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Does anyone have any recommendations for reasonably priced hotels in Rome, Florence, and Milan for accommodating 2 adults & 1 teen?
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Is that search button broke again?

Give us a clue, what is "reasonably priced"?
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Kelly -

I see this is your first post on the board.... A few tips that may help you get better responses:

There are hundreds, if not thousands of posts re many different aspects of Rome here, and in any case, your question is not limited to Rome. In future, a better title would be something like "Triple rooms in Rome/Florence/Milan for under 200E" (or whatever your definition of "reasonable" is.

Take a look at the Rants & Raves section on this site, as well as perhaps Frommers', TimeOut, Lonely Planet and whatever other hotel recommmendations you can find on-line or in some guidebooks. Do some text searching here: "rome and hotel", etc. to see tons of threads. Get an idea of price range, neighborhoods, etc. Come up with a "short list" for each city that you may have specific questions about. Then ask those. At that point, you'll get plenty of helpful advice.

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A good site for Rome is
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If you are interested in being near the Vatican, check

Walking distance to the metro and the bus. We had no trouble getting around.
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Is that "politeness to newcomers" button broken again?

MarkY and I have had this "debate" before. He thinks that scolding and deriding those who are new in their visits here - - is the way to go.

I recommend starting with two or three major websites which will give you a feel of what is the spread of prices of lodging in these three cities, and what you want to get - - or give up - - in location, features and "luxury".

The point made by MarkY IS valid. Your question is indeed too open ended - - like asking what is a "reasonably priced car" - - and failing to specify: new or used? sports car or sedan? leather? 4-wheel drive? convertible?

Among the better places to browse are: - - for many people, the only place you need to look, though there continue to be reports that many hotels listed there (several thousand in Italy alone) offer a better price if you contact them directly. Others have no other obvious way TO contact them other than the listing they have on - - two collections of "Inns" and "B&Bs" - - rarely, if ever, a bad choice to be found there.

Fodors Rants'n'Raves - - right here on this site.

or - - a website that I just learned about recently, but every time I look into it further, I find things to like about it.

Hope this gets you started. Come back with more specific questions as you begin to learn more about how your budget and criteria stack up against the hundreds of choices available.

And the advice from Lesli is good - - to give your "second-try" post a more specific message header makes good sense - - not to mention a common courtesy to others reading posts here.

Best wishes,

[email protected]

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Rex, You are ALWAYS a gentleman! Thank you
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kelly, I like the Hotel Primavera near the Piazza Navona. It's not fancy but the location is my favorite.
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