Luggage on a train??

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Luggage on a train??

I have never ridden on a train but we are planning to ride from Milan to Florence next week. What do you do with your luggage? Are there racks overhead like the bins on a plane? What do you do with large bags that you would check when flying? Is there a luggage rack at the end of each compartment similar to a subway car? My husband asked about this and I haven't been able to find an answer to this somewhat silly question.
Thanks for your help.
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Paul J
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Hi Jan: Yes there are overhead racks on the trains in Italy. Two pieces of advice that you should follow are:

1. Pack light if you're travelling by train. I repeat, pack light!!!

2. Milano Centrale is a very large rail station. Make sure you're on the right concourse,AND know which is YOUR rail car before you board. There is nothing worse than getting on board, the train takes off, and your seats are 4-5 cars away. I doubt if you make that mistake a second time.

Train travel is a nice way to go, but please heed this advice. Enjoy your trip....Paul J
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Hi Jan: No it's not a silly question and it has been asked many times before. You will place your luggage either in the overhead bin but this will depend on the train and class or at at the end of your car. The trains between Milan & Florence are direct and non-stop so your bags will be safe. On the ES (Eurostar) trains in 1st class you have a large overhead bin (a *large* suitcase or backpack will fit there). In 2nd the overhead bin is smaller and will accommodate a airline carry-on type bag only. I'm not sure on overhead bin space on the IC (InterCity) trains but your luggage will still be in the same car. HTH Regards, Walter
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Paul J: Yes, boarding the wrong car and then trekking thru a moving train with crowded cars and those doors isn't a mistake you make a 2nd time. I assume we've both "been there, done that"). Regards, Walter
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Paul J and Walter,
Thank you for your prompt response. I can't wait to tell my husband that "Yes, I have an answer."
Thanks so much. jwg

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