Rome Itinerary

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Rome Itinerary

I have a rough itinerary planned for Rome. I will be there towards the end of August for 5 days. I have left a day open for if we find something we want to do or if we dont complete something in other days.

Am I missing any of the main sights? Do I have too much planned for each day?

Day #1 - Vatican City
Vatican Museums
Vatican Gardens
Piazza San Pietro
St. Peterís Basilica
Dome of St. Peterís
Sistine Chapel
Castel Santí Angelo

Day #2 Ė Ancient Rome
Campidoglio (Capitoline Hill)
Campidoglio Museum
Roman Forum
Palatine Hill
Imperial Fora
Teatro di Marcello
Via di Monte Caprino
Via dei Fori Imperiali
Trajanís Forus
Arch of Constantine
Circo Massimo

Day #3 - Campo de Fiori & Trastevere
Campo deí Flori
Via Giulia
Via dei Giubbonari
Vicolo dell Atleta
San Francesco a Ripa
Via dei Fienaroli
Via della Scala to Via del Moro
Gianicolo (Janiculum Hill)
Piazza & Basilice di Santa Maria

Day #4
Piazza di Spagna
Trevi Fountain
Gallary Borghese
Park Borghese
Laghetto di villa Borghese

Is there anything now worth seeing that I have planned?

Do I have too much planned for day #2 - Ancient Rome?

Any help would be wonderful!
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I think each day is too ambitious, especially considering the hot temps you should expect in late August. You've made no accommodation for lunch and the possible need to just sit in the shade with a cold drink.

I would reorganize each day so as to prioritize the sights from most important (to you) first to least important, obviously keeping in mind a logical geographic path.

Make reservations for the Borghese Gallery. You'll have about two hours to walk through the galleries, and you should arrive early (15 mins. or so) to buy tickets and check any bags you may be carrying. This process can sometimes be a bit chaotic.
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Day 1 is fine. Vatican Gardens are only accessible through a vatican led tour. Visit there website to find out how to apply. Sistine Chapel is part of the Vatican Museums. Visit the Museum in the am (or pm) and do St Peters the other half of the day. Expect long lines unless you go in the mid afternoon.

Day 2 packed and you will outside all day.

Day 4 is fine.

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Most of Rome is closed in August, and it will be unbearably hot. You will need to rest a great deal.

Also keep in mind that depending upon what the lines are like, you may not see everything...the line to get into the Vatican can easily be 3 hours. Once inside you will need another 3 hours, and that's a cursory look.

It looks as though you got your itinerary from my architecture professor.

If you are going to the piazzas merely to LOOK, yes, you can do a lot in one day. But if you get sidetracked by a cafe, or shop, or life in general, you'll need to scale back.
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Should have added that if you include the Vatican Gardens then I think Day 1 is too much.
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Why not leave some time for seeing how the Romans live in 2006? Wander around, get a gelato, do some shopping. Too many churches, museums and sights might give you Stendhal Syndrome. For some light-hearted articles about Rome check
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Beg to differ about Rome in August. I was there in August last year 2005, and it was, quite simply, delightful weather and virtually NOTHING was closed. (some restaurants yes-not enough to matter, sites no).

About the Borghese in August of this year-VERY important: You need to make a prior email or phone reservation as soon as possible. There is a special Raffaello exhibition that will be on only through the end of August-the 27th I believe, and I understand it is generating record crowds, so do your planning accordingly.

As to the weather, the last week of August 2005 temps were in the high 80's, this year, it could be the same, hotter or cooler, the point is you just never really know until you get there. I got to Venice the week before and had to wear a sweater for a couple of days, it was so cold. If I were to guess, I'd say Rome will be in the 80's at the end of August so it will be pretty much perfect.

As to your itinerary, I think it looks great except for day #2-that's a bit crazy, so you might want to pare down and prioritize that list some more so as not to get too exhausted and suffer from "sensory overload."

