Day trip - Bath or Stonehenge?

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Day trip - Bath or Stonehenge?

I would like opinions from those who have been - what would you recommend for a daytrip? Bath or Stonehenge?

At the moment I am leaning towards Bath as I have heard the stones are not all that fantastic.
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Can you do both? See Stonehenge on the way to's not far.
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It is a very easy "two-fer" and several companies do Stonehenge/Avebury/Bath.

Stonehenge isn't really a day trip - it is a 35-60 minute stop unless you do inner access. Now, Salisbury is a good daytrip in combination w/ Stonehenge. But a day trip that includes Bath AND Stonehenge is very doable.
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If you are using a car then you can see Stonehenge on your way to Bath, it's really not much of a diversion. However, two questions, is your daytrip from London or another city? What method of transport do you intend to use? If it's by train from London then just go to Bath and make that your day trip otherwise you'll end up switching trains twice, getting a bus service to Stonehenge from Salisbury, leving and arriving back in London through completely different termini (Paddington outwards, Waterloo back again) and I'm not sure your heart is in it if you've heard "the stones are not all that that fantastic". They are for some people, not for others, only you can decide at the end of the day if its worth the diversion and the trouble it'll take to get there. I suggest a look at a guidebook or two so you can judge for yourself whether the stones are worth the trouble. For what its worth, I really think they are.
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I would try to do both as several people have suggested. If I had to choose,however, it would definitely be Bath.
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I am leaving from London. Due to budget constraints I will probably be doing my own thing vs organised tour (56 pounds!). So I guess I have really answered my own question - it looks like the easy option is Bath only, and catching the train allows me to arrive and leave when it suits me. I guess I was just wondering if Stonehenge was really a must-see or not.

Thanks for info
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I can't imagine being that close and not seeing Stonehenge. Surely there's a way to get there.
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Bath - you could easily spend a few days there but also enjoy it as a day trip and feel very satisfied afterward.

Stonehenge didn't do anything for me but my son enjoyed seeing it. It's in the middle of nowhere and only takes 30 minutes to see (or less, if you don't need to stand there and look at it for 30 minutes). It's one those things that people either "love" or "huh?"
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IMO Bath and save Stonehenge for next time. This will allow for a leisurely day in Bath - which it deserves and I think you'll enjoy. Maybe on a future trip you can do a tour to Stonehenge and Salisbury or better yet maybe you'll have a rental car and can explore independently. Unless you're 101 (and maybe even if you are) don't assume you won't be back - if you love it you'll find a way. Enjoy!
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For me, Stonehenge = waste of time. OTH, really liked Bath.
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I will be in London this May and would like to take a day tour to see bath/Stonehenge/Windsor castle. Where would I sign up for one of these tours? I saw it in the Euro rail booklet, but canít find any other information on it.
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If you google and type in "Stonehenge tours" a full page of options pop up.
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Yeah I am thinking definitely Bath. My best friend worked there for a while last year and says that I need a day to do it justice. I also like the idea of being able to wander around and explore in my own time, and not be constantly herded in a tour group (will get enough herding on my Contiki tour I suspect). Also to be honest I am not sure that I would 'appreciate' Stonehenge - from what I have heard it's kind of in the middle of a roadway?! I had visions of it being in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by lush pastures, and being all silent and mysterious. Somehow I think passing traffic sounds could ruin that concept!! So I will stick with Bath.

Thanks for advice and opinions - just what I was after!
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We took the train from London to Bath. It was very easy. Bath was really beautiful. We did the bus tour- then went walked aroudn the city, visited the Roman Baths, toured one of the historic homes, and has a bite to eat before heading back to London. We thought it was really beautiful.
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Another vote for Bath. Stonehenge is interesting, but once you've seen the stones, that's pretty much it. Bath has, of course, the Roman baths (which are fascinating), as well as the town itself, which is enjoyable on its own. It's especially nice if you happen to be a Jane Austen fan.
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From everything I've heard, Bath should be the priority over Stonehenge. I was deciding on a daytrip outside London a month ago and against some advice, I decided on a daytrip to Cardiff, Wales. Cardiff is provincial and less touristy, which meant I loved it. I even managed to take the bus and still have a long day in Cardiff. Hard to beat 10 pounds roundtrip.
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