Upset about Paris...please help

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I think I agree with you.
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Well, I thought it's a troll post too. The talk about being a risk taking solo backpacker yet he's afraid to stay in Paris as though Paris! It's Paris not Iraq. And he's staying not in a 1* or a hostel but at the Crillon. Plus his emphasis on certain words was a bit too dramatic to me. I ended up giving him the benefit of the doubt but still question his fear especially since he admits he's such a risk taker.
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Well, losangeleseurope, you can save yourself a lot of grief and stress by not watching the news. There is no rioting in Paris. The city is calm. It was chilly and rainy today.

I have no idea where you read that police are “fanning out” or even what that is supposed to mean, but the city is not under siege or going up in flames.

I'm constantly amazed by the staggering contrast between what the media report and the reality. Every sentence of every paragraph in news reports is slanted to be as scary as possible. Fortunately, I know how to set aside the bias and look for facts, but apparently I'm part of a small minority.
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No, Anthony, you are one of the real ones.
Someone who is THERE!!!
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losengeleseurope got the 'fanning out' most likely from the internet news as I saw a story online today that mentioned that phrase. That part he's not making up and the media really is making up stories. From the beginning of the rioting they were reporting about 'riots in Paris'.
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There's always a strong police presence in Paris—after all, it's the capital city, and the largest city in continental Europe, and a major metropolis. This weekend they've stepped up police presence just in case any of the scum who like to roll in from the 'burbs on the weekends decide to misbehave. No problems have materialized thus far, however. The fact that it was raining for a good part of the day today (and the considerable chill in the air) probably helped persuade the kiddies to stay home. This was one of those typical overcast and gloomy days in November when everyone tends to feel more cozy indoors, even the punks.
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Hi All,

It is later on this Saturday and thank you all for your posts. Without a doubt I was FREAKED OUT and panicked and am still very apprehensive about Central Paris.

Sure, I take risks. Backpacking through Europe alone (as my first trip to Europe ever) was a pretty frightening experience for me but I don't want regrets.

As far as "fear" of Central Paris and these riots...When I begin to read that the police are beginning to hear "rumblings" that major tourist attractions may become targets...I get worried. When I see pictures of the police "fanning out" (yes...taken from an internet news article) showing the police in the Champs checking ID's...I get worried.

Sure, my first trip through Paris (ten days in all) I saw puhlenty of strong, well built Paris police holding back very large german shepphard dogs on leashes as they looked for (?) I don't know. So police presence is fine but I don't need to dodge molotov cocktails.

And finally, why would a "risk taking" backpacker stay at the Hotel de Crillon? For two reasons: safety and because I financially can. My first trip through Europe at age 38, (link to pics are at the bottom of this post) I stayed in hostels and I loved it. I met young people from all over the world. Meeting people, swapping stories, swapping tips are where to go next and what to see is 1/2 the fun. And besides, I didn't have alot of money but I was trying to see 18 countries so hostels were part of my budget. Now, for some reason, at age 41, I feel a bit "self conscious" about staying at hostels (I don't know why.) I cannot in any way afford the Hotel De Crillon for my entire 22 day vacation in Paris but I can surely afford to stay there for two or three days till I personally "assess" the situation. All who hostel are not poor...All who wander are not lost.

Thank you all for your posts. Tim
ps. Thank you for the benefit that I am not a troll on this board. I have gained much knowledge and I am grateful.
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I apologize thinking you MIGHT be.
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Having spent the past two weeks in central Paris and returned within the past 24 hours to the States, we can only say that we experienced no problems whatever.
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Like I said the first thing I thought is 'troll'. It's good you came back and clarified what you said initially. It really does help.

Great photos, thanks. As to the Venezia photos, the one with the object on the right, I suppose you figured out what it is a long time ago, right? So did you use it to soak your tired feet?!
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I think 4*/5* hotels might be more likely to be targets of terrorist attacks than just a standard old 1*, 2*, or 3* hotel. In both Egypt and Jordan, and no doubt elsewhere, luxury hotels have been the specific targets of attacks. The Hotel Crillon is the last place I'd stay if worried about terrorist attacks in Paris, although I'd no doubt love to stay there anyway.
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Hi WillTravel, I read an article about a year ago regarding hotels and safety issues. It was written for companies that have employees that travel overseas a lot.

One "expert" said that staying in a 4 or 5 star hotel is "safer" because those hotels have a lot of security procedures in place wherein the lower star hotels normally do not.

Another "expert" stated what you did..that luxery hotels are more apt to be targets for terriorist acts and that staying at a lower star hotel is safer because those hotels are not full of business executives, wealthy visitors etc.

It was an interesting article, pros and cons for each type of hotel it seems. Take care.
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If it will help settle matters, I'll be more than happy to go to France myself to check out this situation. Send me your contributions (in euro of course) to help defray the trip costs. And I will give a detailed trip report when I return.
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what is a troll?
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troll = evil little beast who posts merely to stir up trouble.
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Kid #3 is 17 years old and has had to take 2 SATs at the American University/Paris St. Cloud. Her emails home have stated that her new french friends do not like the fact that we make too much of these reports and were infuriated when they were called "civil war". She explained that we have to much CNN now that we are all too old for "iwantmy iwantmy iwantmy MTV". Paris in 27 days ... and counting for the family. Yay.
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How do her French friends know how much the American press has made of the reports?

This sounds unlikely.
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They know because there are reports of the reports of the reports of the reports.

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They know because just about every night during the unrest France 2 broadcast clips of American news coverage of the events, including that god-awful CNN map of France that showed Strasbourg back in Germany, Cannes on the Atlantic, and Toulouse in the Pyrénées, which the French press made mincemeat out of.

They also broadcast clips of the coverage from the UK and elsewhere.
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I saw that map too - hilarious and also a map of france with flames coming out of every corner and the heading "France on fire" I was at home in Paris looking out the window and laughing my head off.
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