schilthorn or jungfrauhoch?

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In the winter, yes. I didn't realize that is when you are going.

So you will need some warmer pants, perhaps with long underwear too. I still think true snowboarder pants will be too stiff. There should be some snow/ski pants that aren't shiny or gaudy; plain black or navy in a good fabric.

Try Sierra Trading Post.
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Visiting Ballenberg is an excellent idea BUT:

Ballenberg is open from:

6th April - 31st October 07
(from April 10 to 13, 2007, good weather only)
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So I see a lot of prices quoted in CHF and Euro.

Is it common for Euros to be accepted? Is the Euro price higher in dollars than the CHF price?

Do ATMs in Switzerland dispense Euros at all?

Are there ATMs in the mountains?

Do they take credit cards up there, specifically Amex?

I have my suspicions about many of these questions but might as well ask anyways.
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Hopefully Enzian, Shuler, Altamiro or other Swiss experts will chime in with more up to date info, but i've found:

No euros are not widely accepted though are at tourist shops - they can also easily be exchanged at train station counters, which all seem to change money at decent rates and low or no fees

i think you see prices in both CH and Euros for folks from the Euroland to know what the approximate equiavlent would be in euros.

two years ago, last time i was there i did not notice ATMs dispensing euros, but again train station exchanges do it day and night. Dollars too.

Hopefully you'll get more definitive answers.
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I live here and only use Swiss Francs so I can't reply on the Euro situation.

ATMs are located in almost every town, valley or mountain. We love our ATMs too! They are located at the local bank.

I use my Maestro debit card so I can't comment on AMEX credit cards.
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euro notes are rarely accepted. The euro prices are given mostly for comparison purposes.

I was able to spend euro denominated currency at Schaffhausen around the fall fo the Rhine and in the airports. Other than that, no one really want them.

Switzerland is not bi-currency!!

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I got a pair of these on sale:

Kind of unwieldy big but it's insulated throughout and completely goes past your ankles.

Probably awkward to wear on the plane and in cities or towns where the snow is usually cleared.

Hope it's not overkill even for places like Grindlewald, Schilthorn, Jungfrau or Zermatt (Matterhorn, Gornergrat).

If there are places at least ankle-deep in snow, then it will be necessary.
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I've only done the Schilthorn. But, I would suggest Schnigge Platte instead. Very dramatic going up in a cogwheel train, against the mountains; they're not just in front of you. And you can walk around the pastures in the mountains. Fantastic. The Schilthorn couldn't compare, in my opinion.
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kenav - tell me about the Alpine Zoo or Botanical Gardens on Schynige Platte - this is the only train ride i haven't done in the BOB, partly because it's not covered in full by a Swiss Pass and seems pricey for a ride that didn't seem to be as dramatic as the other two, but you have spurred me onto to tackle the Schynige Platte next time.
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Hello PalQ,

We've done the SP train several times, and it does indeed live up to its billing as quite dramatic.

The train goes up the hill quite slowly and at quite a slope. The seats are long wooden benches, facing each other. I find it most comfortable to sit on the downslope going up.

You need to have your camera ready for every twist and turn. As the train winds around the hills, the views of Interlaken and the lakes are fabulous.

But then on the final approach, point your camera out to the right and the most stunning views of the Jungfrau, Eiger, all the way to the Schilthorn, etc. are before you. To see it all from this vantage point is nothing short of breathtaking.

Now you find yourself at the station's end, where the views from the table are stunning. A full-service restaurant awaits your dining pleasure. Somehow, though, an ice cream sundae seems to fit the bill for us. Be sure to get a table by the cliff's edge. WOW!

For hiking, there are numerous trails with spectacular views of Interlaken's lakes on one side and the mountains on the other. Quite rugged in parts and quite steep (for us anyway), but once you get up there, OMG, drop-dead views!

The Alpine Garden is a lovely terraced area where you will find literally hundreds of varieties of wildflowers, even the beautiful Edelweiss which are hard for us to usually find on our walks. More hiking in this area also. There is a slight admission charge for walking thru this garden area.

On a clear day, the trains are packed. Lots of local folks with their kids. Sometimes going down can mean waiting for a train or two for a place to sit.

This is a real gem!

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We are planning to go on 4 days trip to swiss...need help in getting to know whether we can cover both schilthorn and jangfrauhoch on the same day?? is it entirely in different long would it take to reach each of them from interlanken...thanks a lot..
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