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Rome: Avoiding the long Colosseum ticket line/queue: Palatine Hill ticket office locations

Rome: Avoiding the long Colosseum ticket line/queue: Palatine Hill ticket office locations

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<<<Rostra - I find your posts overly confusing.>>>
I'm not surprised. Perhaps reading what I actually wrote and not what you think I wrote might help? There are a few examples below so I'm not being insulting here.

<<<You are using a map from a website that hasn't been updated/maintained since at least 2008 and is not entirely accurate.>>>


Odd that you used it exactly 9 months ago and gave the exact #3 exit I keep using?

What has now outdated it 9 months later other than me using it???

<<<kybourbon on Jul 25, 12 at 03:21 PM
You will exit the piazza at #3 on this map. As you exit under the columns, there will be a security screening on your right side. Once through the screening (no large bags), you will walk back to the Scavi office (#28).You will check-in there and then be told to wait outside until the tour starts.

<<<You are posting too many things about locations that really have nothing to do with anything.>>>

And all the while *asking* for someone like you to pinpoint the entrance on the diagram that you use when it suits you.

<<<It doesn't seem you have done this or been at St. Peter's for several years.>>>

I guess you didn't read the thread beforehand?

Before I even *started* to attempt to get the OP in the area of the entrance I posted this;

<<<[Disclaimer] I have not done the tour since they changed the entrance and added Security but I'll get you in the area from what I have heard and perhaps someone can even pinpoint it exactly the map below.>>>


<<<...but you should *definitely* start a new thread because people that have taken this tour in the last couple years and know *exactly where* the NEW entrance is and the Security Check (where, what it looks like...a trailer/van?,>>>

<<<Things have changed (and may have changed again with the new Pope).>>>

Exactly WHAT "Things have changed" in the structure of the buildings on that map/diagram that you used 9 months ago of St. Peter's Sq. that makes it inaccurate NOW?

<<<"(and may have changed again with the new Pope).">>> ???

I'll use your own words here; "That's an assumption on your part."

<<<YOu can't exit just anywhere from the colonnades>>>

I *NEVER* said you could!

That is WHY I always said the entrance/exit is at #3 (just like the one on the opposite side of the Colonnades from it).

<<<so posting a lot of numbers from an old map or talking about bathrooms/post office has nothing to do with it (nor does the #12 or #11).>>>

Now it's an "old map" only 9 months later when you used it for exactly the same reasons.

First off annhig mentioned the #'s of the bathrooms/post office 1st and I was responding to that.

You had no problem with that then and later misread her directions in your reply to me.

Later I used #12 and the building to the left of it to pinpoint the entrance location.

All the while asking for an exact entrance location from *anyone* on that diagram that you've used!

<<<The colonnades have barricades (clearly shown in the pic link I posted (see the little black barriers?).>>>

I *Never* said the Colonnade was completely open, I knew it wasn't, that is why I ALWAYS stated #3.

<<<You can only exit where there aren't
barricades (not at 11 or 12 - not possible!).>>>

I *NEVER* said your could exit there! AGAIN #3!

<<<FWIW there is usually (perhaps always now) a jumbotron at the location of #11. Here's the enlarged version of my pic link. http://www.panoramio.com/photo_explo...=64657� I'm sure these barricades can be moved if need be,but they have been there on my last few trips.>>>

I keep saying exit at #3, what does it have to do with barricades by the tour entrance next to the long Galley in the photo?

[Remember if you say to the taxi driver "St Peter's" he WILL take you to #1 that's a given.]

<<<No, not a given at all. That's an assumption on your part.>>>

But you just said; "Any official Comune Roma (it's on the side of the white taxi) taxi driver will know where it is. It's their job."

So for your very short out of the way sidestreet location that is *NOT* a problem.

But *Suddenly* it becomes a problem if you ask a Rome taxi driver to take you to St. Peter's???

<<<You could be dropped anywhere, even the far side of the Vatican.>>>


<<<In your last link with the pictures with red arrows is exactly where I told Maddie to have the taxi drop her - intersection of Piazza del Sant'Uffizio and Via Paolo VI - where she needs to be.>>>

So NOW Maddie and others have a *visual* map of the exact entrance location!
That's all I've been asking for on the diagram that you've used before...How hard would that have been to place it there?

And I didn't tell her which directions to follow I just provided her and anyone else with a visual route map to the Scavi entrance and then to the Scavi ticket office.

<<<Any official Comune Roma (it's on the side of the white taxi) taxi driver will know where it is. It's their job.>>>

As long as it is not this driver again right? <<<You could be dropped anywhere, even the far side of the Vatican.>>>

<<<Note the white crosswalk in these two pics. Same crosswalk. Where Maddie needs to be dropped. Gated area is where you enter. http://www.panoramio.com/photo/22186766�
Lower right:

Nice! But you wouldn't pinpoint it on the diagram map you've used?

