Vimercate to Venice


Nov 13th, 2015, 01:43 PM
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Vimercate to Venice

Hello everyone.
I will be in Vimercate Italy for work reasons the first week of December. I arrive on Nov 29 in Malpensa airport at 8:30am and will drive to Vimercate. This is my 3rd trip there so this time I was thinking about going to visit Venice on the day that I land. I see that driving from Vimercate to Venice is about 3 hours, so I figure I can be there around 12-1 in the afternoon, which would give me about 4-5 hours of actual exploring before I have to head back to Vimercate. It would be my first time there, and I'm really looking for a great way to pass the time and stay awake from the jet lag. Am I pushing it? I love photography so even if I get a few great shot I would be happy. Since I am departing from Vimercate does it make sense to drive it all the way to Venice (Piazalle Roma) and park the car there? Will parking be an issue on a Sunday in November? Please let me know your thoughts. Grazie Mille!

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Nov 13th, 2015, 02:41 PM
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First of all it will depend on the weather. Ice, snow, fog, torrential rain can make that a very tough, even impossible slog. Also, December brings very short daylight hours and low levels of light, so even if it is clear that day, you will be spending an awful lot of time behind the wheel, jet lagged driving back. It's not safe.

Have you been to Bergamo? Lodi? I would jettison the plan of going to Venice and instead, if you are not tired, go exploring in one of these two towns. Lodi is often said to have the most beautiful piazza in all of Italy, and it has other attractions too. The upper part Bergamo is famous for its well-preserved beauty. If you are a photographer, you can surely find more than a few good shots in either of these places (and what skill does it require to take a "great" photo in Venice?)
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Nov 13th, 2015, 03:55 PM
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Agree that Venice at that time of year - with limited daylight hours - makes little sense - esp if it means 6 hours of driving after getting off an overnight flight.

It's not something I would ever contemplate and we have done more than 20 road trips in al parts of europe - but never more than 2 hours driving after getting off a plane.
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Nov 14th, 2015, 08:02 AM
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I second Sandra and Ny:
a drive along the monotonous motorway through (most probably foggy) Valpadana may be dangerous after a overnight flight. It cannot be excluded to fall to microsleep (or more).
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Nov 16th, 2015, 06:22 PM
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Thank you everyone for the advice. I have been to Bergamo and also have driven around Lake Como, but never been to Lodi so I will look into it. I understand that driving to Venice might sound nuts, and probably is. In a last trip to Portugal I landed at Oporto at 10 and proceeded to drive all the way up the Douro river with a few stops in between. I only checked into my hotel at around 11 pm and had no issues. I actually find it for me to be the fastest way to adjust to the time zone. I pay for it later once I am back home. I think I will play it by ear. If I get to vimercate at a reasonable time and the weather is cooperating I might take the change. Lodi is about 45 minutes from vimercate so I might go there one evening after I leave the office. I love night photography! Incase I do head over to Venice is parking at Piazalle Roma easy enough at this time?

Thanks again
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