Stockholm Tallinn Oslo/Bergen

Jan 21st, 2006, 06:22 AM
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Stockholm Tallinn Oslo/Bergen

Considering a three week roundtrip Stockholm/Stockholm w/possibility of ferry to Tallinn and drive to Oslo w/Norway in a Nutshell train trip.... Are we spreading our trip too far? We're considering two days in Stockholm, an overnight ferry to Tallin w/return to Stockhom. A car rental or train to Oslo, then the long day roundtrip ride to Bergen. We can't seem to find any possitive comments on good trips from Stockholm to Oslo. Obviously, Norway has it's scenic beauty and we hope to catch a glimpse of it on the Norway in a Nutshell trip, but we'd really like to get a feel of Scandinavian and Baltic village/city life. Comments appreciated....
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Jan 21st, 2006, 07:59 AM
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In my opinion, you are not spreading your trip too far. I would opt to spend more time in Stockholm, if possible. And I would spend a couple of days in Tallinn. I took the ferry there for one day from Helsinki a couple of years ago; one day was not enough time.
The drive between Stockholm and Oslo is not very interesting. More interesting is the overnight ferry or the drive from Copenhagen to Oslo. Are you going to Copenhagen?
You are right about the scenery in Norway. It is beautiful. I spend time in Oslo because of ex-students, but I really think Bergen is more interesting.
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Jan 21st, 2006, 08:30 AM
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Don't short change Bergen...a very colorful, friendly city...I would spend three days there (with sidetrips) , three in Oslo, one day for each end of the Bergen-Norway Nutshell , and don't spend any less than three days in Stockholm and vicinity..lots to do there. Copenhagen is also a three day visit with sidetrips by train, and Tallinn two days plus the overnight ferry. All extra time I would suggest in Norway. With a car you can see and do so much more. I rented a car in Norway two summers ago and found the driving easy, spectacular scenes, and rewarding.

Stu T. (I suggest four moderately priced hotels: The ivy-covered Gabelshus in Oslo's Embassy District, the clean, neat and well located Mornington in Stockholm, the Ibsen in Copenhagen, and the Park Pension in Bergen).We have recommended these four to several people who were quite satisfied with each..can all be checked out on internet)
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Jan 21st, 2006, 11:08 AM
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Given that I could easily live in Stockholm, I would certainly suggest spending more time there. The drive from Stockholm to Oslo can be interesting if you veer off the beaten path. Karlstad is one reasonable stopover. You could stay in the Hotel Bilan, which once was a jail (it has been redone…it’s actually quite nice). Three weeks is probably enough time to sample the area, but I noticed that you said you want to get a feel of Baltic village life, yet you are only talking about the larger cities.

Consider spending a couple of days in the Dalarna region of Sweden, maybe based in Falun or Rattvik and exploring the Lake Siljan coast. Swedes consider this the heart of the folklore district of Sweden. Closer to Stockholm you could visit Mariefred, a beautiful town on Lake Mälaren. Grispholm Castle is home to Sweden's National Portrait Gallery and is a great spot to linger. In Mariefred you will also find the Gripsholm Vardshaus, Sweden's oldest continuously operating inn, a delightful place to spend an evening or two. If you have a few more days, you could take a ferry to Gotland and visit Visby, the old Hanseatic port, a beautiful walled town. The Hotell St. Clemens is a great hotel that is tucked in behind the skeleton of a medieval church (there are several such ghostly skeletal structures in Visby).

If you spend three days in Bergen, three in Oslo, four in Stockholm, and two days in Tallin, you should have about four or five days left for spending in rural areas. My understanding is that the Stockholm to Tallin ferry is not operating now, but it should be back in operation before summer. Possibly a better alternative if you're crossing Scandinavia to the west and don't want to spend too much time on a ferry (one overnight ferry ride would be fine; I don't know if two in just a few day's time would be so great) would be to rent a car in Stockholm and drive into the countryside and on to Oslo before doing you're Norway In A Nutshell trip to Bergen by rail and boat. You could also drive from Oslo to Bergen in two days and see a bit more, like the stave church at Borgund and points along the Hardanger Fjord. Someplace like Flåm makes a pretty good half-way point, and that could give you the chance to ride up the side of the fjord (and back down) on the Flåmsbana. From Bergen you could then fly to Tallin and, after visiting, take a ferry to Helsinki (just a short trip) and then the overnight on the Silja line from Helsinki to Stockholm (a much bigger and nicer boat than the Tallin-Stockholm ferry). Add a day in Helsinki (that doesn't do it justice, but you'll get some feel for the city).

If you fly to Europe on SAS (and they're offering some early bird summer fares now...yes, I'm a proponent of most things Scandinavian), you can do flights within the Baltic region for about $70 per leg. I don't know if you take a ferry from Tallin to Gotland, but that would give you another way back to Stockholm and permit a stopover to explore the island. I do think it would be tough to add Copenhagen to your trip, since Copenhagen also deserves four days or so, and that would pretty much rule out smaller towns, which have a very different feel from the Baltic capitals and big cities. Post or e-mail me if you have more questions.
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Jan 21st, 2006, 02:39 PM
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Thanks to all for the great info on the Stockholm/Tallinn/Oslo/Bergen questions. We're car trip travelers and are use to doing Europe on self-drive excursions. This will be our first ferry/train/car/air fling and we hope to keep the pace as hassle free as possible. At this point, we're off in search of maps to look up some distances and recommended places to stay
and/or visit. Stockholm, Bergen, and Tallinn are seeming most tempting and adding Visby is another temptation. We'll be back to ask more once we firm up our plans.
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