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Train Travel

Old Mar 9th, 2015, 11:18 AM
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Train Travel

My flight from the US to Italy will arrive in Rome. I am planning to ride the train from Rome to Arezzo. Can anyone help with this info? I have been unable to open a train schedule that would show where I leave from , the towns I would pass through and arrival in Arezzo. Would tickets be purchased at the airport (FCO)? I also plan to return from Arezzo to Rome and have been unable to find train schedule.

Many thanks.
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Old Mar 9th, 2015, 11:27 AM
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Posts: 5,969 shows you the price and the schedule. This is the first non-sponsored site you get when you Google "Italy train."
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Have you tried
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You have direct trains from either Rome Termini station or Rome's Tibertina station that take about 2.5 hours (from airport add 30 minutes or more because you have to change trains probably)

Here's the German Railways scheduling site for a dummy day - put your day in and get all the trains for a certain time frame - take the IC or R (InterCity or Regional) trains and these pretty much have a flat fare structure with little or no (none on regional trains) discount for buying in advance - just buy your thru ticket to Arezzo once at Rome Airport's train station ticket window - taking a train to Tiburtina may be quicker because trains from Termini I believe later stop at Tiburtina - and airport regional trains go to Tiburtina much cheaper than the Leonardo Express trains go direct to Termini and cost about 10 euros more I think.

Just take the regional train from the airport to Tiburtina and probably change there.

For lots of great info on Italian trains check; and

Have no fear of those trains filling up - regional trains do not take reservations at all and anyone can board even if full - IC trains do demand a reservation, which comes with the ticket, but would rarely IME fill up - the worst would be yoou'd have to go first class on IC trains which IME has definite benefits, especially for those with luggage - ditto for regional trains too.
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If your trip is in mid-June or later, the schedules for your travel dates may not be loaded yet. There's a schedule change in June, and the regional trains (which are most of those going to Arezzo) are the last to be loaded. That's because the various regions subsidize those trains, and there's always a lot of haggling about service cuts (wanted by Trenitalia) and equipment improvements (wanted by the regions).

Try using a date within the next week to see what the options are with the current schedules, and then check again close to your travel date. they never change very much. You shouldn't buy regional tickets online anyway, because the online tickets for regional trains are much more restricted than the ones you can buy in the station.
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You can get the list of stops on Trenitalia. Enter your cities/dates and when the screen with train choices pops up, look at the column that says train (they will be regional, intercity, Freccia). Click the i under the type of train and a pop-up window will appear for that particular trains stops.
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The regional train from the airport to Tiburtina costs €8, while the Leonardo Express costs €14.

It's true that the train to Arezzo leaves Tiburtina after it leaves Termini station, but the train from the airport to Termini is nonstop, whereas the train from the airport to Tiburtina makes nine stops before Tiburtina. I would take that train to save money, but it's not going to help you catch a train you would have otherwise missed.
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You also have to pay a few euro more to go from Termini to Tiburtina I'd think and for the novice traveler changing trains at Termini can be a real nibghtmare - smaller Tiburtina is infinitely easier with just a dozen or so tracks vs the 50 or so at Termini - more seemless airport via regional train to Tiburtina IMO though it may not be quicker - and you can with a regional train ticket for that day hop on any regional train if you miss the one you are aiming at. But again no reason to buy regional train tickets ahead of time - buy at Rome's airport - the train stops in Orvieto and Orte - and a few other places.
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The fare for Arezzo is 40 cents more if you leave from Termini rather than Tiburtina. I don't understand why you think Termini station is a nightmare. I've used both stations fairly often, and I much prefer Termini.

There aren't 50 tracks at Termini. There are 24 main tracks, plus half a dozen "detached" tracks that are used exclusively for local commuter trains, and two tracks in the "Est" section, that are used for regional trains heading north. The regional trains for Arezzo usually leave from 1 Est or 2 Est, which is indeed a bit of a hike from the track where the Leonardo Express comes in. I would say maybe a 10-minute walk.

I often, when arriving from the airport, take the train to Ancona from Termini after arriving there on the Leonardo Express. The regional trains to Ancona also leave from the"Est" tracks. I've never found it a burden to walk there with my luggage. I usually travel light, so if you're overburdened with suitcases, you may want to use Tiburtina.

One advantage of getting the regional train for Arezzo from Termini rather than from Tiburtina is that the train originates at Termini, so you usually have plenty of time to find a car that you like, that isn't crowded, etc. At Tiburtina, the train pulls in and leaves pretty quickly. Some cars may already be rather full, or have a noisy school outing group on board, or have some sort of malfunction. Walking through the cars with your luggage after the train is under way is not much fun.
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You hve to put yourself in the shoes of a novice traveler who no doubt will find Tiburtina much less intimidating than yes IMe at times a chaotic Termini - to you and me it ain't daunting but rather fun but to someone who has never perhaps taken trains in Italy Tiburtina is a much more quiet station where everything is clear. That's my opinion - yours is different and that's the way it is - I judge from my experiences as a foreign traveler not an Italian resident who uses Termini all the time and is familiar with everything - believe me Termini can perplex novice train travelers.
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