Venize - Roma by night

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Venize - Roma by night

Hello -- I have a few questions (maybe someone can help)
1. On April 22nd my wife and I plan on taking the night train from Venize to Roma. For a simple trip such as this one would I buy a point-to-point ticket at the station in Venice?
2. Do you recommend a 2 bed compartment? If so, is it advisable to book reservations while in the US? Do you need to specify 1st or 2nd class?
3. What is the difference If we get off at Roma Tiburtina or Roma Termini train station?
Any tips or suggestions will be appreciated...
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For the 4-5 hour trip I'd book first,if the cost difference was reasonable.
If you know your schedule,you can book from the US. I have booked both in Italy and ahead.
No need for beds,unless you plan on a very short nap.
Tiburtina is the second largest train station in Rome.Many of the slower and cheaper trains.
Generally Tiburtina has mostly local and suburban trains, long-distance trains sometimes use Stazione Tibertina, particularly those arriving or departing late at night or in the early morning when Stazione Termini is closed.
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Thank you for the feedback. I was thinking we can use that time to sleep??? The schedule I was looking at on trenitalia web site shows a 7 hour trip ???
The schedule shows the train departing Venezia Santa Lucia @ 00:04 arriving at Roma Termini about 07:17 (w/a stop in Roma Tiburtina at 06:56).
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jabez was talking about day trains

the night train is the one you have pointed out

In Jan i took some Italian night trains and i had a 6-person couchette and a 4-person couchette, which, if you go the couchette route is INFINITELY more preferable IMO is the Italian rail web site where you can, in theory at least if not in practicality in the experience of many Fodorites, book this train, up to 60 days in advance i believe - look for special advance and hard to get discounts that can be much cheaper than full fare.

Tiburtina is the last stop before Termini but is actually only a few miles east of Termini, which though is much nearer i believe most hotels and the town centre. If you were taking a taxi then Smaller and less hectic Tiburtina may make sense than mobbed Termini, which though has better metro and bus connections if using public transit.

Yes if budget is not a problem i'd recommend a private 2-person compartment for sure.

I booked my night trains the day before but you can book at any Italian station and i think you'd have no problem - and the day train is about 5 hours as an alternative.

In the U.S. thru RailEurope you usually pay more for these type of reservations/tickets but not always - but there are also booking and mailing fees. As usual i advise contacting if booking any RailEurope product for their great service and lesser fees IME. But i'd wait until Italy myself. But i understand folks who may want to pay a bit more for the peace and mind of having it all done and just showing up at the station and get on the train.

You can leave your bags at the left luggage in Venice's SLucia station during the day. Some night trains may only serve Venice-Mestre station across the lagoon - constant shuttle trains there from SLucia
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It's not just a stop at Tiburtina; it's also a change of train to the local railway line.

I'd just grab a taxi at Tiburtina rather than face the hassle of changing trains/lines to Termini.
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Thank you guys. You have been a wonderful help. I will look in to the cost of 2, 4, or 6 people couchette. PalenQ mentioned that Tiburtina is closer to the town centre. Can we walk there or MUST we take a taxi? Do you know how long it would take?

Also, do you have a recommendation for a hotel in Venezia…something that won’t break the bank?
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No Tiburtina is a bit farther out but in the realm of things not much

you can hop the metro from Tiburtina anywhere

Termini is in the heart of things relatively
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Ummm, no. PalenQ actually said, though not very clearly, that Termini is closer to the center.

I certainly would not walk anywhere from Tiburtina, but it's well connected by Metro and bus to most of central Rome. Go to, click on Calcola il percorso on the left, click on the British flag, click on Calculate route, change the time to 7:00 and the date to tomorrow, enter Stazione Tiburtina and the address of your hotel. It will show you the best way to do it. You can also choose if you want to include Metro and trains or not.
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Once again, many thanks. After visiting Termini is the answer.

ps. do you have any link or recommendations for a hotel in Venice???
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lots of folks are satisfied with - an Italian hotel booking site i believe
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I'm not getting it - the duration of Venice/Rome by train is 4 hours. Why would you want to spend *more* time on a train than necessary?
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What I don't understand is how the night train takes 2 hours longer than the day train. What does it do, or where does it go, that it takes that much longer? Just curious.
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It goes very much slower, due to the heavier carriages
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kenderina is only speaking of Spanish trains i think!

Night trains seem to, in my 100s of them, stop long time at stations for whatever reason - i once thought because they acted as mail trains as well - and they do not want to arrive at 4am in Rome but at a more reasonable hour, like 6am.

Sometime night trains even take a different and perhaps not as direct route. But they are typically much slower and i think often designed so as to not arrive in the middle of the night
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