Jul 4th, 2007, 09:53 PM
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I'm re-posting this as I somehow didn't get it into the Italy forum last post. Sorry for the repetition...
Having a hard time narrowing down my choice of hotel for Rome. Rates are pretty high, even for November. Trying to stay around $200-250US per night. Here's what i have so far and I'd like to get some feedback. All seem to have very good reviews on TA

These look nice, but pricey for what they are, so I'll probably rule these out unless someone thinks theyre worth it:
Caesar House 225E $306
Marcella Royal 230E $303

Modigliani hotel has a special, 110E double which sounds like a great price, but the bathrooms look SO small, at least the one picture i saw was tiny. Can someone who has been here comment??
Superior room is too pricey.
Hotel Modigliani 110E, 266E superior

Haven't heard back from this one yet on price, looks fine, but not sure if location is good. i know some people like it...some don't.
Hotel Santa Maria 165-220E ? Travestere

This one has small rooms, but looks like the best value and i think a good location, Trevi,i think
Hotel Concordia(24) 150 E $204 stairs to 1st fl, small rooms

Hotel Canada huge rooms for the price, but near Termini, and I don't know if it's the "good" area or not. larger room might just be worth the area negatives? How far a walk to get to center?
Hotel Canada(70) 144E $196
near termini 5 blocks/8min walk, near metro.

These B&B's look very nice for the price, only the Pantheon location is avail for my dates:
Best B&B Vatican(4) 140E, 170 superior
Best B&B Pantheon(4)140E,170superior

So, thoughts?? Thanks so much.

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Jul 4th, 2007, 11:18 PM
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I personally think that $200-$250 a night is high for November! How much time are you really spending in your room that you are worried about small bathrooms?
Are you going by yourself or a couple? How long are you going to be in Rome? First time so you need to hit all the tourist areas? Give us some info and we will try and help you.
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Jul 5th, 2007, 02:39 AM
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Based on location and price, the Best B&B Pantheon sounds like the best deal of the ones you list, although I have no idea of its qualify (although I seem to recall some good reviews).

The big concern for me is what sort of office hours does reception have. That may not be a concern for you at all, but I do like 24-hour reception. For a significant price differential and a perfect location, I'd likely go for it.

I agree with dutyfree that prices sound high, but I think, based on my research and on other threads, that Rome hotel rates are skyrocketing even for traditional budget/moderate choices.

I'll mention Hotel Julia and Domus Julia again, although I don't know their prices, nor if you'd be happy with the room sizes. This Pantheon-area B&B associated with Hotel Julia sounds good (and often cheap):
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Jul 5th, 2007, 02:49 AM
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Trastevere is a nice part of Rome, but the main tourist attractions are too far away to see on foot. Vatican City is also pretty far from tourist attractions apart from St. Peter's and the Vatican Museum. Termini and vicinity are OK by day but may be unsafe at night. That leaves the B & B near the Pantheon. The price is right, and the location is perfect.
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Jul 5th, 2007, 03:05 AM
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I have stayed at the Best B&B Pantheon so let me give you some information about it.

It is brand new, opened last September and we were there in October 2006. Since it is brand new, it was obviously spotless, the room was very nice and hi-tech. Bathroom also was good but towels were very strange - made out of some wierd material which was very soft and had 0% drying and absorbance ability.

The location is excellent. The breakfast which is serves on a trolley in your room is also very good and much better than most Italian hotels.

HOWEVER - no one was there to greet us or to meet us upon our arrival, which was about 12:30 noon. We had endless e-mails with the owners who implored us to let them know when we were arriving so they could be there. I was well aware that this was a B&B and there was no front desk, reception, concierge, etc. But I DID expect one of the owners to be there, especially since we arrived just when we were supposed to.

It took some time to understand how to enter the B&B and once we were in front of the door, we kept knocking (then banging!!) and there was no answer. We were quite upset. Eventually, a very sweet young lady, who later turned out to be the maid, answered. She knew almost no English but I managed in my smattering of Italian.

In the 2 nights/3 days we were there, we never once saw any of the owners. The maid was THE person who did everything. She cleaned the rooms, made and brought the breakfast, took our credit card and made the charge for the room, etc. etc. etc.

The promised comupter access and phone access was not provided (they said they were having problems with setting up), the owners did nothing more than speak with us once or twice by phone when WE called them to ask something.

We could not get the TV, videos, etc. working because it was not clear what we needed to do and of course the maid could not help us with that.

Upon our return home, I wrote a very upset letter to the owners. They wrote a long apologetic letter back but I am sorry, it did not apease or lessen my aggravation at them one bit.

Yes, there are many good reviews about this place on tripadvisor. I guess those people were there after we were and maybe the glitches were ironed out of all the "running-in" problems. But do know that you may be left totally and completely by yourself. I did not need anyone to help me find restaurants, information, etc. I had been to Rome many times before. But if only for common courtesy, someone should have been there to meet us and if that was not possible, made the effort during the days we were there to come and say hello, apologize in person, and ask if there was anything we needed.

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Jul 5th, 2007, 05:52 AM
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For this September, we're booked into Residenza Antica Roma, near Trevi, for 170€ / double, if that's of any use to you. Mostly good comments on Tripadvisor.
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Jul 5th, 2007, 08:54 AM
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Thanks for taking the time to reply.
My husband and I will be in Rome for the last two nights(Nov 5 & 6)of our 1st trip to Italy. Seems that rates lower a bit more after Nov 15th. Feel like I've looked at EVERY hotel in Rome! In other cities I usually find something much more quickly.
Thanks, Flame, for the heads up on Best/Pantheon. We don't need hand holding, but would like to be able to get in the door!! Hopefully this was just a glitch due to it's newness. I will re-check the reviews.
Travelnut, thanks, Antica Roma...looks good, let us know how it is.
Modigliani gives me a bit of pause, so for now I think it's between Concordia and Best-Pantheon.
Thanks again, and look forward to any other suggestions. Now on to booking Umbria!!
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