Spectacular Villa Terrazza in Sorrento

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Spectacular Villa Terrazza in Sorrento

Last month, we took our family of five, along with my oldest son's teenage girlfriend, to Italy. I found Villa Terrazza at There are four apartments in the part of the villa managed by Andrea. Ours was Il Golfo which accommodates six. The Villa was the home of Andrea's great grandmother, the Baronessa Von Gunderrode, and is pictured on many postcards of Sorrento. It sits on the cliff overlooking the Bay of Naples, with a spectacular terrrace and an unbelievable view of Mt. Vesuvius and Sorrento. The location is ideal - 2 blocks from Tasso Square, 5 from the train station, and right in historic centro. The villa has a combination of lovely antiques and art, and very simple, but comfortable, furniture. There are murals painted on the walls, high ceilings, a large marble table sculpture of the Baronessa, and a marble table replicating one in Pompeii, and another at the archeological museum in Naples.

See my Part II post.

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Author: Joanne ([email protected])
Date: 12/26/2002, 04:41 pm
Message: For some reason, I can't post the entire message in one post. So here is the rest. Andrea is a young, charming, and helpful host who lives in his studio beneath the marble steps. At night his vocal teacher and other students sing Italian songs.

The villa and its view of Vesuvius created the charm for our trip. We climbed Vesuvius, toured Pompeii and saw the treasures of Pompeii at the archeological museum in Naples, and every sunset and sunrise was on the terrace looking at the volcano.

We have traveled a lot, and our family loved this place. It is homey and comfortable, but also beautiful, and the view just simply could not be better.

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Joanne -

The way to post a long thread is to "reply" to your own intial message, so that all information remains on a single thread. Separate parts will soon become separated.

I have added Part II of your posting to this one for you.
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Thanks "hoping to help". You did.
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What was the rate?
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Topping for Joanne.

You posted eight days ago. You have to look far enough back when you don't come here all that often.

Not trying to be smart alecky. Just stating facts. This post was over 750 posts "deep".

Best wishes,

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You see, Hugo, each thread has a number indicating its current position in the order. Therefore, by looking at the number on this thread before topping it, Rex was easily able to determine that it was more than 750 posts back. This is because its associated number was greater than 750. Its not that difficult really, unless one is an idiot, as you obviously are.
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Well, actually I scrolled back the old fashioned way to find this post. It took me about 6 or 7 minutes. I did it because the original poster accused Fodors of deleting the post, and I suspected that she was wrong.

It's a common mistake made by new visitors, assuming that their post is gone because they simply don't come here often enough or delve "deep" enough to find their post. the search engine is NOT reliable for most posts under a month old to determine if they are still there or not.

If you only come here once a week, you are missing stuff if you do NOT scroll back through many hundreds of posts.
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up up up
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Author: Rex ([email protected])
Date: 01/03/2003, 07:21 pm

Message: This was the thread that got me to go look for Joanne's post. It has now been deleted. I can only speculate as to the reason(s).


Why Are Certain Threads Eliminated Even When They Comply With the Rules of Conduct?

Author: joanneaj ([email protected])
Date: 01/03/2003, 02:56 pm

Message: I re-read the rules of conduct for posting new messages, and am scratching my head as to why my message re: Villa Terrazza in Sorrento was deleted. It was not rude or vulgar. I was not promoting my business, nor advertising for someone else. I posted material that was purely my own, and my post was independent and unbiased.

I have posted over the years on this board for sites, accommodations, restaurants, etc., for France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Thailand, Mexico, Korea, etc. And I have also asked a lot of questions, and gotten a lot of help.

I thought my post for the Villa Terrazza would be helpful as there are not many apartments to rent in Sorrento. Is it because Fodors focuses on hotels and not apartments or villas to rent? I would be very interested in someone at Fodors would illuminate us as to why certain innocent threads disappear. Thanks.
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Thanks, Rex, for finding my post, and for keeping it alive. I had absolutely no idea that the search function does not work. (Why would they have a search function if it doesn't work, anyway?)

What is that business re: the number on the posts? I don't see any number anywhere. Oh, Well.

The rate for the six person apartment was 1950 Euros for one week, including breakfast. I think that was an off-season rate.
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The search function DOES work for anything old enough to be "indexed" - - some days, that means anything before today; other times (like now), it means anything before December 19. The archive of old posts is as valuable - - perhaps many times more so, than the posts of the past few days or weeks. There are roughly 100,000 message "threads", with perhaps a half million individual "posts" on this board dating back to 1996.

The "number" of a post is the number of its header in the left hand column; numbered 1-50, then 51-100 (when you click "go to next page" - - which perhaps, you have never done?), etc.
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back up
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to number 1, instead of its current number, 68.
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To the top for Stacey
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