Three Days in Italy

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Three Days in Italy

My husband and I will be in Italy from 6/30-7/4. I will be in Baveno prior to our trip so I guess Milan is where we will based. Any recommended itineraries to get to other cities? Is Milan a good place to be based? Are Venice and/or Rome better locations? Any recommendations on traveling between Milan and Venice/Rome? Thank you for any help.
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Milan to Venice is a straight forward approx. 3 or 3-1/2 hour train trip.
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I really do not understand the question. You are in Baveno "prior to our trip"? For how long? And what do you mean you guess you will be "based in Milan"? You would commute daily to Baveno?

Milan is a good place to be based to see parts of Lombardy; Venice is a good place to be based to see Venice; Rome is a good place to be based to see Rome.

Is your departure already set from Milan?

As suze has already indicated, Milan to Venice is a straightforward train trip. But so is Milan to Florence. I recommend that you pick only ONE city where you want to stay for July 1, 2 and 3 (you may need to return to the city of your departing flight on the night of July 3 - - but then, perhaps you will travel TO this city and stay there the night of June 30).

But it boils down to what you want to do. If your heart is set on going to the Vatican, you can get from Milan (Linate) to Rome fairly easily too. Only an hour on Meridiana for only 88 euros each way (all taxes included); hotel to hotel, the train is not really all that much slower, and costs considerably less.

Hope I can be more helpful, if you clear up the parts of your question(s) that I find confusing.

Best wishes,

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Thank you Suze and Rex for your replies. Just to clarify. I will be in Baveno for work from 6/27-6/30. My husband will fly in on 6/30. I think that Milan is the closest city/airport to Baveno (I am not at all familiar with Italy). That is why I thought we would need to be based in Milan. We do want to see other cities like Venice and/or Rome and could even stay in those cities if they are easy to get to. We would be able to fly in to Milan and out of another city if choose to.
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<<I am not at all familiar with Italy>>

Okay... here is problem one - - you need a map... and a basic guidebook about Italy, and you need to do some basic reading. Chances are you think you want to see Rome or Venice... and don't really even know why.

While they are not a thousand miles apart... with this little time, it makes little sense to spend even 25% of your waking hours, on these three days (or maybe it's four, if you are free starting on the morning of the 30th, when his flight probably arrives) moving around in a fairly big triangle.

I'd say Venice only - - but like I say, a lot depends on what you have your heart set on. Venice is not inherently "better than" Rome (way more peaceful and relaxing though)... nor Paris... nor Lucerne... nor the French Alps - - and you can reach all of those (from Milan) in about the same length of time.

It all comes down to what really speaks to YOU.
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My husband and I are in our 20s and very active and we totally wore ourselves out trying to see Rome in 3.5 days last summer. We didn't even cover 1/4th of what we eventually want to see in Rome, even with us walking 10-12 miles per day! And... I had been to Rome before so it's not like we were walking in circles lost!

Do yourself a favor and go relax in Venice In my opinion, you can see 75% of what Venice has to offer in 3 good days and it is a lot more relaxing than Rome or even Florence.
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Exactly TexasAggie, I was thinking Florence too. I would either do Florence or Venice for the full three days. Maybe even take a quick commuter flight to allow for more time...

Best wishes, T.
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I agree. When you are finished with your business and your husband arrives, get on the next train to either Venice or Florence. Both are wonderful cities with lots to see and do but only you can decide which appeals more. Do some research; the "destination" guide on this board is very helpful and even includes a 3-day itinerary for each city. I think going to Rome and returning to Milan for your flight home is a bit much. Venice and Florence are nearer and more manageable.
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Hi eraybbkln, Baveno is on the west shoreline of Lake Maggorie,, just up the road from the beautiful city of Stresa. It is northeast of Milano. So that is where you will be for the days you are working. Beautiful spot!

Now, you will be having your husband meet you on June 30th you say. I would imagine (assuming you live in the US) he will be flying into Milpensa Airport. That is northeast of Milan. Milpensa Airport is more or less between Milan and Baveno.

Is he planning on meeting you in Baveno, in the city center of Milan, at a hotel in Milan? Or are you going to meet him at the airport?

BTW, just so you know, there is a shuttle bus that runs from the Milpensa Airport every 20 or 30 minutes that takes you to the Centrale Train station in Milan.

How will you be leaving Baveno? By train? If so you could make arrangements to meet him at the Centrale Train Station in Milan.

I assume like Rex that your husband will be arriving at the Milpensa airport in the morning?

Assuming here, but not to many facts to go on so will assume and then you can clarify if some assumptions are incorrect.

OK, you and your husband are now at the Centrale Train Station in Milan say by noon June 30th. You could then take the next train to Venice, as suze suggested. Or you could take the train to Florence. Or the train to Rome. Spend your days there and then fly home from whichever city you chose to stay in (Venice, Florence or Rome) as you said you would be able to do this. That is good, you will not have to backtrack.

Your comment "we will be able to fly into Milan and out of another city if we chose to. Isn't your husband flying into Milan. If not, which city/airport is he flying into?

Another comment. If you do decide to fly from Milan to Rome I think the flight that Rex gave you the information on would fly out of the other airport in Milan. This airport is called Linate. It is east of Milan, it is closer to Milan then the Milpensa airport. It is normally used for domestic flights which the flight to Rome would be.

Anyway, hope this helps.
Do get a good map of Italy as Rex suggested.

Perhaps if you give more details we will be able to better help you enjoy your time in Italy. Best wishes.
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