Slowtravel suggestions, please!

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Slowtravel suggestions, please!

My DH and I are seriously thinking about taking a barge trip in Burgundy next year.We have friends who are also interested.Everyone likes the idea of a relaxing trip without having to rent a car, rush around sightseeing and changing hotels every day or so. The main problem is the cost- about $1000/ per day just for the barge. If we decide that the cost is too much what other ideas could I present to these friends? I will really appreciate any suggestions.
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Maybe something like this would appeal:
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I can't help with your question other than to say you may want to be a little more specific with your title.
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Hi L,

>Everyone likes the idea of a relaxing trip without having to rent a car, rush around sightseeing and changing hotels every day or so.

Who makes you do these things?

You could spend a very relaxing 7-10 days in Burgundy with a hotel in Auxerre and another in Beaune.

A car is very useful in Burgundy.

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Take a bike to the top of a hill and push off.

For example bike down the mosselle on German railway bikes with luguage taken on for you. Ok the hotel changes but you don't see it

$1000 seems high. I think I did a semaine canal du midi for 5 for £2000 recently
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Thanks Ira and biboburgler for the helpful responses.
Unfortunately Ira, I make myself do those things! I have always been bad about trying to see everything. Now I am trying to slow down and really enjoy my trips and not look back and see everything as a blur. The barge sounded like a great idea- not a lot of planning, but also not being herded around on a tour.

One set of possible traveling companions have never been overseas and are a bit intimidated by the idea, so the barge trip really appeals to them.

We may reconsider the barge and look into renting a house in Burgundy and keep our sightseeing to a minimum.If anyone has done this, I would really appreciate any recommendations.

Thanks again to both of you.
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Well, there's a web site dedicated to slow travel called They recommend renting self-catering accommodations for a week or more at a time, settling into to the neighborhood, and making daytrips. Usually this does involve a rental car but not always.

The slowtrav website is a fount of information and has reviews of rental properties as well as rental agencies.

For the first trip or two to Europe, tourists tend to rush from one big city to the next, ticking sights off a list. Then they expand out to the smaller cities and finally the countryside, slowing down as they get more experienced.
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Yes, I am familiar with the slowtrav website. Most of the trip reports are at least a few years old. I will go back and look at some of the rental properties. We rented a villa in Italy last year thru Gira!, so next year wanted to do something a bit different. Just trying to keep the trip simple so it will appeal to our friends.

There are so many places that I would love to visit- narrowing down is the hard part!

Thanks for your reply!
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For stays in france I try and link up

Large house with enough bathrooms (normally one per woman, relativley easy access to a bakery, a river or canal, a railway if only in the distance.

By luck we normally also look for a vinyard and if possible a festival adds to the fun.

You can book gites relativley cheeply via the department web sites (cheaper than gites-de-france)
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I wrote an extensive report on such a venture: Enter 'Self-drive Barge on Burgundy Canal' in the Search box, and see what comes up.
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we have just had the same decision to make. We thought about doing a barge trip and have baulked at the cost. I realise everything is included (expect for 5% tip which seems very expensive) but frankly we have decided against doing it at this time. What happens if the weather is awful? What happens if you don't like the other people on the barge? A few too many what if's for such a lot of dollars. The rooms seem awfully small on the barges unless you really spend $6000 per week each, at least.

We have decided instead to re see Burgundy and some of the wineries and stay at expensive hotels, which still don't seem to cost as much as the barge even when you have added a lovely meal into the equation.

You don't have to rush around, pick a couple of locations, find a lovely hotel and just mosey around the wineries and the countryside with your friends. They will think it is great.

The other thing I have noticed is that some of these barge cruises offer specials as the time drawers closer. You could be open minded and if a "special" deal came through at the right time for you and you are flexible you could grab it at the last moment. Just a thought. Your first time travelling friends may not like that idea of course.

Good luck, Schnauzer
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