Top five NO-NOs on your overseas flight

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Wow, after reading this hysterically funny (yet sad)thread I am glad most of limited traveling experience has been by SUV touring the US.
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Well - you maybe need to think twice about collecting; Since the first time I mentioned it was way back at:

Date: 06/19/2006, 04:12 pm - check the post. I did not blow your cover in that post. Only mentioned that changing nappies and nail polish were the two things I thought everyone would agree are No-No's.

You may not have nails - but you did say several times that using nail enamel should not bother anyone and we should all just get over it

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WOW it is mind-boggling to me that anyone would consider using nail polish or remover on an airplane. Or attempt to justify such inconsiderate behavior.

Seat tilting, aisle standing, using the seat in front of you to get may at times be unavoidable in such a cramped space... so to my mind forgiveable.

Doing your nails... NO WAY!
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I sat near someone that did her nails. I almost choked to death.

What in the world takes someone SO long to stand up, get their stuff and deplane? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph !!!
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I traveled with a friend who did her nails on the plane. Twice, actually. I tried to say something about it, but she didn't take the hint. I honestly don't think she has the slightest idea that it would bother people that much. I should have sent her a link to this thread.

But the diaper changing seems like a no-brainer. There is a bathroom, use it.
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On another forum I saw the term "gate lice" referring to the people who crowd the gate to get onto the plane.

Wonder what they call the folks who get up as the plane touches the ground and crowd the aisle?
Where are ya going? The doors aren't even open yet?!

you know...I never thought of that aspect of the changing nappies debate.
Oh man! In addition to the horribly nasty pillows and blankets I must now worry about baby poop on my tray table?!
Boy...when you think of all the crap (germs) that your mouth comes in contact with, it just makes you want to :-&

Thank God for giving us really good immune systems!
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My cover? Janis, how funny! You just couldn't resist, could you? It's okay, no worries. I forgive you.
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I hate to get involved in the big diaper debate, since I'm new to the site and everyone has been so helpful, goes. I would never change a diaper in my airplane seat with only ONE exception. Sometimes babies aren't feeling well and it can, well to put it as politely as possible, drip. In order to avoid leaving a a dripping trail of poo throughout the plane I would resort to changing it in the seat, changing pad in place so nothing touched the seat, et all, and hopefully with a travelling companion holding up a baby blanket to shield wandering eyes. If a travelling companion wasn't available, I might even ask the person sitting next to me to hold it up for their own protection. It would seem to me the safest solution. As I said, this is the ONLY case in which I would resort to seat changing. I would hope others would understand because you simply cannot control a drip, and who wants someone wriggling by them out of their window seat with a dripping, poo-covered baby in their arms.
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This is how baby ignorant I am. I had no idea that the poo could drip!

The poo drips? What on earth are those diaper ads on about then if they cannot control the drip ?

I agree...if the poo is dripping, change the diaper in the seat. I'll hold up the "curtain"...just pleeeeeassseee don't pass over me with dripping poo.
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I am a mom.

I would be appalled to see someone change a diaper in their seat.

I would NEVER change a diaper in my seat on the plane. BLECH! Especially not if dripping poo... I would want the bathroom to clean it up. Grab the child, grab paper towels, anything from your bag and carry that child to the loo. Deal with it there and yes, let people wait.

Do you poo where you eat? Well, that is what you would do if you changed a diaper in your seat.

As for the cough syrup (actually Benadryl) question... yes, there are some drs. who will encourage that. However, a test run is usually recommended prior to first flight since some kids become hyper from Benadryl. My kids ask for their 'airplane medicine' prior to boarding. We all get Benadryl (to take the edge off and become sleepy or drowsy) and Advil/Motrin (to help reduce swelling with little ears). I'm not overdosing my kids - they get the recommended dosage.

Not to change the subject or anything, but how come we haven't had the great breastfeeding debate yet? We've all seen the ones who expose everyone and we've probably all seen the ones nursing that we didn't even realize there was a baby there... Once again, they are both doing the same thing, but one is using manners (by not making others uncomfortable with breasts hanging out) and the other... well, those are the breasts we didn't really want to see.

... back to your regularly scheduled programming now.
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LOL, shocking and rare, but true. Not a mom myself but the youngest of nine sis's & bros who have children and I have at times been a curtain holder myself, but rarely. Kids have the big "D" problem, too, and they don't always act "sick" when they're going through it. Kids handle not feeling well much better than adults, so parents can't always anticipate the drip. So one does what one must.
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as for the poo dripping question... when babies are little, its very runny. My little ones always nursed and poo'd in the same 15 minutes... easy in, easy out. btw, breastfed poops rarely stink. formula poops stink much more.

Once they get on 'real food' (6 months or so), poops stink and get less runny. less blowoutsat this point (unless a virus or something).

I promise, no more poo'ing discussion from me.
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Not too much discussion here about the person sitting next to you that insists on carrying on a conversation no matter how unwilling you are, even when you have a book in hand. "You mean you're going to read the whole time." Now, I would plead hearing problems (true!) and that it's difficult to hear with the buzz of the plane, but still. . . do I have to offer an excuse?
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