<<<In the daytime (Italy time), you might be able to see the area on one of the Vatican webcams. You'll have to hit refresh as it's night there now. It used to refresh on it's own, but they've been tweaking the website the last week or two (since the new Pope) and all their webcams don't seem to be refreshing.

Great webcam shot! But you wouldn't pinpoint the entrance on the diagram map you've used?


My directions are now accurate for anyone *in* or *entering* St. Peter's Sq. that wants to get to the Scavi Entrance using the diagram. Correct?

Exit at #3, turn Right and walking alongside the Colonnade and the entrance is between #12 and the building on the left.
And the Scavi Ticket Office is at #28.

Basically the same exact directions you posted 9 months ago only with alittle more numbered detail.
No photos, webcams, street names, etc just a printable single page diagram of *exactly* what the person will *actually* be seeing.

Now could you have just answered my question about the entrance location on that diagram you've used?
And *then* added if you are arriving by taxi (and not everyone will be some will be coming from the Museums or the Basilica or getting there earlier to sightsee) you can cut-out a 3min walk by doing THIS.

And then using the street map I posted earlier which shows the Largo, Audience Hall and even shows the street you are talking about, give your directions, add your photos, webcams, etc.

And now they have a printable single page map showing *exactly* where they will be going on your directions.

But instead this turned into this drawn-out back and forth with alot a maybe 'this or thats', outdated diagrams (for ME to use at least) knowledgeable/idiot taxidrivers, things I didn't say, etc.

I gave my reasons for getting dropped off by #1 whether you think they are valid or not, whatever.
Let a person doing the trip decide.

I also gave a person walking that 3 min route a brief history with diagrams/drawings of the 64AD Circus that ties directly into their Scavi visit.

Plus if a 1st time visitor they will arrive at the Square thru the grandest entrance of all, a great visual to always remember and a wonderful photo-op.

But being contrary to *your* directions they are wrong?

Even though your seemingly 'must take' 'only way' taxi directions to the Scavi entrance cuts-out that 3 minute walk and that is ALL IT DOES!
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>>>> No, that is not where you want the taxi to take you at all. No point in having to trek across St. Peter's piazza when you can be dropped directly where you need to be especially since you have a time crunch. You want to be dropped at intersection of Piazza del Sant'Uffizio and via Paolo VI near Residenza Paolo VI (on Paolo VI), near Il Colonnato ristorante (on Piazza Sant'Uffizio). There is also a Savelli Galleria at this intersection (not to be confused with their other store on St. Peter's Piazza) . This is right where the security check is which doesn't take long at all because it's only for the Scavi tour and people that have Vatican business (not tourists). You can not take a bag of any size in with you. If you have to check a bag that is on the opposite side of the piazza.<<<<<<<

OK. I'm going on my trip now. I need help with this sentence. I completely understand getting dropped off at #1 and walking through #3 to get to the Scavi security check. Google streetview rocks =)

BUT-- if I were super short on time and I wanted to get dropped off at the intersection noted above---how would I explain that to a Cab driver? What is the closest landmark that would be known to the cab driver, while mentioning that particular street (Via Paolo Vi)?

Thanks everyone! Wanted to plan for 2 different scenarios.
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Residenza Paolo VI is a four star hotel at the intersection (Via Paolo VI and Piazza Sant'Uffizio). Any cab driver should know it and be able to get you there. The street address for Residenza Paolo VI is Via Paolo VI, 29. As mentioned above, there is a restaurant called Il Colonnato with the address of Piazza del Sant'Uffizio, 8.


If you zoom in a time or two, you can see the taxi would come the one way street (Borgo Santo Spirito to Via Paolo VI). Where Via Paolo VI makes a sharp left onto Piazza Sant'Uffizio is where you need to be dropped.

You can enter the address and print the map to take with you. Mappy or Via Michelin might work better than Google maps.


It should only be about 10 minutes from the Colosseum area.
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Thanks kybourbon and Rostra for all your help!
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I am back from my Europe trip, which included the amazing Scavi tour.

I wanted to thank the posters here for taking the time prior to my trip to answer questions about how to get to the Scavi office, Colosseum, Roman Forum, etc. It really helped out when I was finally there.

The scavi tour was amazing and humbling at the same time. It felt so surreal when I was actually walking through the Necropolis, seeing St. Peter’s final resting place, and walking through the various Chapels underneath St. Peter’s Basilica. The experience was unforgettable. Thanks again for all your help!
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