I'm glad to see also that you included the Gianicolo in your itinerary-more people should visit this area, for its history, monuments, views over Rome, and general ambience. I stayed here last year and loved it. Two things: make sure you see the exquisite Tempietto by Bramante on the way down from the Gianicolo to Trastevere (you can walk), and take a break at the lovely Paola water fountain, commissioned by Pope Paul V in the 17th cent., by having a drink and relaxing in the bar/restaurant set up in the cobblestone piazza in front of the fountain, to enjoy the magnificent Rome vista.
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I think you have about twice as uch as you can cover in August. We did late June and ound the need for frequent (every 2 hours or so) stops for cold drinks - never mind lunch hour ro rest the feet.

Plus - much of the joy of Italy s just rlaxing and watching life go by. (We arrived at the Pantheon around 3 pm, had a nice look around and then went to sit in a cafe in the piazza in front. Order drinks - were served little munchies (bits of focaccia etc) and listened to the music from some nearby rehearsal and realxed for a couple of hours. then back to the hotel (a little shopping on the way) to shower and change for dinner.

This is what Rome is about - you don't see the Italians trying to do 11 places in one day.

Relax, slow down, cut back to the essentials and you will enjoy the trip much more.
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Yes, NYT has hit the nail on the head.

The best part of Italy is the enjoying life part.
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I am exhausted just reading this itinerary, even without considering the heat of August. Listen to nytraveler!
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Gosh your'e planning loads of things to do !!!...I've learnt with Rome plan a couple of things you REALLY want to see and never try and keep to a timetable IMPOSSIBLE !! we went for 3days earlier this year and found we missed so much ...our problem was just going round another corner lead to somewhere else we hadn't planned ....i agree with what others have said take it easy and take time to enjoy the sights and sounds without forever looking at your watch !...we are going back early next year (when it's cool !) to do part 2 of all the bits we didn't see Enjoy Rome
Ciao XxEm
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The Trevi fountain is something you can do at night, and is more enjoyable at night I think anyway.

Despite the fact that you have listed many items, it is true that many of them are really part of the same unit or area. I think had you just said "Day 3: Jewish Ghetto & Trastevere", people would have been more encouraging of your plans. If you are comfortable with doing a LOT of walking, and are willing to splurge occasionally on a taxi, you can do it.

HOWEVER, some of the items in your groupings add a lot of walking into your trip: The Vatican Gardens, Circo Maximus, Jiancolo, for example. Also, some sights seem improperly grouped: Teatro di Marcello is closer to the Jewish Quarter than the Pantheon, as is the Trevi Fountain.

I would go through your list and put stars next the sights that are most important to you, so if you find once you get to Rome you've overbooked, you know where to start pruning and where planning for a few taxi rides is in order.

Packing a collapsible light-colored umbrella may be a good idea for you not only to protect from the possibility of an unseasonal rain but to give you some sun/heat protection in the Forum and other placess.

By the way, I don't see the Piazza Navonna on your list, but that can be enjoyed at night.

buon viaggio!
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I have just come back from Rome in June shooting stuff for a virtual tour for . I spent about 8h a day cycling from place to place to cover as much as I could. All of your day 1 is in the same area. Basiclica opens early - get there for opening, you will be going through the Piazza on the way through. Be aware that the opening times for the Museum and Sistine Chapel change every day, and it is closed on some. The chapel is a mile or so walk from St.Peters. Queues can be VERY long so stock up on water (and re-fill at avery available street fountain on the way). Even better, at every point do not be afraid to soak yourself in water - will help keep you cool.

If you want to see the Pantheon instead of looking at 600 other people again get there at opening time. Think Piazza di Spagna overrated myself. Font de Trevi you could do in the evening, looks great lit up at night, and then have meal in nearby piazzas.

Ancient Rome - you could be pushed on this. Most of it is outdoors - so loads of water needed. Hint - buy ticket for Palatine and Colosseum at the Paltine ticket office (it covers both and the queues are much shorter) and then hoof over to do Colosseum first (early again to avoid crowds). Very few people also do Paltine so should be much quieter but very exposed to sun.

Cycling can be a good way to get around the city - providing you don't mind cobbles!

Many of the sights in Rome are quite close together, much of your day 2 itinery is all in 1 square mile or so.

Be aware that churches often close between 12 and 4pm. Also St Peters not open to public on Wednesday Mornings.
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