Dec 16th, 2002, 07:54 AM
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My husband and I plan to rent a car to travel around France. Our last stop before the CDG airport is Amboise. We will return the car and take the train to the airport. However, I haven't found a website for train schedules and am having difficulty coordinating where to find a car return agency and train station in the same city. Also, I will need to find a reasonable hotel at or near the airport that is on the train route and has easy access to the airport. Any hints or ideas! Thanks!
Dec 16th, 2002, 08:10 AM
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For train schedules:

And one of the most extensive and easy-to-use web sites for their car rental locations is

But why not just return the car directly to CDG?

Best wishes,

Dec 16th, 2002, 08:13 AM
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The french train schedule can be found at
You can see a list of towns that have stations. Then go to, click on "car rentals" and follow the instructions. On the second page, there are drop down boxes with all the cities in France, or whatever country you picked.

Compare the two list, I'm sure you will find a variety of cities in common.

I went to and typed in "france airport hotels" and got a bunch of results, one of which was, which has a list of some hotels near the airport.

Hope this helps.

Dec 16th, 2002, 08:27 AM
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Hi, Sue. In planning my trip to France for next June I first thought that I wanted to do exactly what you describe so I looked into it. My plans have since changed so I haven't verified this info in the last couple of months, so you should probably do that. You can check train schedules at

If you rent with Autoeurope ( you can drop your car off at Massy, just east of Orly airport. There is a TGV station there where you can get a train directly to CDG. The drop-off point is at 9 Ave. Carnot and there is a Mercure hotel at 21 Ave. Carnot. They both appear to be within walking distance of the TGV station. You can get a map of Massy and info about the hotel at

There may be other options for what you are wanting to do, but this was the best I could find. Driving from Amboise to Massy also looks to be easy. Hope this helps.
Dec 16th, 2002, 08:39 AM
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Sue, I just realized that I misunderstood in thinking that you wanted to spend the night near the TGV station before going to the airport. (You could do that if your plane doesn't leave too early - the trip takes less than an hour.)But if you want to stay at the airport, here is the Aeroports de Paris page that lists several hotels at the airport. If you click on any of them you will see at the bottom of the page a map of the airport showing where the hotels are located.$$Affich?ReadForm&cle=X500550554
Dec 16th, 2002, 10:14 AM
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One more correction - Massy is just WEST of Orly, not east. (At least, I'm keeping your post near the top!)
Dec 16th, 2002, 01:41 PM
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back to Malcolm Miller tour-how does one arrange to take one?
Dec 16th, 2002, 06:54 PM
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Dec 16th, 2002, 08:46 PM
Ben Haines
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The trains are in the Thomas Cook European Timetable, which may be in the reference library of a city near you. Trains run thus: for some the connection from Amboise to St Pierre des Corps is made by bus or taxi on Sundays

Amboise 0842, St Pierre des Corps 0854 to 0903, Paris Charles de Gaulle 1050
Amboise 0924, St Pierre des Corps 0937 to 1023, Paris Charles de Gaulle 1208
Not Saturdays, Amboise 1308, St Pierre des Corps 1320 to 1334, Paris Charles de Gaulle 1520
Amboise 1601, St Pierre des Corps 1612 to 1655, Paris Charles de Gaulle 1835
Amboise 1905, St Pierre des Corps 1922 to 1931, Paris Charles de Gaulle 2121

St Pierre des Corps is a suburb of Tours, which I think has car hire firms: Amboise has none. I am sorry I m no help on hotels, but Tours has plenty.

Welcome to Europe

Ben Haines, London


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