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Top Packing Tips

I'm going to Europe for about 4 weeks this summer and want to hear about best things to pack, how to pack, your favourite suitcases, etc. I will be travelling by train for the most part and any ideas or advice would be great!
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Get some leakproof travel containers for your toiletries and take only what you need. Fill a two-ounce container 3/4 full (always leave air space) and see how long it lasts you at home, for example. Even though the bottles are purported to be "leakproof", it's a good idea to pack anything liquid, gel, toothpaste, cream, etc. in one, and then another, zip lock freezer bag. Nothing worse than shampoo (liquids do strange things on planes) all over your clothes when you open the suitcase. Do take enough to last your trip, though, and a little extra as there may be days you shower more than once. But, no sense lugging a three-month supply around for a 4-week trip.
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Pack in a carry-on size bag. I took larger bags last year and had a real problem-especially at the station when I wanted to go to the toilet!It was crowded in there!

This year I'll take only these things:
Carryon - with wheels similar to the ones the flight crews use.
Address labels - for post cards
Alarm Clock
Baggie containing wash cloth - they don't supply wash cloths in Europe.
Simple Clothing - 2 or 3 pants, 3 or 4 tops, and a coat.
Night shirt
Underwear - 2 sets plus what I'll wear
Cosmetics and Sunscreen
Tooth Brush and a plastic cap to cover bristles
Flashlight of credit car size
Hair Dryer and electric plug adaptor
Coat with hood is better than umbrella
Shoes - 2 pair
Maps and torn out pages of travel book
Purse/backpack or fanny pack. I'm going to use my Flight Bag as a purse on the plane - I'll have my fanny pack, camera case, etc. in the Flight Bag and use the fanny pack only while sight seeing.
Fanny pack will contain Comb, Mirror, Frequent Flyer cards, Lipstick,Moist disposable towelettes, Passport,Small Wallet (with Money, Credit cards, Pen),
Camera Case containing camera, paperback,ear plugs, eye shades and
inflatable pillow - for long overnight flight

Using this method I only have to keep track of 3 items: carryon, travel bag and coat.(I'm going in early spring)
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Take small everything: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. You can always buy more.
Rather than perfume bottles, take those little sample packets (towelette saturated in scent) or scented cream in a tube. No breakage or leakage.
Ziplock bags, not only to contain the leakables, but extras for carrying food.
Put your toiletries in a zippered pouch that you can access easily (especially good on a night train).
Use the toes of your packed shoes for socks, extra batteries, etc. No wasted space.
Tiny sewing kit (a needle, a few inches of black thread, white thread)
A couple of rubber bands and safety pins
Lay out your outfits; bottoms and tops should mix and match, tops should be layerable; if you have extra room in your suitcase, throw in extra socks.
Pack a week before you leave. Carry the suitcase around the block, boost it over your head, carry it up 3 flights of stairs. If you can't manage to accomplish those, start unpacking.
The best suitcase is what works for you. I hate backpacks, so I like a rolling 21" softsided bag. If backpacks work for you, go to a good 'outdoor' store, and try them on. Some convert to wheeled bags, which is the best of both worlds.
Pack your night stuff on top; no one wants to dig through a suitcase at 10 o'clock at night and near exhaustion.
No need for a robe if your nightclothes are 'lounging' type - shorts and tshirt, or those men's style pajamas of broadcloth or nylon satin.
Flipflops/zorries - slippers AND footwear in a questionable shower.
Travel alarm clock
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I say don't take a suitcase but a backpack instead. I remember really glad I had one when I had to climb up the stairs at the Edinburgh train station - it would have been a nightmare with a suitcase. Not many places have escalators or elevators like we have in the US, so it's much, much easier to carry your stuff on your back instead of lugging it around behind you. Also, it will keep you from overpacking.
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celia Lynn
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Amanda: Please NO NOT put your passport and cards or anything important in a fanny pack. Go to a travel store, or even WalMart and buy a cloth, zippered holder with a webbed belt and wear it under your clothes. If you fit it into the small of your back, you don't even know it's there. Keep your funds for the day accessible, and a credit card in a small pouch around your neck. Make a photocopy of credit cards and passport and ticket. Keep it in your backpack, in the very bottom. Fanny packs (if you have to wear one!) is good for camera, film and a tube of lipstick and some hand wipes. I've seen some real disasters using a fanny pack.
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The best suggestion I saw on this site, after we returned. was to take a cheap plastic funnel and bring some little coffee filters. then you can get coffee there but have drip coffee in your room. We found alot of nescafe and tea. I like coffee in the a.m. Take extra plastic bags of various sizes too. Remember, you can mail things home too. You don't have to lug around 4 weeks worth of brochures and souveniors. Oh yeah, we forgot to bring our medical insurance cards and didn't sign our passports ahead of time. Both are big mistakes... trust me. Tee hee. Have a grand time!
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I know a person who saves her old underwear -- you know, the stuff you should be throwing away but you keep wearing "one more time"? Well, she packs it for the trip and then just throws it away as she goes along. (Hey, I'm not making this up!!!).
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Hello Amanda,

good advice you`ve got.

But Margaret, how could one tear out
pages of a travel guide? I love my travel guides and would never ever destroy them. There`s still the possibility to Xerox what you need...

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Alice the Magyar
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NEVER EVER EVER PUT YOUR MONEY OR IMPORANT THINGS IN A FANNY PACK!!!!!They are very very easy to cut off or just a quick and they are GONE!! I learned the hard way!!I wear a flat webbed belt like thing it is great! never put all your credit cards and or your money together, if whatever you have them in is stolen then you will lose everything. If it is in different areas,you have something to fall back on. One can never be too careful. Have a wonderful safe trip.

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