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need Help

im travelling for 16 days to europe and this is my first time to be there and i want to visit these cities Lisbon, tenerife-madrid--Barcelona--Venice-Rome-Florence as a start to my first trip so could any body help me to arrange how many days to spend in each state and what is the most significant places to visit based from your experience and cheap as well , thank you very much
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Seven cities in 16 days? You haven't considered the time it takes to get from place to place - you have to figure from the time you check out of one place until you are checked in at the next place. Typically, it will use up half a day to much of a day. So three nights in a place makes just two full days.

You need to start by cutting the number of destinations you plan to visit. Take a good look at a map and try to choose places in the same area (so Lisbon, Madrid & Barcelona would be a good choice as would Venice, Rome & Florence). Three cities in 16 days is a nice amount to time, you could have four full days in each city. Four cities in that much time means just three days in each place. Tenerife is an outlier, I'm not sure that it fits into this trip..

As far as what to see and do, none of us can tell you what you want to do. We all have different interests. Start with a few good guidebooks - check some out of the library - and see what places interest you most.

PS Next time you post, consider a title that tells us what you are looking for "Help" is generic enough that many people won't open the message.
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You don't have enough days for these destinations.

If you must start in Lisbon, I don't think you can include Tenerife as I don't think there are any direct flights between the two.
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Agree that you are trying to do way too many places - esp when one of them is in the Azores. I would do 3 or at most 4 cities - or you will just spend too much time in transit versus sightseeing,

Suggest you have a look at the german rail site - - which has train schedules for all of europe.

It will give you an idea of how long it will take to get form place to place (after adding on the time to pack, check out f hotel, get to train station, get ticket, take train ride and do the reverse at the other end).

Doing a trip within either Iberia or Italy makes a lot of sense. If you want to do 2 cities in each you will need to fly in between since train will be interminable (barcelona to venice will take about 20 hours).

As to which they should be - we need to know more about you and your interests to make useful suggestions.

Note that Spain/Portugal are slightly less expensive then Italy.
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Where are you flying from?

You say you have 16 days and we don't know if that includes your arrival and departure days, so you may only have 14 actual days. You can spend 2 nights in each area, and it will be a rushed trip.

It's an ambitious schedule and I would rearrange the cities as Lisbon-Madrid-Tenerife-Barcelona-Rome-Venice-Florence because you can do almost all of those as direct flights, thereby giving yourself more time on the ground.

I am curious as to "why Tenerife?" It is a pretty island but it is overrun with resorts and there really isn't much to see unless you wanted to hike or lay on the beach. There are some great restaurants in San Andres, so if you find yourself on that part of the island, check them out.

You don't have enough days for these destinations.

Maybe they are checking off a bucket list?
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I agree that you are trying to fit in too many cities. But I do believe that if you see three or even four cities they do not have to be all in the same area. There are budget airlines that fly within Europe for fairly reasonable rates.

Personally I would choose three destinations that have a lot of contrast. Of your list I might pick Tenerife and then see where you can fly directly at a reasonable price, although I have never been to Tenerife. Since you have it on your list I suppose you have reasons to be interested in it. And it would be a good contrast with the other cities you mention.

Of the other cities that you are considering I think the least expensive is probably Lisbon, so I would include that if the connections work out.
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While some people think of them as states of the European Union, these are really still countries, some much larger than many Americans think, with a ton more sightseeing than any U.S. State that I can think of. For traveling and itinerary purposes, you should call them countries.

Travel between countries and major cities takes time and money. Do not under estimate either.

Just one city like Rome has more art and architecture to see than the entire US. Take time to really read about and learn what you what to see and do and allow plenty of time for it. Don't spend time and money getting to great cities like Barcelona and Rome, then see nothing.

My geography may be wrong, but I think Tenerife is part of the Canary islands, not the Azores. It is still out of the way.

16 days absolutely does not work for that many places. Period.
Spain alone works.
Some part of Spain and a bit of Portugal works.
Italy by itself would be great.
Rome, Florence, Venice with one other city in Italy or one city in another country works.
Barcelona with Rome, Florence, Venice is doable.
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People in Europe refer to the countries in the EU as member states. If you are not American, you might use the words country, state and nation interchangeably.

Anyway, none of the destinations under discussion are particularly cheap except Lisbon, and to some extent Barcelona. The Italian cities are expensive unless you carefully plan.
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