Travel Itinerary

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Travel Itinerary

I am moving to Miskolc, Hungary in September. My friend is coming November 5th and we would like to do a Euro trip together. I am wondering if this itinerary is possible or too much. We are both into adventure/activities. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Nov 5-7 - Do Budapest, day trip to Vienna, Auschiwitz maybe
Nov 8 or 9 - Fly/Train/Bus to Munich
Nov 10 - Get to Arras/Vimy area -Maybe fly Munich to Paris to see it for a day, Arras is 45 min train from Paris. Just get to Arras at night
Nov 11 - Remembrance Day at Vimy ( Should meet lot of Canadians there)
Nov 12 - Fly from Paris or Brussels to Dublin
Nov 12-15/16 - Do Ireland, maybe Scotland
Nov 16 - Fly Dublin to Rome or somewhere in Italy
Nov 16-19 - Do Italy - Venice, southern area for warmer weather/beaches, eat spaghetti
Nov 19-21 - ?? Greece? Croatia?
Nov 22 - friend flies home from Budapest
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I hate to rain on your parade (and by the way, welcome to the forum), but....

This is just far too many places in a short space of time. Zigzagging across Europe like this will consume a great deal of travel time and money and leave you exhausted with precious little time to actually SEE anything...

Some specifics to think aboutbr />
Auschwitz is in Poland and is nowhere near Budapest (or Vienna for that matter).

There's no point in going to Munich just for one night. As for "see Paris in one day" - seriously?

You cannot "do" whole countries in just a few days (maybe OK for a brief look at one city, but not the whole country).
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Wow Miscolc, has my favorite spa built in a cave, you will love it.

For people of my age you have a plan to see too many airports and go just about everywhere and it would be a nightmare, at your time in life I still think its crazy, so lets do a little cutting

November is wet, chilly and short daylight so I'd cut Greece and Croatia.
I'd also cut Munich as Budapest and Vienna are much much nicer
Choose Scotland or Ireland (doing both in such a short time is crazy)
Venice Beeches in November nah too cold and miserable, do Venice ye.

So Budapest, Vienna, Auschwitz 5
Paris and Vimy 5
Dublin/Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland 5
Venice/Rome/Florence 5

Looks about right for 3 weeks with hangovers/Jet lag

You need to use something like skyscanner to get to understand the cheapo airlines in europe and get them booked fast to get the good deals.
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"beaches" must be going mad
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Sorry - but this is possibly the most hare-brained itinerary I have every seen.

Have you even looked into the travel between these places? Have you seen how long trains take or when the flights are (and allowed for time to get to the airport, advance check in as airlines require, security lines, usual delays, flight, deplaning at other end and making your way (HOW???) to where you want to be?

This trip would be simply hell and you would have no time to really see or do anything.

A couple of examples:

The fastest train from Budapest to Vienna is more than 3 hours - which means 7 hours of travel time between the 2. How is this a day trip - you would only have a few hours there even if you start with a 7 am train (and will you get up that early?)

You are going to "do" Italy in 16 through 19. But wait - you will fly in on the 16th - so you have 3.5 days at most. And in 3.5 days you want to:

See Venice
Spend 1/2 day there?
Travel from Venice to the south (does this mean AC? Sicily?
Spend much of day 2 getting there, have dinner
Spend 18 in souther Italy
On 19 both spend the day in southern Italy, then travel from Italy to Greece
So really - you have 2 part days and 1 full day in all of Italy

Please - look at how long it takes to get from one place to another and then lay out each day - and if you will be in A, or traveling or in B. You cannot do all 3 in one place - unless you have Star Trek type beaming technology
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The only thing I'll add is that your friend should fly home from the last city you visit, no need to trek back to Budapest. It's know as multi city or open jaw ticket. She would fly from Canada to Budapest and then last city to Canada.
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HUGE waste of time and money.

Trust us -- this plan is not good and while you could get to each of those places - it is impossible in practical terms.

You haven't moved to Hungary yet . . . I suggest you wait til you get there and see some of the realities of European travel and then work out a more reasonable plan.
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You have just over two weeks. Choose three places to visit if you'd like time to see/do/experience in each place, choose 4 or 5 places if you just want a quick look. If you stay three nights somewhere that is just two days, and the minimum I wold want to just get a sense of a place.
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Do not count days twice. You can't really be two places at once.

Look at how much time travel will take, including getting from hotel to train or airport, train or plane time, then getting to new hotel, etc.

Spend at least three times as much time being in places as you do traveling in between.

Allow some time to actually see things. Example: visiting Venice, Florence and Rome in five days is not a great plan - not enough time to experience any of them.

At that time of year, it will be cold and days will be short, so outdoor exploration time will be somewhat limited.

There will be no beach weather in any of your places.
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