Temperatures in UK

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Temperatures in UK

Okay this probably one of the silliest questions ever asked but here goes....
I read in Frommer's guidebook something about the INDOOR temperatures in the UK. It sais something to the effect that British tend to like a wholesome chill even indoors so expect that thermostats will be about 10 degrees lower than what we are used to in the US.

Anybody know anything about this. I would guess most Americans keep their thermostats around 72F year round, does this mean we can expect 62F indoors indoors in the UK? sounds pretty chilly to me. Do most hotel rooms have a regulator in the room so that you can up the temperature alittle or be cause they are older do they not have individual thermostats for each room?

Sorry to be so picky but i am a very cold natured person anyway and just need to know what to pack for my June trip (indoors and out) If temps are 62F inside I would have to wear long sleeves and maybe even a sweater.

Is there anytruth to this?
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By June most heating systems will not be in operation anyway I would think. They wouldn't be in the US. Yes, older hotels might not have individual heat thermostats in the room, some of the more modernized hotels will. You won't know unless you inquire at your hotel. In June in London I've experienced both a 90degree F heatwave as well as temps in the upper 60s.
I am "cold blooded" myself, and I don't travel without a cardigan sweater or shawl regardless of where I'm going.
That a/c can get to me as well!
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Hmmm... well I live in London and have never heard anything about the British liking a chill indoors... naturally it will be a personal thing as to how warm people have their homes. I get cold easily and always have heating up high, even in my office, during the winter. However, as Elaine said, heating will not be on in June, and as most hotels wont have air conditioning you will not have to worry about the temp being too cool. If we have a sudden heatwave more likely it will be the other way around!
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I told you this would be the silliest question ever! I actually did read this in Frommer's guidebook though.

I realize the heat may be off in June, but correct me if I'm wrong but aren't British temps still cool that time of year, around 60F? If that is the case and there is no heat in the rooms what would the temps indoors be like? (I would guess less than 70F but I may be wrong) I guess I am spoiled to my central heat and air unit. As I said I keep my thermostat on 74F yearound. If it is 60F and not sunny it may not be 74F inside so my heat would come on. I don't "turn off" my heat at a point in the year and not turn it back on until a certain month. If it is July and i have been running the a/c too much and it is only 68F in the house, I would open the window to warm the house up. However, if it is 60F outside, I think I would turn on the heat to warm the house up no matter what the month!

What is the inside temp in the UK in June if the heat is off and the outside temp is only 60-65F?
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val fini
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Take a sweater as the previous person noted or stay home.
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My God, you make it sound like we live in the dark ages here! Of course hotels are heated, of course you can control the temperature in your room. It's true that outdoor temperatures are unpredictable at that time (or indeed any time) of the year, but all reasonable hotels are designed for your comfort. It's a holiday not a test of endurance!
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Okay maybe I did ask a stuoid question, but Val fini, I didn't deserve such a smartaleck answer! I may be anal retentive but I just want to be prepared. thanks for your comments on the hotels kate, that makes me feel better.

I still have the question though about generally do the British keep their indoors chillier than what we are used to here in the U.S. I mean restaurants, theaters, shops etc this gudebook talked like all palces in Britain regulated the temp to about 65F or less which is cooler than what most americans are used to. I though this was a crazy genraliztion and would have said so if someone here just mad the comment but being that it was in a guidebook like Frommer's I though ti might give it some credence and ask the experts as this is an interesting differnce. I know for instance it is much chillier outdoors in London than here but I never thought that people enjoyed the chill and kept the indoors the same way.
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Please...this is NOT an interesting difference. Just pack a sweater. This must be a troll.
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Dear Chilly

My husband and I visited England, Republic of Ireland, Wales and Scotland a couple of years ago. We went in May and traveled for a few weeks. We had incredibly wonderful weather. The sun was out most of the trip and people were walking around Stratford Upon the Avon with sunburns. We had no problem with controlling the temperature in most of our hotel rooms although there was no air conditioning in our hotel in the Lake District and it was somewhat warm there. We packed with some warm clothing and some summer things and we actually used the summer clothes the whole time there. We came home and a friend asked us how the weather was and we told her it was warm and sunny. She went three weeks later in June and it turned out to be the coldest summer they had in a while. So as you can see travel prepared for changes in temperature and look forward to enjoying your trip to England it is a beautiful Country. Pack your sweater and umbrella.

Peace Robbie
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chris jones
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Dear Chilly,

ALL hotels 9other than grotty ones that an American wouldn't even find out about) will have ALL THE HEATING YOU WANT in your room. So it's only the dining room you have to worry about. Most are too hot for me, so will probably be OK for you.

Air conditioning is NOT universal, though...

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Temps have been known to drop in June, they did last year, but this is unusual. June is usually in the high 60's, low 70's, don't believe all you see about "average temperatures". Sometimes June is hotter than July and August and sometimes it pours of rain, the weather is unpredictable. Bring summer clothes but also bring sweaters and a jacket - basically bring layers!
As for indoor temperatures, there is no "set" temperature which we keep our homes at, it's a personal preference. Central heating is turned on in most homes/offices/shops in October and off in March/April. Last year when the temperature dropped in June I suspect a lot of people put their central heating back on.
We dont have air conditioning in our homes and you should not expect it in all hotels, shops and restaurants.
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Whats all this farenheit?Go metric!
American hotel foyers are cooler in summer than UK ones.You set your own room temperature.
Domestic temperatures vary with preference - some people's houses are like ovens, some have their windows open all year.It's meaningless to generalise, Frommers are wrong to comment.
Incidentally the calibration of heating systems is so poor that if two houses are set to 72F they could easily be several degrees apart in reality.

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