Shopping for carpets

Jul 10th, 2003, 06:04 AM
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Shopping for carpets

I will be in Istanbul and Kusadasi in August,
hoping to get area rugs and some fabrics.
How much the shipping would cost,does anybody
know? How many pounds I am allowed to bring
on a plane?
Any info will be greatly appreciated.
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Jul 10th, 2003, 07:10 AM
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If you want a bunch of possibly incorrect opiniona about how much you can lug onto a plane, then hang around here. If you want the answer from the airline that you're going to use, I'd call them about that issue.
The rug mercahnt will tell you how much they will CHARGE you for shipping...whether or not it truly costs that much is another matter. The cost obviously depends on the size carpet you purchase.
My advice to you, having bought several carpets in Instanbul over the years...
know, in advance what the differences in fabrics are such as wool on silk, silk on silk, etc., the advantages and disadvantages of machine-made vs. hand-tied pieces and how to tell them apart (you can get very good info off the internet on this issue). Make certain that if you do buy anything to find out where it was "Persian" rugs aren't from Iran and some that are may be restricted entry-wise into the US.
I'd also get some idea of prices here, if you can, prior to departure. With added shipping, etc., you may be better off shopping here for carpets than there.
be prepared to bargain and do not tell the merchant how much you have to spend..because the first piece you'll be shown will cost exactly that.
These are rudimentary recomemdations at sure others will have better ones. Good luck.
Jul 10th, 2003, 07:35 AM
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I was in Istanbul and we got a hard sell from a dealer who offered to have it sent to us. We didn't buy and later found out that these dealers are known for not sending it. The only recoarse may be to go back to Istanbul after you return home!
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Jul 10th, 2003, 07:48 AM
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Thank you,Intrepid and jor.
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Jul 10th, 2003, 10:26 AM
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Hi profi111

To buy a rug (carpet) in Turkey is really good profit IF you buy it the right place and right price. If I were you I would buy out side of the Touristic place OR BARGAIN ALOT before buy it. Many carpet dealers ship your carpet to your country FREE, BUT IF you do trust them, otherwise you have to go back to Turkey again to find your carpet dealer to get your money or carpet you bought (If you are lucky). This is not means that every carpet dealer do the same things DEFINITLY NO. But there are MANY CARPET DEALERS don't ship even if they say that they ship.
You have to becarefull between HAND-MADE and MACHINE carpets you can pay alot of money to MACHINE carpet instead of HAND-MADE carpet. SO You have to search your own carpet shop or dealer.

I hope you have a nice trip in Turkey and find your own carpet good price.

Sinan Akdeniz
[email protected]
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Jul 11th, 2003, 10:32 AM
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Hi Profi ;

Hand made and machine made carpets are usually easy to recognise by looking at the back of the carpet. The knots are visible.
Most important is ; be assured you buy double knotted Turkish Rug, get the Certificate of the carpet ( ask for it ) ask for receipt of payment and if you want that your carpet to be shipped ( usually thats included in the price of any rug bigger 4 by 6 )sign at the back of the carpet on a corner with a board marker and you can also take a picture. For shipment you need to make a contract and keep a copy of it. International cargo companies such as fedex charges around 35 USD per sqm incl. custom, insurance and tax.

Incase you did not get your rug within promissed time lenght ( usually can be shipped within a week ) first call or send an e-mail to the dealer if you are still not satisfied your solution for help would be the Turkish Consulate's commercial affair department. Usually you don't get problems for shipping do not worry. Justify the merchant that is a reputable dealer and as told above get all necessary documentation. Bargain bit is the most interesting part ofcourse. Do not show great interest at the first but keep asking questions about the rug. Negotiation would end depending on your skills

Enjoy your holiday in Turkey

Need more information than write to :

[email protected]
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Jul 11th, 2003, 10:48 AM
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My experience in buying carpets in India and elsewhere in SE Asia is that any rug smaller than about 10 by 12 feet can be folded into a smallish square package, wrapped, and then you can take it with you. It will be heavy, but will not be larger than a medium or large size suitcase. Depending on the regulations of the airline you are flying, how many other bags you have, and what class you are flying, you may need to pay extra bagagge. My experience with US carriers is that they are more concerned about the number of bags you are checking, not the weight. In any event, it is worth paying extra baggage, in my view, rather than taking the risk of the carpet not showing up....

If you do end up shipping the rug, insist on paying by credit card. If the rug never shows up, you can leave it to the credit card company to resolve the problem. Bargain extremely hard, and do not mention that you will be paying by credit card until the price is agreed. Alternatively, if the rug is small enough that you are confident that you can check it for the flight, once you get close to a price, say "well I will be paying in cash, so what is your best price for cash?"

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Jul 14th, 2003, 12:48 PM
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Thank you,Sinan,propertravel and Cicerone.I guess I need to do my homework on those handmade carpets and
THank you all for the info.
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