stylish travel clothes

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I like can access their website at
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Eddie Bauer makes wrinkle resistent shirts and pants. I took them on my recent trip and they don't wrinkle. They also make an inexpensive cotton, tie front pant that does wrinkle, but I took four pair and really liked them, they are lightweight.

I would recommend that you take lightweight denim. Everyone is wearing denim and you can wear it for several days. I ended up buying a jean skirt in the Barcelona airport because I didn't want to pay for laundry and I figured I could wear it at least 3 times and I did! Have fun. Kay
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As a tall gal, I want to thank everyone for their tips. As we Amazons know, the department stores have entire sections dedicated to petites, but it's often difficult to find pants with a longer rise and inseam. Skirts that are supposed to be long on other women fall below the knee on us. And long sleeved shirts don't quite make it to our wrists. Too often the clothing manufacturers equate "tall" with "big" and the clothing is enormous.

Here are some of my faves for those of us with tall (not big) bodies:

1. Levis Continental Stretch Pants - both long and slim, khaki style with lycra, several colors, wash them, smooth them out, virtually wrinkle free

2. St. John's Bay line of clothing, a JC Penney's brand - long pants and longer skirts

3. Ralph Lauren Saturday Jeans - lightweight, different colors, long inseams, but not necessarily wrinkle free

4. Evan Picone - Very long rise and inseams on their slacks, stylish, dressier, but not wrinkle free
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I always save room to go shopping while visiting. The independant shops (not chain) are the best for the up and coming designers.
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J Jill does sell some really nice things for traveling, and most of their pants come in Tall sizes.

I also like the Territory Ahead catalogue.
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John G
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OK, Keri, do you live near an H&M or an Old Navy? Go and buy some cheap, white, tight-fitting t-shirts. Pair them with either some cute capri pants in dark denim (make sure they are close to the body) or some pajama-type linen pants (dark color like slate). For evening, bring a black pullover and tie it around your shoulders. You could also wear a see-through, gauzy dress with a tube top and dark slip underneath. Pair this with some Old Navy platform flip-flops and silver dangling earrings.

The key to looking sophisticated in Europe, however, is wearing sandals with painted toenails. Not red. Pink. All the fashion doyennes of Florence and Milan have painted, pedicured toenails. And never, ever paint your toenails and fingernails the same color. You should wear clear nailpolish and pink toenail polish.

You may wonder why you should listen to me, but, I worked for Todd Oldham for one year after I graduated from college.

John G.
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John, you're a hoot. You get my vote for the fodor's European site humor award short list. Wish you'd post more often. Where do you work now? (Oops, is that too personal? Just wondered if you were in the shmata biz.)
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BTW, I bought a great pair of pants at Chico's that are neither elastic-waisted or baggy.

They're slim-legged black twill (with some lycra) with a notched hem. The waist is flat and a little low. They look great with just about everything--tucked shirts, untucked shirts, heels or flats.

Great for travel, great for everyday wear. I'm going to buy two more pairs, that's how much I like them!
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I can remember reading somewhere that John G worked in the art and antique world in Philadelphia. SOmething about rare books and an auction house. Im right, aren't I?
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