traveling with infant to Europe

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traveling with infant to Europe

Is it better to travel to Europe when your child is under 1 year old so they are more portable and not able to "talk back" about what to do on the vacation, or is it better when they are older and understand what is going on and what they are seeing? I would really like to travel to Europe soon but my baby is currently 3 months old. Also, what European countries are best to visit with an infant it tow?
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I think a "non-ambulatory" baby would be a lot easier for the plane ride, and there would be no issue about him/her wanting to run around on the Champs Elysees, for example.
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Hi Debbie
Toddlers and young kids can have limited attention spans, they sometimes protest about riding in strollers, they can be finicky eaters, etc etc

In some ways, traveling with an infant would be easier, although backpacks and strollers are more problematic when it comes to getting on airplanes and entering public buildings these days.
There are not diaper changing facilities found as frequently as in the US, for one example.

I traveled to London with a six and 10 year old, and they both, (we all, actually) needed down time back in the room in the afternoons to watch tv or play with favorite toys or read. The rest of the time they were troupers, even when bored silly, but we built in activities that were just for them, like parks, the zoo, the maze at Hampton Court (which we all enjoyed), etc The thing about kids is that you can make deals with them ("one museum today and then ice cream") whereas when an infant is upset or tired, as you know, we don't always have much recourse.
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I think infants and kids over about 7 or 8 are the best ages for overseas travel. As elaine says, toddlers and younger children have more attenion span issues and need more "down time"

Of course traveling with an infant isn't easy with all the extra stuff you need to carry. But Europeans are pretty mellow about breast feeding in public (just be discreet) and babies always attract lost of interaction w/ the locals. You meet some of the nicest people oohing and aahing over a cute baby.
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I think the most important thing is to bring your child's favorite (non-perishable) foods and drinks along. Depending on how picky you infant is, you my not be able to find the right brands, flavors, etc. Also I would bring an infant carrier in addition to a stroller. Some of the cobblestone streets with narrow sidewalks in some of the older cities will be hard to navigate with a stroller. I don't think it's a problem at all taking an infant, as long as you understand there will be certain things you just will not be able to do. Where evr you decide to go, you may want to research where there are local parks, carousels and other activities your child may be amused by. I think any child just enjoys being with their parents all day, no matter what or where you are. Enjoy!
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Don't want to
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I think your whole situation is explained in your opening sentence:

"Message: Is it better to travel to Europe when your child is under 1 year old so they are more portable and not
able to "talk back" about what to do on the vacation".

If you are worried about a child over 1 year old "talking back", why in the world did you have a baby in the first place??? We already have enough little kids running around telling their parents what to do.

I think you should wait until the kid is in it's teens. Then you will really be in trouble.

Don't want to

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After travelling with children, now grown up, the best time to travel would be between about 4 to 12.
For the first child, we were gung ho and travelled starting less than a year old. But having to carry all the gears and the child himself got to us and for the second child, we waited until she was old enough to carry at least a day pack by herself. Having a toddler along; however, attracted grandma types to talk to us.
After they have reached 12 years old nothing became more boring than travelleing with their parents.
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Debbie, We went to Germany during the Christmas markets with our daughter when she was 4 months old. We found it a great time to travel. They are still in the mostly sleep mode, you don't need a ton of items. Just bring enough formula with you for the entire trip. You can get diapers and other supplies as you go without any issues. We just carried her in a chest harness, since it was cold out to keep her warm. The small wheels of the strollers made here won't work well on the cobblestone streets.
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