Venice in November

Sep 25th, 1997, 06:47 AM
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Venice in November

Three questions: How do I get from the Venice airport to Venice? Which vaporetto do I take to get from the mainland to San Marco which is near my hotel? Has anyone been to the restaurant in Venice called "Paradisio Perduto"? Mario Buotto (of "Po" restaurant in NYC), on his TV program said it was the best one in Venice. We're going to Venice in November and would like to know these answers. Thanks.
Sep 25th, 1997, 08:31 AM
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What is a vaporetto?
Sep 25th, 1997, 12:36 PM
Lynn Valvona
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I just returned from Venice yesterday. We took a taxi (speedboat) directly from our hotel (also near San Marco) to the airport. It's not cheap, but it's hassle free (125.000 L). There is public transportation that will get you to Venice.
From the train station, I know that the number 1 and 82 vaporetto stop at San Marco (the 82 is more direct).
Hope this helps!
Sep 26th, 1997, 09:30 AM
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There is transportation from the airport (non vaporetto), but a large impersonal tickets from a window (may be called CTA...?)just outside the door as you leave the tiny Marco Polo airport. Depending on your luggage situation, you're looking at $10-12 vs $70 or $80. Venice is my favorite place in the world and I've been in November and had surprisingly good weather. It does get dark VERY early, so take advantage of every bit of daylight. Have Fun!
Sep 27th, 1997, 06:11 PM
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Buona Sera, Beverly. I just returned yesterday from Venice as well, and I would recommend a couple of things for you: #1 Take the water taxi from Marco Polo airport direct to your hotel. After a long and tiring international flight, the last thing I'd want is to be on a vaporetto (water bus), standing, with my bags around my feet, trying to take pictures, ripe for pickpockets, etc. Spend your lire, it is play money anyway. #2 Make sure your concierge makes dinner reservations for you at AL COVO. It is featured in this month's issue of Departure Magazine (American Express Platinum Club magazine). Located not too far from San Marco (walk past the Danieli, past the Londra Palace, over 3 bridges, turn left)about a half-block from the water in a tiny courtyard, it is owned by Venetian Cesare Benelli (pronounced Che-sari) and his Texan wife Diane Rankin. Excellent food, excellent atmosphere, lovely people, I have been there on two different trips to Venice, and I would go back in an instant. Try the monkfish or the grilled sole, and you must have the dessert featuring the grappa. They are doing so well that they close on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Tell Diane that Donna and Harriet sent you (we gave Diane the Departure magazine and a Chicago Bulls stuffed basketball for their 5 year old son Lorenzo). #3 Whether you just go to Venice or you travel around Europe after Venice, please pack lightly in a bag with wheels, and tuck in an extra bag for all the treasures you will be taking home with you. Venice is all walking, and dragging a full bag is not fun. Take less than half the clothes you think you have to have, and prepay your American Express card before you go. Then spend freely and have a great trip. The only two places that would not take American Express on my trip were at the top of the Eiffel Tower and the Customs Agent (oops, spent too freely) when I got back to the States.
Sep 28th, 1997, 12:24 PM
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We are going to Venice in the spring, so it was very helpful to read your responses! Any suggestiosns on places to stay in Venice. We are mid 40's and like our creature comforts-and cleanliness! I have read a bunch of the books and am unsure of the most convenient area in which to stay. I welcome any suggetions you have for a first time trip to Venice!!THanks SF
Oct 7th, 1997, 09:40 AM
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Beverly--wanted to offer you some dissenting advice on getting from the airport; we just came back and took the Cooperativa San Marco waterbus to San Marco--it cost $10/each; it was not crowded, they help you with your luggage and it was a great ride; they run frequently and it takes about 35 minutes (they briefly stop at Murano before going directly to San Marco); a water taxi will cost alot more and this was no hassle at all; you will see the little booth where they sell tickets right in the airport. I would save my lira for all of Venice's many temptations! The exchange rate is great--have a good time.
Oct 8th, 1997, 07:28 AM
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Just a note of caution, anywhere in Venice--don't think you won't be a target for pickpockets! Especially on the public transportation---it almost happened to me. Anytime you are in a crowded area, be aware. Otherwise, Venice was a wonderful experience for us. Aren't you going to see if Harry's Bar is open? Have a Bellini!
For "sfink"---we stayed at the Europa Regina which was right on the canal---so easy when arriving at night coz so easy to find. So many people arrive at night and have to roam around Venice trying to find their hotel and get very discouraged so be sure to travel light and have suitcases with wheels as they mentioned above!
Oct 8th, 1997, 12:05 PM
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Just a few Questions: How many full days should I allow in Venice for sightseeing, shopping, etc. Also, has the burned-down (early '90's I believe) Fenice Theater area been renovated? Any ideas where to get a good map so that i can find my hotel?
Oct 9th, 1997, 12:05 AM
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To really enjoy Venice, I would stay you have to stay at least for a week. But if you are short of time, a four day stay will allow you to discover the main curiosities and sites.
Regarding La Fenice, the reconstruction is still going on and it will do so for a while. Apparently there is a polemic going on ! This is Italy...
Regarding maps, a decent travel guide should give you detailed information. If you cannot find one, just give the hotel name and I can tell you where it is located.
Oct 12th, 1997, 01:25 PM
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I think Venice is quickly becoming one of my favorite places. Enchanting, mystical, historical. Important points: wear a money belt. Even if you are an adult male, wear a money belt. Put your passport and extra money into it. Put some spending money in your pocket if you feel uncomfy digging into the money belt. Make a photocopy of your Passport and Credit Cards and leave a copy at home with someone you know you can call, and take a copy with you to put into the suitcase. I agree with Joelle, a week would be just about right. I just returned from a trip to France/Italy with the girls, and three days was not enough in Venice. We were just getting warmed up! Some hotel suggestions: if you want to have the comforts of a very nice hotel, use the Bauer Grunwald: fax the hotels yourself, make the reservations yourself, and ask for a discount. I have always received a discount because I ask for it very nicely. I have stayed here twice and been treated like a princess (travelling with 3 other girls).

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