Shorts in spain

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Shorts in spain

Is is true you can't wear shorts in the cities of spain????
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If it is, they missed me!
I (and many others I saw) have worn them while tooling around Spain and elsewhere when it was hot. If you don't feel comfortable, however, wear a short skirt. Shorts may not be a European rage, and may give you away as being a tourist, but to my knowledge they are not "offensive".
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Be aware that if you are visiting some churches and museums shorts can be a blockade. Otherwise, it's not a problem. (Discos, too, sometimes will forbid you from entering if you are wearing shorts or sports shoes.)
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Sebastian Ciotti
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Shorts are very definitely frowned on in most of Italy and France. They will certainly label you "turista", and you may not object to that, but I feel that the European women dress so much nicer than we Americans. You will occasionally see smart jeans with a very nice jacket, but most women wear skirts and nice tops, but shorts, ugh!!
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When we were in Spain a year ago, neither I nor my daughters wore shorts or trousers of any kind. We all wore casual skirts or summer-type dresses and felt like we fit in much better. I don't know if I saw any Spanish women over about 30 (and not many under) who wore pants. I also agree that shorts are not appropriate attire for some places you may visit. In contrast, when we visited London this summer, it seemed like you could wear anything any just about anywhere you wanted. Our observation was that Spain is much more conservative in dress, and I've noticed that you are better received when you dress to suit your surroundings (in Spain or the US).
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Don't worry, there are no shorts police. When my husband and I were in Barcelona a few summers ago, we wore shorts. It was hot and we were comfortable. We were well received, did not feel like we stood out. I think what was more important was the fact that I speak Spanish, though not fluently, and we were polite and well-mannered. As a matter of fact, we saw all manners of dress wherever we were.
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Hi all! Although I agree with Kathy that skirts and dresses always seem ok, I had exactly the opposite situation in Spain this year. I was in Barcelona for business and had mostly suits and only 2 "evening" dresses. Every woman everywhere we went wore slacks with boots! The pants were the style now very popular here in the US - kinda stretchy and "form - fitting". In fact I ended up buying a few pair because I liked them so much! Even the 40 + ladies were wearing them. I might add that my friends suggested some rather chic stores to find nice ones and I purchased a grey pair that cost about $200 US hence my nickname for the rest of the trip "Hotpants"!!

P.S. I still like the style!
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Thanks to everyone for their reply. My sister has already told me she is forbidding me to wear any shorts in the "big cities". Frankly I don't care if I look like a tourist, I am more concerned with being comfortable. Thanks again everyone

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