Something unique to buy in Germany?

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I wait until I turn down a street and find something that will remind me of that moment. Once we were lost in Germany and stopped for directions and we struck up a conversation with this woman, when we were leaving she gave me this little carved rock heart for good luck. It's a silly thing but each time I see it, I remember her kindness.

I've bought other souveniers in Germany and they mean nothing compared to the heart.
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If you hike: German Volksmarching walking stick !!!
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Another thing that I buy each time I am in Germany-the lace curtains that you see in all the homes. I get mine at Karlstadt.
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Actually, I'll be going to a big city like Berlin or Hamburg but it's not certain at the moment.
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I too like the suggestion of Christmas ornaments/decorations. I bought several ornaments from Kathe Wolfahrt shops in both Rothenberg and Oberammergau. I collect the fragile blown glass types that are originally from Germany/Poland and do my whole tree in them. The ornaments are small enough to bring home easily and you can make your selection based on the interest of the person for whom you are buying it.
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Beautiful tablecloths are great because they are not fragile and pack easily. Just be sure to measure your tables before you leave home and convert from inches to centimeters.
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I am an avid collector of vintage and antique German (and Alsace) porcelain and ceramics.

Keep an eye out for second-hand stores or flea markets. You can find some really nice housewares, particularly pottery/china from the 1950s to 1970s. Items marked as being from W. Germany (or GDR) are a growing collectibles market. We've bought some really nice pieces at great prices.
You may also find old porcelain with marks that look sort of like Meissen's swords - don't discount them as cheap counterfeits; they could be Rauenstein porcelain from Thuringia, which is highly collectable in its own right - (non-specialist dealers often make the mistake of thinking the stuff is fake Meissen instead of real Rauenstein and sell the items at very low prices).
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While in Germany we wanted a clock however, when we went to the shop (in the Black Forest) they were outrageously priced, there were high pressure sales people and some were made in China. When we got home a friend told me about the Coocoo Palace in Germany. I ordered the clock we wanted online from Germany for much less. We have also ordered a hand made German nutcracker and smoker from their site. They called us on the phone to advise that our order had been shipped. Their customer service was the best. It is shopping in Germany without having to lug it, hoping and, praying it gets it doesn’t get broken.
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I want to thank the person (dfourh) who recommended Hamburg's Budnikowsky drugstore chain for inexpensive gift items definitely made in Germany. Among my purchases: Tubes of Alviana foot creme "mit" salvia for my friends who watered my garden in my absence. Charming tubes have a picture of salvia (sage) on them. Also bought "duschdas" shower gels with lemon and rosemary. Lots of fun at Budni.
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If anyone in your family has a doll house, the German made furniture and doll house people are the best.

Music boxes are also beautiful.

My DDs, now in their 40s, have all the doll house furniture and the music boxes we bought when they were little.

We also put the nutcrackers, now 40 yeas old, out at Christmas and GD loves them.

German crystal is gorgeous.

If you are into them, their painted candles and wax pictures are nice.

All the good stuff is expensive.
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We have collected the wooden Christmas ornaments from Erzegebirge and a favourite souvenir turned out to be a sign (in the street sign manner) "Biergarten" which is attached to our pergola (it was light, cheap, easy to transport).
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I go to the grocery and stock up on goulash knorr mixes. I can get it at the German deli but three times the price. I love grocery stores and always bring home things I find hard to get here. Same for kitchen stores. My husband always buys a good kitchen knife. I think candy and goulash mix was the only thing I bought in May. I have bought wood carvings and Christmas decorations. Great German cookie cutters.
Adelaidean, we have one of those. I saved menus from Oktoberfest and framed the covers. Some have very original artwork on them.
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