Which Paris neighborhood to stay in?

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Which Paris neighborhood to stay in?

I've just started doing research on our Paris trip, which is still months away (September). I've been reading various websites and a guide book. I'm wondering about the details of staying in the Marais, or Rue Cler area? or even near the Sorbonne? What are peoples preferences for these neighborhoods and why? Thanks for any input.

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Personally, I love the Marais area, but there are limited hotels so book early.

On the left bank, for better value (larger rooms, lower price) I like to go a bit further south into the 14th (Montparnasse) and have not been disapointed.

I always work from this web-site:



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Bob Brown
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There is going to be no consensus of opinion in response to your question.
Most responders will give their own preference, and sometimes I think they have not really sampled all of the areas. I would not begin to tell you which one is the best.

Each one of the single-digit arrondissements has outstanding features.

My own personal favorite is the 6th near the Montparnasse Tower, but extending over a wide area because of the diversity of the area. Some people will say the 7th is great because some of the hotels are on quiet side streets. Others will say don't go there for exactly the same reason. You pays your money and you takes your choice.
When you get right down to it, if you have a hotel that satisfies you, the trip will be a success. If you make a bad decision on the hotel, then you may have second thoughts about the whole adventure. My first and third trips were enhanced by a good hotel.
The second trip was fun, even though the hotel was so-so. At least it was not bad!! It was a neutral. So we had a good time, despite the rain!!!!!
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I agree with the above. Paris is such a wonderful city, but where you like to stay depends on yur age, your hotel, what you want out it, your budget. Hotels determine a lot. I'm a fan of the 7th, but that's because I have a favorite hotel there. Staying on Il St. Louis, (limited hotels) has you in the heart of the 1st, but its like staying in a medieval village without the crowds of the Latin Quarter (which its practically a part of). The Marais is fabulous, centrally located with great restaurants and night life.Montparnasse is more of a business area but again well located. My plea for the 7th is that its like I always thought Paris would be. I can see the Eiffel Tower, go to a market street and eat at a cafe on a quiet street all outside my hotel door.
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Good points and info, thanks. We're a couple, 37 and 40, from New York City area. I've lived in the West Village (I've read the Marais being compared to this). It's our first time to Paris. My bf is not a big fan of crowds. I'd like a cozier but not too small hotel. I have a romantic streak, so would like to be in a neighborhood that gives that feel of Paris (from what I've read Marais is like this). How far in advance will hotels let you book? If we're going to stay in September when should I make my final decision about a hotel? Thanks again!
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September is a busy month for conventions in Paris.
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I would recommend the Marais to you as a young couple from NY but want that Parisian feel. I don't like the rue Cler area myself, although lots of people do, I don't think it's that interesting or fun, and it seems kind of sterile for a market. I do not recommend the Sorbonne area, especially after what you said. It's very crowded with tourists and has gotten very trashy, lots of discount stores, loud hooligans at night (sometimes) going to bars and clubs around there (or stumbling home from them), and it's not that convenient to transportation if you stay around the Luxembourg stop IMO, you have to transfer to another line to get most places, and the main transfer points are two stops I hate (St-Michel and Chatelet/Les Halles). I really hate the area down near St-Michel metro stop and the fast food streets with all the tourists, and lots of riffraff now hang out in the park beside the Cluny museum. I do like parts of the Latin Qtr and have stayed there and would again, but not the area between Lux. metro stop and the Seine just east of bd St-Michel, which I presume is what you are referring to. I think two cozy well-reviewed hotels in the Marais are Hotel de la Bretonnerie and Caron de Beaumarchais. I agree if you are going in September, you must book as soon as you decide, definitely within the next two months I'd say--I think that is the busiest month in busy for hotels due to business, conventions, etc. These kind of hotels generally have less than 50 rooms and book up early.
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I agree with the messages above. It depends on your age, if you like a busy or quiet area, what you wnat to see, etc. My favourite area is St.Germain south, close to Montparnasse. But I always go for a stroll in the Marais when visiting the Centre Pompidou or the Picasso Museum.The two hotels mentioned (de la Bretonnerie, 30 rooms, Caron de Braumarchais, 19 rooms only) are indeed very small. So hurry up with your booking. Also the hotels on Rue Cler (7th) are pretty small. It's a quiet area. The opposite of the Quartier Latin. Sorbonne/Quartier Latin (5th) area has a lot of very small hotels too, but I would personally stay away from Blvd. St.-Michel. I liked it when I was 20. A stroll is enough.

Sites that might help you further for hotel search, to make your decision and general information as sites to visit, restaurants, museums, what's on, etc.:

www.parisavenue.fr (my favourite, also English version available, sponsored by "Le Figaro", for Parisians as well).
Well then, wondering, there is some work for you to narrow your choice and find the convenient hotel. Bonne chance and nice trip!

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Marjorie, I will be staying at the Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais in 3 weeks. It is in the Marais. Mu daughter and I are taking are first trip to Paris. I would be happy to email you my feed back upon our return.
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My husband just spotted this CNN article about the Marais with several links. You might be interested. http://www.cnn.com/2001/TRAVEL/DESTI...ods/index.html
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Thanks again for all the leads, tips, information. Now I have to get my rusty French back into shape in the few months before I get there...
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Mind if I piggyback on your thread...

I am a (soon-to-be) 30 year old, bachelor and I am seeking hotels where there may be a social scene of sorts for a week in April.

I like the 6th and Latin Q., been there before, like the noise, can't beat the proximity to everything.

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