seats to reserve on a plane

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seats to reserve on a plane

I am not a real experienced long distance flyer, and feel real uncomfortable in tight places. Will the airline let me reserve a seat by the emergency exit? Any other suggestions for flying coach?
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Most airlines don't assign emergency row seats until flight day. Reserve an aisle seat (at least you have some open space beside you) then get to the airport early and ask if you can change to an emergency exit row.
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Go to and you can find the type plane you are on and look at the seat configuration (presuming it is a US based major airline). It will tell you which seats are good and which are really bad.
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Because people seated in emergency exit rows have to be capable of helping in an emergency, the FAA has rules about who can be assigned these seats.

Here's a statement of the rules from a Delta website:

Passenger Qualifications

Any passenger sitting in an exit seat must be able to:

* Speak and understand English
* Follow hand signals given by a crew member
* Assess the safety of using the exit
* Demonstrate physical ability and willingness to locate and operate an exit, and direct others to the exit
* Take additional actions needed to ensure safe use of the exit in an emergency.

Exit-row passengers must be willing to perform these tasks if instructed to do so. They also must be at least 15 years old and cannot be responsible for others who might prevent the passenger from performing one of the functions. Note: Effective October 31, 2002, passengers requiring a seat belt extension will not be allowed to sit in an exit seat. The additional length of the extension could cause entanglement and prevent passengers from quickly being evacuated in an emergency situation.

All passengers who have reserved exit seats must be advised that Delta conducts an additional screening of all passengers seated in exit rows prior to departure. If any non-qualified passengers are seated in the exit row, they will be relocated to any available seat and are likely to receive a less desirable seat than they would have at the time of the original booking.
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Emergency exit row seats can be booked well in advance, at least on Delta and I've done it on other airlines as well. You do have to meet criteria for using those seats, and if the crew feels you don't you may be re-assigned once you board. Note that the seats are considered premium seats, so your chance of getting one is greater if you're a frequent flyer, etc.

I'm a bit claustrophobic myself, and do choose emergency exit row seats when possible. Otherwise I go with an aisle seat. When booking the flight let the agent know your problem and he/she will likely accomodate. Bulkhead seats can work, too, but you're likely to be near small children, and sometime those seats can feel too enclosed (as you're looking at a wall instead of into open space above other passengers' heads).

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Therese is "partially" correct, however, the ability to pre-reserve exit rows will vary according to specific airline rules. Since you didn't mention which airline you'll be flying, I may not be able to help that much.

OTOH: United will prereserve exit rows ONLY for passengers who are Premier Executive level, which is their second highest FF level and requires 50K actual flown miles/year. Others will be different.....the best thing to do is call and see if there's any other way to do it....but I think your best advise from the previous posters is to check out and follow Rufus' advise to get to the airport early. Best wishes for a great trip! Dave
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Try to get on a 777. They have more head room and feel larger!
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If all else fails, try to get quietly sloshed and some sleep....I can never sleep sitting up myself...but at least you won't care as much!
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