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Is this a worthwhile attraction? I have heard mixed reviews. In addition, is it easily accesible from London? How much time should you budget?
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Whether something is worthwhile depends on the person. I think your opinion of Stonehenge depends on your expectation. It is, after all, a bunch of rocks. But I was thrilled to have visited it. It doesn't take that long to walk around it and listen to the audio-guide. I suspect if it took a lot of effort to get there and back to London, you may feel a little let down. There are a number of tours from London. Try Evans Evans or perhaps do a Google search. I think you can train into Salisbury and take a bus, too.
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Bitter is right, it depends on what is "worthwhile" to you. It only takes about 1 hour to see listening to the audioguide. You can take a tour, or you can take the train from London to Salisbury and then a bus to Stonehenge. Train is a little over an hour to Salisbury (a very worthwhile stop, by the way, with its fabulous cathedral), and then it's about 10 miles by bus/cab. You can do Salisbury/Stonehenge as a fun day trip using public transportation.

I thought it was amazing to see it as the sun was setting and just pondering the effort it had to have taken to build it. But, if marvels such as "how do you move rocks that weigh several tons without any machinery" don't interest you, you might not appreciate it.

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I haven't been to Stonehenge in ages, but as I remember, it is cordoned off. You can no longer touch the stones. I think that it's best to go early in the morning before the rest of the tourists arrive. Stonehenge is close to a much larger stone circle. I can't remember the name, but this other circle is more spread out and near a village, which is not far from stonehenge. Also, stay the night in Salisbury and check out the cathedral, there is a copy of the magna carta there. The White Horse is also quite close.

Sorry this is rather vague, but it's been years since I've been there.
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If you're concerned about 'wasting time at stonehenge' (I really enjoyed all three of my Stonehenge visits )perhaps see Salisbury and stonehenge. If you need a guide, and a way to get there, you could do the London Walks explorer day every Tuesday- I copied their website blurb below:

you'll never see anything like it again
10:15 am Waterloo Railway Station

Salisbury is the most spectacularly beautiful cathedral in Britain. Salisbury is the river Avon and mediaeval streets lined by half-timbered houses with high oversailing upper floors and tall gables and rejoicing in names like Ox Row and Silver Street and Fish Row. Salisbury is Thomas Hardy's Melchester and Anthony Trollope's Barchester - and views over the meadows that Constable painted. That's for starters. In the afternoon we're heading back thousands of years...taking picturesque country roads past the ancient site of Old Sarum and through a lush valley, past old churches and thatched cottages and country mansions. Yes, we're bound for Stonehenge. Stonehenge - "those storm-sculptured stones...that outlast the skies of history hurrying overhead". Stonehenge - observatory? altar? temple? tomb? serve strange gods or watch familiar stars. There, on Salisbury plain, under a sky like moving marble, we'll be face to face with primeval Britain.
The Stonehenge & Salisbury Explorer Day takes place every Tuesday (except December 3rd, December 10th, December 17th, and December 24th).
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MizzEve is thinking of Avebury.

emjoy, that day out tour from London sounds like just the ticket. iorioj, are you fascinated by Stonehenge theories? Do you watch PBS specials about ancient mysteries? Have you read SARUM? Do stories of Merlyn capture your imagination? If you say ho hum to all of the above, then maybe you'd be better off doing something else. J.
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As other posters have indicated, Stonehenge takes about an hour to see max, and it is about two hours from London - depending on the traffic. During our most recent trip, we took one of the all day Astral bus tours. The tour began with a stop to see one of the chalk horses. The next stop was the village of Leacock where several movies have been filmed. After Leacock, we spent a few hours in Bath. The Roman bath tour was included in the package. The last stop on the tour was Stonehenge, and then back to London. We didn't hit much traffic until we got into London, and we were back at Hyde Park Corner by 4:30PM.
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I may be bias because I come from Bath but its a beautiful city and would make a great combo for a StoneHenge excursion. consider possibly an overnight. If you've ever seen a picture of Stonehenge in a magazine, the real thing is no different-large rocks in a field that you gaze at but can no longer touch. BUT, what you don't get from a picture, is the sheer awe of the mystery that surrounds these huge rocks. It is the mystery that's magical. Just how, not to mention why they were erected, still intrigues me. So, yes, I think they are worth it. (I remember going on a school outing to Stonehenge and the whole class sat on the rocks to eat our packed lunches 30 years later...I'm still fascinated. I think the average time spent is probably only 30-45 mins or so. So, worth going from London, but combine it with something else so it feels more worth the travel time.
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I saw it while staying in Bath. I was disappointed and would definately not go to see it from London.
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My wife & I went to Stonehenge in May as part of a tour. It was chilly, very windy, and rainy. And it was GREAT!!!

We both highly recommend going to see it.

You may want to check Premium Tours. Their website:

We did a great tour with them that covered Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Bath. It was really an all encompassing tour.

If you like personal tours, I highly recommend Mr. James Hart. He was our guide thru Premium Tours but he also does personal tours and is a most knowledgeable, pleasant chap. His email:
[email protected]

Hope this is helpful. Have fun with your planning. And enjoy Stonehenge!
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