Spain in May

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Miranda Mangum
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Spain in May

My dad is giving me a trip to Spain for my college graduation present and I'll probably have 10-14 days there. I plan on going to southern Spain and the Mediterranean coast. Is this the best place to go for a first time trip to Spain? I'll take any recommendations. Also is Morocco safe for women, anything to watch out for?
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I'm going to Spain in May also. I'll be going for 10 days to Barcelona & the Island Mallorca. However, in the South, I've been to Sevilla and can tell you it is an awesome city, so at least add this to your trip. Don't miss the cathedral (you can climb the tower for an amazing view). At night, you can find tons of people walking and socializing on both sides of the river (Guadalquivir) until daybreak. I stayed at the hotel Plaza de Armas on the river($70/night?). Perfect central location, and built in the 1990's for the World's fair. The Sevilla taxi drivers are the worst in Spain, and on 3 different occasions double or triple charged me, so beware.
Can't help you with the coast or Morocco. But since I want to go to Marbella, tell me about it when you get back Kevin
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How can one go to Spain and not go to Madrid, Toledo, Seville and Barcelona! At least, visit a few of these places. If you just want to go to the beaches you might as well do that in the states. I don't think Morocco would be suitable for a female travelling alone. Spain is a wonderful country to explore, so have a great time, I promise that you will thoroughly enjoy your trip and congratulations on your graduation.
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DONT go to Morrocco on your own.Perhaps you will find other travellers you can team up with.With only 10-14 days I'd stay in Spain, there's plenty to occupy you!
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I am also going to spain May8th, from NYC to Madrid.. will be for an entire month but plan to add italy and a little bit of france. Do your homework, don't get the Europass if your only doing spain (trains are cheap), and go to the library/bookstore and do your homework, make up an idea ittenerary of top places to go and visit. don't be so strick as saying, 3 days here, 3 days there.. get yourself a "Spain" book, i like the "Eyewitness" series... also, ckeck out "", he recommends awesome hostels (but are like hotels) for as little as $24 a night.. e mail me sometime !
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congrats on graduating, I am graduating in May as well and heading off to Europe. If you are going to the south of Spain I highly recommend Malaga, if you can squeeze it in Lagos, Portugal is one of my favorite places in all Europe. Some other cool cities in Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, Salamanca, Granda, Cordoba. Another nice beach town is Almunecar. Have a wonderful trip, anywhere you go in Spain would be amazing. If you have any questions on Night life or cool places to see email me. I spent 2 months there last summer!!
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I have spent time on the southern coast of Spain and in May it is awesome. The weather is perfect. Marbella is a beautiful area with great beaches (sorry they are nothing like US beaches-I think you should go at least once). About 5 minutes away is Puerto Banus which is VERY interesting and a great area for young people. Lots of fascinating people, bars night clubs etc. Have fun!!
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Went to Morrocco many years ago (in my 20s); however, went with my boyfriend and we were both really glad we had the opportunity. Don't go alone. Ok to go with another woman. My biggest advice if you do go to Morrocco is to dress conservatively. We were both embarrassed and concerned at the sight of women tourists who flaunted themselves a little too much. Recognize that you are in a very conservative culture and respect that; don't wear shorts and halters or revealing clothing. If you do, you might encounter some unpleasant reactions.

Rabat is a beautiful city. But Tetouin, which is not too far within the country is also very evocative of the culture.
Have a great trip. I remember, though, when I crossed the border into Morrocco, I was so frightened at the sight of the border guards (who didn't look too friendly) that I took all my over-the-counter medications (Tylenol, etc) and one bottle of antibiotics and threw them down the toilet before I got into the customs line.

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