Toledo or Segovia

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Toledo or Segovia

Going to be in Madrid for 4 days & want to make sure we have time to wander the streets & see museums. Thought about a day trip to Toledo or Segovia. If we do both, we won't have much time in Madrid. Read that either city is only about an hour from Madrid, is that correct? Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Toledo is within 30 minutes, while Segovia is a little further. You can easily reach both by train, but with only 4 days, I would stick with only one day trip, and use the rest of the time to enjoy Madrid.

Toledo -
Segovia -
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I'm surprised that TourOrganizer didn't recommend the train for day trips to Toledo and/or Segovia - since it's quick, convenient, and not affected by traffic.

But this may be an indirect ad.

For Segovia, we looked into day trips by tour bus because they often included Avila also. But in the end we just did a trip to Toledo by train.
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I'd take Toledo over Segovia for a day trip. Toledo is a full day's worth; Segovia is worth about 4 hours, max.
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I've been to both but actually spent a few days in each, not just day trips. But they would both make a great day trip. I would do trains to get there though. If I had four full days in Madrid I'd probably do one day to each Toledo and Segovia and the other two in Madrid.

Have a look at my photos, may help you decide:
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We are making a similar decision for our upcoming trip with the kids. I have been to both Segovia and Toledo several times. I would agree that Toledo is more "significant" with more to see, but I love Segovia. (The one very negative travel experience I had in two years of living in Spain happened in Toledo, so that colors my opinion, but it is not Toledo's fault.)

If you are really into history and love cathedrals (and marzipan), do Toledo. Read the Toledo chapter in Michener's Iberia before you go - even consider ripping the pages out of an old paperback copy and taking them with you, he will guide you through the cathedral. (I know, I know, I can hear the gasps of bibliophiles as they read that.) Also, assume that at some point, you will get very lost. Take the train and seriously consider taking a taxi from the train station up (key word) to town.

If you want to see a spectacular Roman aqueduct, a cool castle, a decent cathedral, and the thought of cochinillo (roast suckling pig) makes you hungry, go to Segovia. You may want to consider taking the bus, which was the mode of transportation recommended by Maribel - who used to be a very frequent and generous contributor on this forum. Her guides are available for free on line. (Google Maribel's Guides.) They always provided flawless information, but have not been updated in a few years so do a quick double check online for hours/times/restaurant closings, etc.
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I love Madrid and love wandering, but if I had even only three days, I would definitely spend one in Toledo and probably one in Segovia.

The great thing is, you can make either decision after you are there. Spend a day in Madrid. Do a day trip the next day. See how you feel for the third day, etc.

They are both very easy by train or bus, though Toledo is easiest and fastest (about 30 minutes) by train. I have driven there, but take the train now.

Toledo is a warren of narrow, pedestrian only streets, perched on a hill with beautiful overlooks. It is blessed with one of the most massive, stunning, truly magnificent cathedrals in the world. No matter how many you have seen before, this one will wow you. Toledo also has a great collection of El Greco's paintings, an old synagogue, and more. It is known for marzipan candy, inlaid swords and enamel work. Once being the capital, the history of Toledo is also interesting. It was a Mecca for artists and religious & ethnic groups of all kinds.

Segovia has an incredible Roman Aqueduct that was in use until recent times. The central plaza is lovely and open, a nice place to relax surrounded by lots of little shops and restaurants, hung with hams, etc. The castle that belonged to Queen Isabella is also lovely and views from the castle leave you imagining horses and riders jousting for the benefit of all the young ladies of the court. The old cathedral is simple, but interesting. There are great views from Segovia.
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I just got back from Madrid last week and spent two days each in Toledo and Segovia.

I would pick Toledo for a day trip. The Juderia is lovely, the El Greco museum is well worth a visit, small, not overwhelming, the cathedral and the general setting. The train/tram ride around Toledo and the outskirts is well worth it.

The aqueduct in Segovia is incredible, huge, but I wasn't wild about the rest of the town.I did enjoy the day we spent in Avila. Pretty place and the cathedral there is beautiful.
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Madrid plus two...Toledo and Segovia. Sounds good. Years ago we studied in Salamanca and last Oct. were touring in Andalucia. Plus Madrid...ole! isabel, lovely photos but where are the lively crowds in Plaza Major and elsewhere in Salamanca? Too many buildings. But then how awesome the Aquaduct in Segovia and walls of Avila.
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I loved both places, and went to both by bus, not train.
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I would travel to Toledo just to see El Greco's magnificent "Death of Count Orgaz."

Toledo has an abundance of beautiful doors and balconies. It really is a very atmospheric city.

Segovia is also a pretty town and the Roman aqueduct is impressive.

I had some fantastic tapas and roasted pig in Segovia.

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tough choice but IMO no choice - Toledo hands down IME though Segovia has some fantastic parts but not a homogeneity of old-world charm as Toledo and Toledo is closer. Can't go wrong.
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If you want to see museums and wonder around Madrid 2 days will not do it. It is a big city with several
world class museums.
Toledo would be my choice.
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I agree that Toledo wins over Segovia, but neither is a bad choice. I agree that trying to seeing either in addition to Madrid in just 4 days will be challenging. I also agree with Toledo, in particular, deserves more than just a day trip. JMO.
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There is more to see in Segovia than the aqueduct, my favorite thing there was the alcazar (or old palace). In fact, that's one of the things I've enjoyed seeing most in the Madrid area.

I think two days is enough in Madrid if you just want to wander around a bit and see museums. I don't spend all day in any museum, anywhere, for one thing, and one might only want to see a couple, for a few hours each. My favorites are the Prado and the Reina Sofia. The Thyssen is good, but I've seen similar art in many other museums in the world, I don't think it is as unique (Old Masters, Impressionists, etc.). I also really liked the small Sorolla museum, but you can see that in an hour.
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I used to wander around the Sorolla museum for hours when I was studying in Madrid. I loved it just as much (if not more) our last visit. The gardens and fountains are just lovely.

We had 4 jam packed days in Madrid and did not have any time for sidetrips.

I love Madrid and part of its charm is wandering and not just going to a destination. For a capital city, Madrid has less "destinations" than most but that does not mean there isn't plenty to see and appreciate.
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