URGENT-Help Needed for Greece

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URGENT-Help Needed for Greece

I will be visiting Greece for the first time and for business. My travel dates are between 15-22 May and I will arrive to Athens. Within this 1 week I need to visit hotels in Athens - Crete ( Elounda/Heraklion/Lassithi)- Cyclades ( Mykanos/Naxos/Paros/Syros/Santorini)than Rhodes, Ioannina at Ipiros (?) and Korinthia at Pelonopese.

Which order would be easiest ? and is this at all possible within a week and how to travel ?

Your assistance on this matter will be appreciated highly....

Greece experts can write me also at: [email protected]

Thanks in advance
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That sounds like a lot to do in one week. I can't advise you about the mainland, although Korinthia should be easy to reach from Athens, but Ioannina seems to be in the northwest of the country, near the Albanian border.

The Cyclades islands you mention are all on main ferry routes, so that shouldn't be much of a problem. Ferries to Mykonos often stop at Syros, so I would advise taking a ferry from Piraeus or Rafina that stops at Syros, and then another on to Mykonos. Go from Mykonos to Paros or Naxos, whichever is more convenient (the two islands are adjacent, and it's easy to get from one to the other).

From Paros or Naxos you could get a ferry to Santorini, and then another onward to Crete. There are ferries from Crete to Rhodes, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem either. From Rhodes you could fly back to Athens on Olympic or Aegean airlines.

Frankly, I don't see how you can do all this in one week. You could fly to Ioannina and back to Athens, which will save you some time. You could also fly to some of the islands from Athens, but the trouble is, there are very few inter-island flights, so you would be faced with the choice of taking the ferries or returning to Athens each time you go on to a new island by air.

This is an intriguing question, and I look forward to reading the opinions of other posters.
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This is CRAZY. Do you have to get all these spots for business or are these places that you desire to see? In a week I would choose 2 places, maybe 3 if you want to rush. If possibly narrow it down.
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Bnice, you said it in one word. On reflection, I think this must have been a spoof query, and it certainly took me in. No one could seriously believe they could cover all that territory in one week.
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Thank you Heimdall and Bnice,

Yes,I plan to visit all those places and really for business. For an international Hotel Recommendation consortium. In each place I have few or only one hotel to visit. The trouble is I can not extend the duration due to serious reasons ( especially if you get married at the end of the month )

Do you have any idea about how long would it take me to hop to islands with ferry?

Please lets think positive and find a possible way to do

Thank you for your efforts
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Okay, I accept this is a serious query, and congratulations on your marriage. There is one way I can think of that you could reach all those destinations in one week, but it will be expensive. Charter a private plane to fly you around for a week. All the places you mention have airports except for Syros, which can be reached easily from Mykonos.

Assuming you aren't high enough on the company's food chain to rate a chartered plane, I don't think it is possible to visit all those places in one week. Some of the islands are very close together, eg Syros/Mykonos, and Paros/Naxos, and you could probably do both in one day. You could probably also do Athens and Korinthia in one day, and maybe all three towns on Crete in a day, but for the others I would allow one day per visit, plus another day to return to Athens for your flight home. That adds up, according to my calculations to exactly seven days, assuming the ferry/flight schedules are favourable, and nothing goes wrong. Good luck!
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Thanks Heimdall, this post was more optimistic... At least its how sounded to me

Well we can not charter a private plane but I may try to return and fly via Athens.

I am going to acomplish the task anyway and hope & pray that travel times will allow me to do the job.I may extend my stay 1 or two days more if its necessary.

Thank you very much
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Please let us know how you get on with your trip. It sounds like "Around the World in Eighty Days" on a smaller scale, and might even be a good subject for a travel article.
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If you intend doing all this in 7 days by ferry, the answer is, you haven't a hope.
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Well, I am just back home couple of hours ago from Athens.

I acomplished most important of my targets. I got a great deal of help from a Travel Agency in Athens - Marin Tours, these guys were great. Thank you Dimitris.... for all the help and patience.

To many tavelling, driving, taxis, flying Dolphins, Flying. Very intense but succesful.

I will go to bed soon but write all my impressions with you guys soon before or after my marriage on 31st May.

Being a Turk in Greece, I felt good and people were even more interested with me and be friendly as I would would be.

Everyone congratulate me for our success of Eurovision Song Contest and very sincerely.

Mykanos, Crete, Rhodes, Paros and Athens were all within my travel.

Made some real good friends too.

Kalinichta.... ( good night )
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