taxis in Italy

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taxis in Italy

We will be in Italy Dec 18-27. Our trip will take us from Venice to Rome, traveling between cities by train.(again thanks kybourbon for all your help with that!!) Some of the hotels will require us (5) to take taxis to the hotels from the train stations. (My husband had recent knee surgery so he may or may not be able to walk even short distances with suitcases). Can someone please tell me approximately the taxi fares (are they "set") and if a single taxi can accommodate 5 of us or will we need to budget for 2 taxis or a van?
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Your problem may start before getting to the taxi. Some of the train stations are quite large and require a lot of walking just to get to the front of the station -- Termini in Rome for example. It will be very difficult -- no, impossible -- for five people and luggage to fit in one cab. There are some larger cabs or vans but it will be the luck of the draw when you get to the taxi line but you can ask. AND DO NOT TAKE any cab that is not part of the line. Taxi should all be on a meter so make sure the meter is working and is on. It is also a good idea to use mapquest or goggle maps to have a good idea of where you are going and that the cab drivers knows that. And ask the driver for the approximate fare to the hotel before you get in. And try to select hotels near the train station. Just for that reason we always stay in a hotel near Termini when we are in Rome so that we can walk to our hotel. It will also help if you have min luggage. Try to keep your luggage to one carryon size bag for each person. Good luck.
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PS. The water taxis in Venice are very, very expensive but they can probably take five people and luggage.
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Unless you can get your hotel to arrange for a van I would imagine you will need two taxis in Rome, kakkeu. The water taxis in Venice can handle 8 passengers so that won't be a problem but have you made your hotel reservation in Venice? Considering your husband's walking problem you should stay at a hotel in Venice that has a dock so that the water taxi can take you directly to the hotel.
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The water taxis in Venice ARE stupidly expensive, and so is the acquabus, but you should at least take that when possible as it will save you loads of money. In Rome, Taxis from CIA or FCO into the city have a flat rate of E40, but often try to screw tourists and from Termini it can be anything depending on where you're going. From Termini there's always an E2 surcharge on any ride, so you're actually better off just hailing a cab like a block away or across the street. A regular cab can't fit 5 people with luggage but the minivan cabs can, and it's not really so much more. They usually charge extra per passenger, and though the luggage charge is bs, a lot of people try. Public transport in Rome is surprisingly well organized and very cheap, only 1 euro per ticket per ride (tickets are good for 75 minutes, but only 1 metro ride w/or w/out transfer) and very accommodating for the handicapped. And remember, in Rome anyway, there IS a night surcharge on taxis. And when you call for a taxi, it WILL show up with a charge already on the meter for the time it took to arrive. Ok, I hope that helps and is not too ominous! When going long distances, like not just to and from the station, you may be better off booking private transfers through your hotel.
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From someone who has had MANY unfortunate experiences with Rome taxi cab drivers, I highly suggest you hire, in advance, a minivan from a reputable and highly recommended car service like RomeCabs. I have used them several times. They are courteous, dependable, priced right and they will NOT screw with you.
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A taxi in Rome from the train station to a central hotel- ~15 euro. In Florence, ~10 euro. Make sure you hire a cab from the official taxi line. Do not hire one from someone who approaches you offering a ride.
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In Florence, and I am pretty sure in Rome too, you can not get into a Taxi with 5 adults. So you need two cabs to get around. Florence is so small that I don't think most taxi rides can be considered expensive. Note too that you can not hail a cab in Florence (technically) - you need to call, or find one of the many (but ever changing) taxi stands and wait for one to show up if there aren't any around. If you do call, the meter will already have something on it - whatever it took from the spot the taxi was at when it responded to your call. In Florence the taxis are white and have a city name and # on them - you can call and ask for a txi in English - the operators are good - but they will tell you something like "Pisa 42 in 5 minutes" so that you can identify the correct car that comes for you (especially useful if there is a crowd waiting around - like outside a theater, etc.).
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