will require a change in their hub (LHR, CDG, FRA, etc.) and will require an early-morning flight from Italy to their hub to catch the late-morning transatlantic flight.

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Subsequent to my booking with Alitalia last year I read all kinds of horrible posts about this airline. I was prepared for the worst.
The posters were correct about the food...simply inedible but...
We took off on time, we landed 10 minutes early (and safely) and the staff while not too visible during most of the flight were not nasty.
If you can sit in the middle or front, do so. The people in the back were "camping out" and it was a mess.
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I have only flown the Prague-Rome flight, but have done so a couple times (Prague to Rome/Rome to Prague - twice). I actually really like Alitalia! I like the larger seats they have and their coffee is better than most Eurpean airlines I have flown.

One thing I have noticed on both of the Rome to Prague flights (Saturday late morning flight) is that there is a group of Italian men (30-50 years old) that hang out in the back of the plane once in the air. They get a bit rowdy, but it does not bother me in the least! I am actually quite entertained by them throughout the flight...not to mention they are nice to gaze at (easy on the eyes)! I have observed this both times I have flown the Rome to Prague flight...I have heard different stories as to why there are groups of Italian men on this flight to Prague.
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Alitalia is GREAT !I wanted to fly from Paris to Rome to Madrid and back to Paris.They understood what I wanted to do,no need to buy round trip and then throw away the return ticket and gave me a fabulous price ,just under $400! I gave up on Air France and Iberia.
The men at reservations were also very enteraining,considered it a challenge to find me the best times and prices!It sure beats going by train- both time and price!
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One other plus-they Fedexed the tickets overnight at no extra charge!Also chatted about Rome and gave me info about the airport,most fun reservation ever!
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to the top
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Agreeing w/Jan. Do not fly Alitalia to Italy. Try another airline. I believe there are many bad commentsd on Fodor's against Alitalia. Seems as though the flight attendants and the employees in general have a bad attitude and lack of customer service.
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Sorry, I meant Ian not Jan.
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I don't know about the rest of you but we are way beyond caring about the food or service.We go for the best fare and come prepared w/snacks,settle down for the flight and are excited about landing in Europe and enjoying ourselves.Air travel is just a means of getting from point A to B.The days of an actually airline being better than another are way gone.I have good/bad flights on Iberia,Delta,American,Luthansa,Air India,etc.Go for a the best airfare!
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Avoid Alitalia as you would avoid a rectal rash. It is the worst organized enterprise on Earth save the Italian government.

You're welcome.
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